Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review of My Benefit Tints & Beams

Hi everyone! 
Today's blog is a viewer request from Lexi on the Beauty Broadcast Facebook Page. She was thinking about purchasing some of the tints & beams from Benefit but wanted some more information. So this morning I rounded up the ones I have and thought I'd show some swatches and review them for you! As you can see, I have a couple of full-size products, but over the years I've also gotten some of the mini-tints in various Benefit kits. FYI: the full-size products sell for $30. I also just saw a kit on Sephora.com that contains 3 mid-size products (Posie, Cha Cha, & Sunbeam) for $17, which I think is a really good deal. Anyway, on with my review! 
At a glance, you might mistake the Benefit Tints & Beams for nail polish! It's really exactly like nail polish packaging. Think of the brush as a tool to dab on the product, but not to blend. If I'm using one of the tints (which stain) I'll dab them right on my cheek and then use my ELF Small Stipple brush to blend them in. It's important to blend quickly because these dry so fast. Or you could of course just brush them on your lips for a lip stain. The Beam products don't stain, so I sometimes prefer to just dab those on my hand first, then pick some up on the small stipple brush and dab it on my cheekbones. By the way, if you were curious about how Benetint (the brand's first tint) was created, feel free to check out this slightly creepy video. LOL! It all started with an exotic dancer! 
Here are some sheered-out swatches of the tints: Benetint, Posietint, and Cha Cha tint. Keep in mind that they will be even more sheered out on your cheeks. Unless you like the stripey look :) These are very long-lasting tints when worn on the cheeks, and on the lips sometimes I'll wear them under a more glossy lip product just so I have some extra long-lasting color on my lips when the shine wears off.
  • Benetint: This is a rose-tinted stain- while all of the others seem a bit more creamy, this is definitely a straight up liquid. Gives a very sheer, natural flush to the cheeks and makes your lips look like they're just naturally pigmented. Definitely a classic, cult-favorite product.
  • Posietint: This pink stain is probably my least favorite of the bunch because I feel like it hardly shows up on me. When I sheer it out on my cheeks, it's hardly visible. It'll somehow still manage to stain your finger like crazy though!
  • Cha Cha Tint: Love this one! I believe this was the first one I ever purchased. It's said to be a mango color and is very creamy and easily blended. I feel like it gives off lots of color and looks great on the lips as well.     

This swatch pic was taken after scrubbing over the swatches with a Wet Ones wipe. They lost a little intensity, but they definitely stain! 
Pic of me from an old blog post - sporting Benefit on lips & cheeks, as well as High Beam on the cheekbones. See what I mean about natural?  
Here you're looking at swatches of Sun Beam & High Beam highlighters. While they're very liquidy, they do have a creamy consistency. Unlike the three shown above, these are not stains. I'm not saying they're not long wearing, but with a little moisture they can easily be wiped off. These products can be nice mixed in with moisturizers or foundations for a more glowy look.  
  • Sun Beam: This is a golden-bronze highlight, described on the Benefit website as "sunshine in a bottle". It does have a very fine shimmer to it- no chunks of glitter. It's a nice finishing touch product and will look even more sheered out on your skin than the swatch looks above. Lately I've been reaching for this more than High Beam because I just love the golden tone in it.
  • High Beam: Seems to have the same consistency as Sun Beam and has a beautiful, slightly pink-toned luminosity to it. This one has beed dubbed "supermodel in a bottle". I like it, however I have discovered numerous dupes for this one. Check out my highlighter dupes video for more info on that. 
Hopefully that was informative for those of you who were wondering about these Benefit products! Benetint, Cha Cha tint, and Sun Beam are probably my favorites of the bunch. What ones do you like best? 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I meant to have a blog post up yesterday, but my uploading wasn't going so well so I decided to lay off the internet usage... eventually my new video did get posted! :) 
  • We had a great time with my sis-in-law Sarah and her husband Chuck over the weekend!!
  • So excited to fly to New York tomorrow!! It's a special video project involving Avon/Mark cosmetics!! It'll be a very quick trip. The shoot is happening Thursday so I'll probably have many more details to share after that! I'll try to vlog along the way!  
  • Since I'll be doing that on Thursday, I'm thinking I'll push Beauty Broadcast Live to Friday night (hopefully). 
  • It's a very rainy afternoon here. This is how Cupcake has been spending her day!
Pic is from my Instagram. Thanks to all who let me know that it got hacked over the weekend! Everything seems to be fixed now :) 


  1. i did like high beam, but i'm glad i only have a sample size.... i did buy moon beam in the full size after swatching it next to high beam and liked it better... i just love the color of moon beam! it's so perfect. i think i'm too fair for sun beam.

  2. I love these products, but the shiny wrapping on bottles (the cha cha and the posie) leaves little metallic flakes all over the place. At first it just annoyed me that the inside of my makeup bag was covered in this stuff but then it started flaking off when I'd hold the bottle and it would get on my face when trying to apply the tint... SO obnoxious! It's not like I've had them for a long time either, it started happening the second I threw them in my makeup bag!

  3. Cha Cha Tint looks gorgeous! It really caught my eye. I might need to go splurge. Haha! Love the little kitty!

  4. I had the same problem with Posie Tint but I started applying it directly to a clean brush, then to my face. With no finger acting as the middle man, Posie Tint has much more pigmentation and it looks very natural. It became my favourite of all the tints once I modified my application method.

  5. Just saw the "Slightly creepy video" *ahem* well.... That's certainly a use I've never considered. :-S Oh boy! hahahaha!!

  6. I love love love these products. The Cha Cha tint as a base with a coral blush over top looks simply stunning! Glowy and pretty. I love it!

  7. I just learned about the back ground of Benetint, and I was pretty shocked haha. Interesting story. But I love how natural Benetint looks on the lips.

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

  8. Love the look of ChaCha Tint especially, seems like such a gorgeous colour. I've never tried any of the stains but have always been meaning to.

    - Rhi @ Beauty Bucket List

  9. Thanks for the clarification on all these products Em....I have some but haven't even used them yet...and was a little confused on how to use what. I feel like you sorted it out for me:) Will miss BB Live on Thursday SOOOO much but Hopefully ( if you don't have jet lag ) we can do it on Friday night like you mentioned!! Please travel SAFE Em:) Can't wait to hear all about it later!!!! Sending virtual Hugs:)

  10. I love sun beam and I really want to get cha cha tint! Thanks for doing swatches of these because its great to see them compared!

  11. I've always been so curious about the tints! Thank you for sharing! So helpful. I'll have to try one out soon.

    -Lindsey | Zip & Zeal

  12. Have a few of those and absolutely love them! Benefit has some amazing stuff!



  13. Thanks for sharing these swatches! I really like the blush (or lip or otherwise) tints. I've been scared to try these. I think reading this helped to ease the fear. I want to get the Benetint!

  14. Great review! That picture of Cupcake is adorable!

    Tia from www.etsy.com/shop/TheCraftyEngineerx

  15. Hello Emily!
    Awesome review, I want them :)
    I also really like your blog and it would mean a lot to me if you take a minute and check, follow my blog if you like. Thank you so so much, have a nice day,



  16. You read my mind! I've been looking to get one of their tints. Have you tried Moonbeam? I've had my eye on that one but I haven't heard much about it!


  17. I feel this overwhelming urge to reach out to my monitor and hug the pic of Cupcake (that's cupcake, right? lol)
    Thanks for the great review! I have high beam & cha cha tint in mini size and they last forever! (depends on frequency of use, that is). I might get the cha cha tint in full size cz I love it that much.

  18. Hi Emily!! :) I'm not subscribed and i don't often comment, but I absolutely love reading your blog, and always find time in my day to check it! (At least once!)
    Keep up the excellent work!! :D
    Much love, from Australia!
    Nicola xx

  19. Wow that video was really something.

  20. I got the little tiny Posietint in a kit that I bought during one of our last US-Trips. But unfortunately I made the same experience as you - it just did not show up on me well enough. Also I it did not transfer smoothly, looked blotchy and so it was kind of hard to work with it. I´m glad, that it was only the sample size, I ended up just using it as a lip tint and now it´s empty - I´m not sad about that fact ;)

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  22. Great post; thanks for the swatches! Cha Cha Tint looks great. I'll have to look into that shade.


  23. Cha Cha tint looks right up my alley! I'm so into corals this time of year.



  24. I think i see a Benetint and Sunbeam purchase in my future! Thanks Emily.


  25. you are so beautiful http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/07/back-from-vacation-and-choies-dress.html

  26. Could you do a summer tutorial with some of these products?


  27. I have to check them out, they seem to be cool items :)

  28. Ooooo really like the look of cha cha tints! I have quite a few Benefit products which have found a very permanent place in my make up collection and I repurchase as soon as I run out! They do some fantastic make up!


  29. Can you do another round up review of all the Box O Powders? There is a new one coming out very soon! This post was ever so helpful! Thanks!


  30. You should try to find the Sonia Kashuk super sheer shimmering highlighter I recently got it at target on sale for four dollars and it seems like it may be a dupe for the sun beam highlighter!

  31. Glad you reviewed these. I have several "travel" sized versions that I got for Christmas and have never used. And thanks for the history lesson on the origins of Benetint. The video was...um...I don't have words. LOL.

  32. This is exactly what I was looking for today! I'm curious how the new Lolli-tint compares now.

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