Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Haul!

Hi everyone!
I just posted my Mall of America Haul of America video! Oh goodness... I did some shopping! One aspect of that video involved several palettes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It happened to be going on during the weekend I was visiting Minneapolis... so I picked up a few things! My haul was long and I didn't want to take a lot of extra time swatching- so I thought I'd give you a closer look at these sets on my blog! Keep an eye out for future reviews on these products and others!  
Kevyn Aucoin - The Iconic Eye Set ($60,
While I've enjoyed Kevyn Aucoin's beauty books, I've never tried his makeup! When I saw this kit, I thought it was worth trying. I mean, who doesn't want that gorgeous eye look on the packaging? I figured the "iconic eye" would be a good introduction to the line.
 The kit included a little black pouch, an 5-pan eyeshadow palette, a full-size eye pencil, and a travel-size detail brush. How GORGEOUS is that eye palette? (I attempted to remove my finger smudges on it before this pic :) 
This palette is labeled on the back as "Essential Palette #9"... and the outer packaging lists the shades, however I'm not entirely sure which shade is which. They're listed as: The Celestial Powder in Candlelight, The Sculpting Powder in Medium, The Shimmer Shadow in Rose Quartz, and The Matte Shadows in Light Bone #101 and Taupey Gray #105. The liner is the Eye Pencil Primatif in Basic Black (it has a smudge tip on the end). 
I've been playing with these shadows a bit, and while I really like the matte brown, cream, and berry shades-- the shimmery shades aren't super pigmented or impressive. When used with a base, they seem to pop a little bit more, but otherwise I wasn't that thrilled with them. The liner was rich, creamy, and super black- which I liked. I also enjoy the little detail brush, however... is the whole kit worth $60? Maybe I set my sights too high... I was expecting incredible quality from all of the eyeshadows. 
MAC Illustrated Face Kit by Rebecca Moses in Brown Smoke ($49.50, 
I think it's probably obvious that the adorable packaging drew me in on this one. The illustrations on the outside by fashion designer Rebecca Moses are super cute. I thought it was a really good value to be able to try so many generously-sized MAC products in one kit, including a blush, four eyeshadows, and two lipsticks. It all looked like the kind of shades I'd wear a lot and enjoy. 
 It's kind of hard to see, but this kit comes with a double-ended brush-- one end is an angled shadow brush, the other is a lip brush. The blush in Melba is a coral/peach. The eyeshadows include Orb (white), All That Glitters (shimmery beige), Smoked Sepia (satin brown), and Showstopper (matte dark brown). The lipsticks are a creamy coral in Ravishing (Cremesheen), and a nude in Myth (Satin). 
 Here you can see Melba blush on the left, the four shadows in the middle, and then the two lipsticks on the right (in the same configuration as the palette). Myth lipstick was the only product in this kit that I had tried before, so I was excited to test out these new (to me) shades. I was really impressed with all of the eyeshadows, except Showstopper (the matte dark brown) wasn't quite as rich as I expected- it actually felt a little dry. While Orb is technically a satin finish, it comes off rather matte and I love it. I don't know how I hadn't already tried All That Glitters either! Looks great with Smoked Sepia. While Myth lipstick isn't my favorite on it's own, I like combining it with the Ravishing lipstick. I apply Ravishing for an all over coral color, then pop the center of the lower lip with a bit of Myth. All in all, a very nice kit and all of the products create a very "harmonious" look on the face. One of the Nordstrom employees told me this was the kit she was most excited to try.  
NARS 'Voulez-Vous' Cheek & Eye Palette ($59,  
Finally- a little something from NARS. I can count on one hand the amount of NARS products I've tried, so I was pretty pumped to find multiple NARS products in this kit for a relatively good price. This palette is just a little larger than the size of my iPhone.
I couldn't find the names of any of these products on the packaging, but did find the info online. The blushes in this palette are Deep Throat (far left), and Dolce Vita (far right). Kinda funny, since Dolce Vita is the only NARS blush I currently own... I thought this one looked similar when I was checking out this palette, and turns out it's the same! Fortunately, I LOVE my Dolce Vita blush, so I don't mind having more!  
Here are some swatches! It's all swatched in the same layout as it appears in the palette. The website says these are signature shadows from the line as well. The shades included are Molokai (top left), Antananarivo (top right), LHASA (bottom left), and Rangoun (bottom right). While these shadows don't seem to have the "creamy" feel that those from The Balm have, they all seem to be really richly pigmented and are still very easy to blend. The blushes are both a home run as well.  

Well, it seems I have a thing for neutral eyeshadows! LOL. I feel like whenever something is new to me or more pricey, I gravitate toward basics that I'll get the most use out of. The MAC and NARS palettes were my favorites, and if I had to choose just one of those, it'd probably by the MAC kit (at least, at this point in time. I haven't been using these for very long!) I really like the MAC shadows, blush, and lipsticks included, and those shades just create a really pretty, fresh look that I think will easily transition from summer to fall. And if you want to see even more new things from Nordstrom, Sephora, and a little gift exchange with Kristin Gehm- check out my Mall of America Haul of America video! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Chance of severe weather today!
  • Tomorrow's blog will be on the Ladies' Home Journal Gloss Daily site! 
  • I have had exceptionally DRY lips lately. What's up with that? 
  • I did a 30 minute bouncing session on my new mini trampoline yesterday! How fun to be able to bounce AND enjoy the air conditioning! :) I was doing all my cheerleading jumps... that'll get you huffing & puffing! front hurdler anyone?! 


  1. Thanks for this posting! I have all those beauty products on my Nordstrom wishlist & now know which ones to get.

  2. I'm definitely getting the MAC Illustrated Face Kit by Rebecca Moses in Brown Smoke. It's perfect for everyday use :) Thanks for the swatches!!

  3. About the kevyn aucoin palette: The two in the upper part are a higlighter (The Celestial Powder in Candlelight) and a counturing powder (The Sculpting Powder in Medium). Maybe if you try it in the face will see it´s magic working :)

  4. Oh man I was just eyeing those Mac and Nars palettes today.... May have to splurge ;)

  5. Love you! Love your blog! Love your You Tube channel! I used to rebound all the time and I loved it. Am looking into getting one for my home. Can you share which won you purchased and from where you got it? Thanks!

  6. Those Mac and Nars palettes are gorgeous!

    - Rhi x

  7. My lips have been really dry lately too! I think it's because of this ridiculous hot weather here in GA.

  8. The Kevin Aucoin Sculpting powder and candlelight are the top two in the palette and as far as I know they're designed for highlighting and contouring! Both are amazing I have them in full size!

    Jess x

  9. Do you know where Kristin got the pencil case from?? I'm loving that!!

  10. The NARS Palette looks amazing, I really like the look of the shadows and especially the blushes! Can't wait to get my own. =P Ya, that's what I needed, another item to add to my shopping list. haha

  11. I just ordered that mac palette. I absolutely loved your eye look in this video, will you be doing a tutorial?

  12. I love the picture of your front hurdler! I'm a cheerleader too and I love seeing that side of you!

  13. AAAAAAgh, severe weather just hit in New York!!! I commented on your vid as Selena Kyle btw about the MAC palette.

  14. I didn't get the NARS palette because I already own a full size Deep Throat & have yet to hit pan, even after YEARS of using this puppy. I was not a make-up junkie until the last 6 months or so, but this was one of my long-time favs from a girl who wore minimal makeup & always stuck to the same things.

    I DID end up getting an Estee Lauder 'Pure Color' Eyeshadow Palette in Olive Oasis because they have an awesome free gift w/$45 purchase...and the Kiehl's Since 1851 'Powerful Wrinkle Reducing' Skincare Set because I've been addicted to the serum for 4-5 repurchases so thought it was a good time to try the rest of the line.

  15. I am lusting after a lot of these, especially that NARS palette. Deep Throat is my all time favourite blush s hade.

  16. Whoa, look at that jump!
    I love NARS and MAC palette, the colors are pigmented and pretty!

  17. Ooooo... All so pretty. Louise likes! =] xx.

  18. I LOVE your lil trampoline Em!!!! You look so Cute....for someone who is little, you can really looked like you were going to go thru the ceiling...LoL:) Have FUN with your new workout Buddy!!!! Sending Hugs:)

  19. Gotta love a good haul!!! I'm loving the palettes that you got! Absolutely to die for!


  20. a great haul you have!! it so strange that for each 'season' the colours that they come out with in pallettes are so similar to all the other brands... but i love the shades that you have bought! great inspiration!

    thanks for sharing!

    I have been following you now via bloglovin for a long while. if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)

    let me know!


  21. Hey Emily,

    The Kevyn Aucoin set acutally includes his highlighter and contour shade - i.e. Candlelight (this is the highlighter) and the Sculpting powder is the countour shade. These are super hyped on Youtube and might work better if you try them for the highlighting and countouring purposes as opposed to eyeshadow.xx


  22. haha I love that pic of your jumping!

    Thanks for the swatches..I've had my eye on the MAC and Nars palettes..too bad the Nars shadows aren't buttery..I want the Mac one but will pass since I just purchased a ton of brushes from Hakuhodo..trying to make a pact with myself not to buy anymore makeup til NOvember's sephora VIB 20% off sale (if they have one!).So hard!

  23. I love your candid opinions about high end products. I also think I have way too high expectations when I splurge so unless someone like you tells me it is a "MUST PURCHASE" I will stick with having fun at the drugstore. I like to spend my $$$$'s on fun shoes and jewelry so you save me lots of money to do that. Thanks Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Love your videos and your honesty. What nail polish are you wearing in this video? It's gorgeous!!

  25. Hello, fellow rebounder! I just got a mini tramp myself a few months ago and love it, though I am not NEARLY so adventurous on mine as you are on yours...YIKES! I have balance issues but rebounding is helping with them! FYI, there are loads of rebounder workouts on YouTube, especially when searching on "Bellicon."

    Thanks for the swatches...I am a fan of Kevyn Aucoin as well and found that kit a little underwhelming! Ah well. Guess it is intended to be "classic" neutrals.

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