Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wet n Wild Tough Girl Eye & Nail Collections

Hi everyone!
Welcome to the latest limited edition collection from Wet n Wild! The Tough Girl line is set to officially hit stores on September 1st, however many stores have already started putting up displays. While many of the special displays do say "Beauty Army" - the official word from Wet n Wild is that they're using the name "Tough Girl" for this whole collection (hence the title of this post). And just an update-- the Pop Art Craze limited edition collection (see my post on that here), will continue to be in stores through mid-September unless they've already sold out. As far as the Tough Girl line, many people have told me they've seen the shadow/mascara combo packs at K-Mart. Personally, I've spotted a different display of shadows only at Walgreens. More on that in a bit! First, here's the pic of the combo pack display that Wet n Wild has released... (Also-- the majority of what I'm blogging about was sent to me by Wet n Wild to review- just so you know!)
While there is some color in this collection, it's definitely more toned-down compared to Pop Art Craze. This bunch of shadows makes me think "fall". Each bundle is $2.99 (which is normally the price for just a trio-- you're getting the mascara as a bonus). So you're seeing trios in tones of purple, green, brown, and blue... however in a picture that was shared with me on Twitter, I noticed a packaged trio in grey/smokey shades (very similar to the regular line WnW trio in Don't Steal My Thunder). Not sure why that's not part of this display pic-- but I just wanted to give that a mention, just in case.  
The mascara that comes with each of the trios is the MegaProtein version. (The one pictured above is one I already had open and have been using on & off for a couple months). I am not at all a fan of this mascara. I don't really have a problem with the brush or the packaging... but this formula really does next to nothing for my lashes. I suppose it's a positive thing that it doesn't clump, but it just doesn't build much length or thickness. I'm not saying everyone's going to have that experience (this might be great for someone with naturally thick lashes who wants a natural look). Sadly, I haven't had good experiences with most of Wet n Wild's mascaras. I'm just glad it's being tacked on as a "bonus" with the combo packs and they didn't jack up the price.  
The shadows in the combo packs are pictured above (left to right): Enlisting for Beauty, Soldiers in Charms, Zero Dark Flirty, and I Don't Do Camouflage. This is more of a "show & tell" post on these trios, because I really haven't had much of a chance to try them yet and give a full review. I just wanted to get a blog out there so you could see what these look like- since we all know how limited edition collections don't always hang around in stores for very long. Judging by the swatches, overall these trios seem pretty consistent with the quality we've come to expect from Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadows. They're pigmented, smooth, and a little goes a long way (I didn't have to work hard to get the swatches to show up like they do, and I did not use a primer underneath). 
Enlisting for Beauty: Includes a matte cream, satin brown, and a slightly shimmery beige. I think this will be a popular pick among these trios because many of us love our neutrals! And nothing in this one is super metallic or frosty- making it very wearable for those who don't want to spotlight wrinkles in the eye area.  
 Soldiers in Charms: This trio has a yellowish-lime shimmery green, a medium matte mossy green, and a super dark and sparkly olive green. That darkest color appears to be the same as the dark green in the Comfort Zone 8-pan palette. If you don't use the lime shade, you could get a typical olive green smokey eye, but I kind of like that they threw in the brighter shade for a little pop. 
Zero Dark Flirty: Nice job, Wet n Wild shade naming department! lol. Here you're getting a slightly pearly soft lilac (warning- this shade is a bit flakey), a deep satin-finish plum (almost borders on navy), and a matte purple that's not quite as pigmented as I expected. It definitely could be built up a bit on the lids, and would no doubt perform better with a base-- but just a heads up that 2 out of the 3 shades in this trio are a bit weak. 
 I Don't Do Camouflage: Here you have a slightly shimmery light blue, a deep sparkly navy, and an almost matte medium blue. The deep navy is almost like one of the navy shades in the Blue Had Me at Hello 8-pan palette, only this one seems a bit more dry to me (still pigmented though). Much like the other trios- you have a deep enough color to give you a smokey eye- but the option to kick it up with a brighter color. 

So I mentioned earlier that I saw a different kind of Tough Girl display at Walgreens (not sure what other drugstores might also be carrying it), but it had the trios for sale WITHOUT the mascaras. Also- there were a couple of additional shades-- the grey-toned trio that I mentioned (but I didn't purchase it since it seemed so similar to Don't Steal My Thunder), and also the one below which I (obviously) did pick up. Not sure why Wet n Wild didn't mention this alternate display in the info they sent to me. But just so you're aware... there are trios being sold on their own, and you may encounter shades you didn't see in the combo packs. 
Spoiled Army Brat: Here you're getting a shimmery mauve, a stain-finish rose, and a satin peach. For some reason the lighting on the swatches is making these shades seem much more warm than they are... they're coming off kind of coral, but I assure you that the mauve and rose shades come off much more pink. While I love the colors in this kit and I think it's really unique-- I was kind of un-impressed with the amount of color payoff in the swatches. I've always said-- you can't always judge by the swatches... I'm very curious to see how these do applied on the lids with a base. But I think they can definitely be worked with. I just wish there was a deeper shade in this trio- these rosy colors need something to create contrast and keep the eyes from looking sickly.  
 I wanted to give you a look at the nail collection as well. I haven't noticed this in stores yet, but most of the shades were sent to me, so I figured I'd show them. This is a TEXTURED nail collection. I know quite a few brands have put out textured polishes, but I haven't tried any of them, so I'm not sure what to think! I'll definitely try these out and report back. These retail for $3.99 each (more than a mascara & shadow trio combined!), and my info says that these dry "in a glamour & grit finish". I have a hunch that I'm not going to like any sort of strange texture on my nails (I love shine!!), but I will most definitely give it a whirl. Have you tried any textured polishes? What did you think?
 Left to right: Femme Trouper (cream with gold shimmer), Fatigue Glam (creamy rose), Tough Girl (creamy grey), Beauty is a Battlefield (shimmery purple), and Left, Left, Left, Right, Left (creamy royal blue). The display also appears to include an army green, but I didn't receive that one. 

So there's the round-up on these new Tough Girl products from Wet n Wild! I hope this was informative so you'll have an idea of what to look for in the stores and what you may (or may not) want to purchase. Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog! It's much appreciated! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Here's link to today's edition of Beauty Broadcast LIVE- in case you missed it this morning! I gave a first look at some of the products I have from Michelle Phan's Em Cosmetics line... and of course there was much more randomness! 
  • I feel like this week has just flown by! 
  • Mini Hautelook Heads Up: Pixi is on sale (at the moment)- and the Soft Focus Fresh palette is available for a STEAL-- $9! That's a big palette! Originally $34. I blogged about it here if you want some more details/swatches/FOTD. 
  • It's a tilapia & salad night here at our house. Still loving my Gorton's Skillet Crisp! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush

Hello friends!
Just wanted to put together a review on these Milani "Coming Up Roses" blushes. They are limited edition, and I found mine at Walgreens in a special display. According to Milani's website, this collection is available at select Walgreens, CVS, Meijer, and Fred Meyer stores. I know Milani's website sold out of them almost immediately, and I haven't spotted them yet on CherryCulture or BeautyJoint. I think they were around $8 apiece, but I can't quite remember. They're rather large- about the size of a typical pressed powder compact- and they have a gorgeous 3-dimensional rose imprint. 
The shades I have are Bella Rosa (matte pink), and Warm Petals (golden bronze with a hint of shimmer). The other shades were Flora Passion (a coral/pink), and Romantic Rose (mauve). 
I know concentrated swatches of blushes aren't always super helpful since you'd probably never wear the shades with this amount of intensity on your cheeks. But just so you get a feel for what these colors are like- here you go! :) Bella Rosa is definitely a true, classic pink. Whenever I use it, it makes me think of a youthful glow. It definitely has enough pigmentation to really show up on the cheeks, but just the nature of this shade isn't going to look "overboard". It's a very natural-looking blush. I'm not really sure why I picked up Warm Petals. It's a bronzy shade with a bit of golden shimmer, and it's just so warm... and not dark enough to be a contour, and not really a shade that I like to use as a blush on the apples of my cheeks.   
I am wearing both of the products in this picture- with a light duo fibre brush, I swept Warm Petals across the forehead and just lightly on top of the cheeks- it gave my skintone just the slightest bit more depth, but honestly, it's not doing much. Then I used Bella Rosa on the cheeks and absolutely love the way it looks. So fresh, natural, and pretty with a pink lip! (I'm wearing MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass).

Again, I'm not sure if these blushes are available where you live, but I just thought I'd share my 2 cents on them! I really like Bella Rosa, and if you can track it down, I think it's definitely worth picking up. It's a beautiful matte blush shade (kind of hard to come by in the drugstore!) and you get a LOT of product! I've checked through my collection, and the closest thing I have to Bella Rosa in color, pigmentation, and finish is The Balm's Down Boy blush. Warm Petals isn't really my cup of tea, but I'm wondering if it might be especially pretty for an all over glow on a deeper skintone. Have you tried these blushes? What did you think? Thanks for reading!

8/28/13  1:15 pm
How cool is this? My friend Taisia (tayzerfun on youtube!) read this post and offered to email me her pictures of one of the blushes I don't have! Thank you Taisia!! This is Flora Passion- the coral-toned blush. Here's what she has to say about this product:

"I've been using this color for a few weeks exclusively. It has a creamy texture with great color payoff! It really perks up my fair skin tone, but I think deeper skin tones would love this too!" 
Thanks so much for sharing, Taisia!! :)
Daily Nuggets...
  • New Best in Beauty video coming later today! It is JAM PACKED with stuff! :)
  • Drinking some iced coffee and it is hitting the spot! yum!
  • I need to work out this afternoon.
  • I sometimes mention that Cupcake shares her chair with me (ha!) She's with me again today, supervising this blog post :) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Olive Smokey Eyes with Too Faced Natural at Night

 Hi everyone!
Hope your week is off to a good start! Over the weekend I busted out one of my all-time favorite palettes-- Too Faced Natural at Night. I just love creating smokey eyes with this kit! I've actually already done a couple of video tutorials with this palette...
The top look is a brown smokey eye Too Faced Natural at Night tutorial, and the bottom is a not-so-clear shot from my Chocolate Covered Cherries look- which has more of a burgundy tone. And I'll admit, most of the time when I use this palette, I go for the brown or burgundy colors... but most recently, i decided to go for the green shades and was reminded of how totally gorgeous they are! 
(click to enlarge)
I swatched the shades I used for this look: Night Light (sparkly light pink), Moon Stone (golden olive), Night Fever (deep olive), Nightcap (warm brown), and Spotlight (matte buttercream).
(Sorry this pic isn't crystal clear! Not doing the look justice.)
  • I first primed the lids with an eyeshadow primer
  • I applied a dab of Night Light around the inner corner
  • With a flat brush I patted Moon Stone on the lid- it's amazing how much gold shows up in this shade!
  • I applied Night Fever on the outer corner
  • I blended out the crease with Nightcap (this might appear to have shimmer in the palette, but when it's sheered out on the eyes, it actually looks matte)
  • I used Spotlight as a highlight under the brow
  • I smudged Night Fever on the outer part of the lower lashline, and used Moon Stone on the inner part. 
  • I applied black pencil to my upper lashline, tightline, and waterline
  • I finished the look with mascara on top & bottom lashes plus some false lashes - these are The Creme Shop #747M 

I had lots of questions on my Instagram pic about lips & cheeks- so here's the lowdown on that. To give this look a light, feminine twist, I went with a light pink lip and cheek. I was experimenting with a couple of new Sonia Kashuk lip products from Target that I'm loving-- The Shine Luxe Sheer Lip Color in Sheer Pink Lust (FYI- this goes on rather peachy, shiny, and not very sheer at all! I'm loving it!) And then just for the heck of it, I layered on the Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss in Fairest Flush... this isn't sheer either, so this is mainly the color you're seeing in the pics. This gloss is thick without being sticky... kind of an unusual combination! I'm just wild about this shade. The shine is outstanding and the color is just perfect. 
On the cheeks I'm wearing my Boots No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder in Coral Flush. This is another Target find, and I think it coordinates so well with the lips. It's a very pigmented shade, and it might appear to have some shimmer in the packaging, but it's not really detectable once you get it on the cheeks. LOVE. Oh and I did use a little Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana to highlight the tops of my cheekbones- then right on the top of my cheeks I used a dab of Mary The Balm's LouManizer for some glow.
 So there's the look! Face makeup isn't vastly different from what I've been doing when I want a long-wearing yet slightly glowy look... I mix MAC Pro Longwear or Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation with Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation and the finish is just great with awesome coverage. I used a combo of Benefit Erase paste and Cover Girl + Olay Concealer Balm to take care of imperfections (had a big zit on my forehead!), and set the look with MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural powder and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. For hair, I used my new Bed Head Rock 'n Roller Bubble wand... I posted an instagram pic over the weekend and then took it down... too many inappropriate comments! (seriously?!) So I think I'll just put a link here if you want to see it. I love the waves that wand gives me!

Daily Nuggets...
  • I'm sitting on about 3 inches of chair right now- Cupcake is using the rest.
  • Watched the VMA's last night... LOVED the JT performance and the N'sync comeback!!
  • FYI: I found ELF Matte Lip Colors at Dollar Tree! Lots of shades available. 
  • Finally got an external hard drive yesterday... this will be necessary for my newest project! Details coming soon! :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Makeup Starter Kit Tutorial Series!

Hi everyone! 
Just wanted to do a little blog post to let you know that the Makeup Starter Kit series is complete! My first video in the series consisted of my starter kit product recommendations (and the giveaway announcement- be sure to enter if you haven't! The contest wraps up August 31st.), and the three videos that followed are tutorials that use only those products in the starter kit. My goal was not for these to be really"out there" looks, or anything that was super bold and dramatic. I wanted these to all be wearable looks- I was keeping in mind all ages, and looks that would work for a variety of "everyday" settings... school, work, errands, etc.

  •  Look #1: Classy for Class... This is the quickest look of the bunch. A very natural, get out the door quick type of look. The face makeup is more light-weight and the eyes are super light and uncomplicated.
  • Look #2: Photo Friendly... Whether it's picture day at school, the DMV, a wedding, or really any occasion- this is a polished look that perfects the skin and defines the eyes. This soft plum smokey eye will enhance all eye colors. 
  • Look #3: Pretty Smart... Something for the teachers, career women, or anyone who wants to approach their professional environment with a really finished look. The eyes work in a bit of burgundy which will be great for fall. If you're not comfortable with red lips, go for a more neutral shade! 

Just a note about the giveaway: As many of you have noticed- there are spam accounts trying to imitate my channel and send out messages to people saying they've won the giveaway, and also trying to get you to follow a certain link. I even got one of these! DISREGARD these messages. Several have names that are very close to "emilynoel83"... in fact one has changed the L in emily to an uppercase I, making it appear to be exactly the same. IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT about where the messages are coming from, just click that username and it will take you to the individual's channel. You'll be able to see that it's just a blank channel. My channel has tons of videos, playlists, Beauty Broadcast at the top, etc. ALSO- the giveaway does not end until midnight on August 31st and I will not contact winners until September 1st. Just be very careful about the spam, do not click links, and do not give out your personal information! I can promise you, when I contact winners, there will not be any sort of special link that you have to click. And you will be able to check my username and confirm that it is truly coming from my channel:
This week's fill in the blank question posted on Twitter & Facebook was:
The event/occasion that I'm most excited to do my makeup for is...
(click to enlarge)

Daily Nuggets...
  • I've been looking at a computer too long today... headache.
  • New video coming sometime this weekend on all the Avon stuff I've been trying! Just a warning: it's a long one!
  • I am wearing some very comfy yoga pants right now. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Essence Lipsticks!

Hey everyone! 
I thought I'd do a little review today on my Essence lipsticks. I first discovered this brand at Ulta, and it's a very affordable makeup line with a lot of great products (I'll probably be doing a 1-brand tutorial using Essence very soon!) Over the last couple of years I've picked up a few of these lipsticks, and on my most recent trip to Ulta, several more caught my eye. At $2.99 each, they're super affordable, so it's a nice way to experiment with different shades. The formula definitely reminds me of a Revlon Lip Butter or Maybelline Color Whisper... they're not very thick in texture, many of them apply rather sheer in their first coat, and they're not super long-wearing. They're very creamy, and I find them very comfortable on the lips- they actually give off a bit of shine. I also really like how the packaging matches the colors. I believe there are 10 shades in the line (a variety of cream and shimmer), but here's a look at the six I have...

Left to right: In the Nude, Glamour Queen, Sparkling Romance, All About Cupcake, Almost Famous, and Sparkling Miracle. 
These swatches correspond with the order of the lipsticks above. This is basically one swipe of the color, but I've built up the shades to their maximum color payoff on my lips below. To build it up, I just swiped the color over my lips 2 to 3 times, as opposed to just once.  
In the Nude: This is a creamy nude with no shimmer. I actually really like the tone of this shade- it's a little bit peachy and is definitely the type of nude lip I'd wear... I don't feel like it's completely erasing my lips. For added staying power, I'd use Essence's In The Nude lip liner underneath. 
Glamour Queen: When I look at this tube in person, it practically looks like a rosy taupe color. But I think the rosy tones come through a lot more on the lips- and I like the look of it better that way. While there is quite a bit of shimmer in this lipstick, I think it has enough depth to keep from looking too frosty. Overall I think this is a really wearable dusty rose color. 
Sparkling Romance: Now THIS is the really frosty shade! As you'll notice from the swatch above, there's hardly any color to this shade... it basically takes your natural lip color and makes it look frosty. I haven't worn this one much at all because I just feel like the shimmer is a bit too much and I prefer more color intensity.
 All About Cupcake: This is one of my recent purchases and I absolutely LOVE it! Such a pretty, wearable pink! This is a creamy shade with no shimmer. I just think it gives the lips such a beautiful, healthy look. I see myself reaching for this one a lot! Pink lipstick lovers- this will be a great one for your collection. 
Almost Famous: Hello glam! I love the tone of this sheer red. I really built up the color as much as possible in this picture so you can see how intense it can be. One swipe of this will give you just a soft, subtle red lip. I'm always amazed at how a red lip changes the entire look of your face! Even if you've hardly done any eye makeup on a certain day- this kind of a color can make you look very chic and pulled together. 
Sparkling Miracle: I'm so glad I got this shade. I almost didn't, because when I see the lipstick in the packaging, it looks rather purple in person. But on the lips I feel like more red comes out in this shade and it's just a great berry. It does have shimmer, but much like the Glamour Queen shade, I don't feel like it's quite as apparent since these colors are more rich. So pretty!

These Essence lipsticks won't win any staying-power contests, but the shades are beautiful and they feel so nice on the lips. I think you can actually enhance the staying power just by layering a lip liner underneath. I'm really impressed by the creamy shades-- In The Nude, All About Cupcake, and Almost Famous are some great basics and would give you three totally different looks. I don't love the amount of frost in Sparkling Romance- but the others are very wearable. At $2.99 apiece, I think this is a great way to experiment with new shades and perhaps discover some new favorites!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Making salmon tonight!
  • My nails need to be re-done, big time.
  • If you missed the fun on Beauty Broadcast Live this morning, click here to watch! 
  • More baby birds at our house... last night there was a little one hopping around on the deck- putting on quite a show for Cupcake on the other side of the door! :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Jordana Jumbo Shadow Sticks

Hi everyone!
If you've been sniffing around your local Walgreens lately, you may have noticed some new products from Jordana! There are new balm stains, eye pencils, mascaras, and these "12 Hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils". Over the past couple of weeks I've picked up a few of these items, not knowing that the company was going to send them to me. So I'll have several blogs coming up, featuring all of these new products. Thanks Jordana! 

FYI: Jordana and Milani are made by the same company, so I guess it's not surprising that these pencils are basically the exact same thing as Milani's Shadow Eyez, only those retail for $6.99 and the Made to Last pencils by Jordana are $3.99 each. So it's a little higher than the standard price of Jordana products, but less than Milani's price (and it's the same product). Not ALL of the shades are identical to Milani's line, but the matte neutrals are just like those from Milani's limited edition neutral collection, and the turquoise also overlaps with the turquoise in Milani's regular line. Other shades appear to be unique to Jordana's line. Just like the Shadow Eyez, these are EXTREMELY long-wearing pencils that set to a totally budge-proof state. You have a little time to smudge them out, but once they set, they're not going anywhere. They really are waterproof and don't need a powder shadow on top to make them last (of course you can apply powders on top if you want to). You do have to sharpen these with a jumbo-sized sharpener. Here are the shades! 
Left to right: Eternal White, Continuous Almond, Tenacious Brown, and Stay-On Black. 
I love that these basic neutrals are 100% matte. They're very creamy and swipe on with very little effort. Again, if you picked up the limited edition neutrals from Milani's collection, several of those shades are the exact same thing as these. Same appearance, texture, staying power- everything. I think the Continuous Almond shade is an especially great one to have for light to medium skintones if you're looking for a base for shadows that will totally neutralize your lids and match your skin. The white is nice to use as a base if you want to make a colorful shade pop even more. And of course the brown and black make a nice base for a smokey eye. Again, these can be worn on their own, but I think these neutrals particularly serve as nice long-wearing bases for powder shadows.  
Left to right: Pink Evermore, Prolong Purple, Aqua Last, and Endless Emerald.
These colorful shades all have varying amounts of shimmer. The pink actually has silver glitter, and when I wore that stick (and only that stick) on my eyes the other day, I was impressed that none of the glitter flaked off. The purple and green have a more subtle amount of shimmer in them, and while the aqua is labeled as "matte" on the stick (what?), it definitely has a metallic finish. I really like all of these shades, particularly the purple! If you don't like a super frosty/glittery look, you might want to steer clear of the pink. 

I hope this can serve as a helpful guide as you navigate the Jordana section of the drugstore! Since these are essentially the same product as Milani's Shadow Eyez but for a few dollars less, I'd say go for Jordana's 12 Hr Made to Last jumbo sticks! They truly do last, and it doesn't take much to get the desired effect you want on your eyes (you don't have to draw over the product again and again to build up the color). So I can't imagine that you'd use these up very quickly! Look for more posts on new Jordana products in the near future! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • It's a 2-blog day! I have a post on the Ladies' Home Journal Gloss Daily site about makeup products with strange packaging! :)
  • New tutorial in my Starter Kit series is coming to my YouTube channel later today!
  • I am still trying to get caught up on tweets. Trying to answer all of them!
  • Made cornbread waffles & chili last night. Yep, it was awesome!
  • I also made a fruit salad for dessert! I chopped up mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon and it was delish!
  • I'm wearing my zebra shirt from Ross today! :) 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bright Eyes Using Wet n Wild

Hi everyone!
Hope you're having a good Monday so far! I wanted to share this look that I did over the weekend. I LOVE my neutrals, and even when I use colors, I try to use them in a way that I see as "wearable". Meaning, a look that I'd feel comfortable leaving the house with. I was happy with the way this turned out and also how it seemed to make my eye color pop. 
For this look I used one of the new Wet n Wild trios and a couple of other great drugstore shadows. If you want to see swatches of all of the shadows from the limited edition Wet n Wild Pop Art collection, click here. It's really interesting to see how the powder shadows can change color when overlapped and blended. As the yellow and turquoise come together, the look takes on more of a greenish tone.
Products used...
  • Sigma Eyeshadow Base in Persuade (all over the lid/crease)
  • Wet n Wild Trio in A Regular at the Factory (Yellow around the inner corner and sheered out toward the center of the lid. Turquoise on the outer part of the lid and outer crease. Blended out the border of the turquoise with a very sheer amount of orange. Also smudged turquoise on the lower lashline.)
  • NYX Single in Rock (blended this black shade lightly in the outer V and on the outer part of the lower lashline)
  • Milani Single in French Vanilla (used as a highlight under the brow)
  • L'oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black (used to tightline the upper inner rim and on lower waterline)
  • Milani Color Play Felt Tip Liquid Pen in Black Line (upper lashline)
  • L'oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara (upper lashes)
  • Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara- not pictured (lower lashes)

Hope you enjoy this look that's slightly different from my norm! If you'd like to see looks using any of the other Wet n Wild trios, let me know. As with all Wet n Wild shadows, there's a lot of color payoff and a little goes a long way! I really think that if you have a good black and a light highlight color to add to those colorful trios, you can create a whole eye look. I always feel like bright colors are more wearable when I add a little depth to the crease along with some black liner. 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Watched "A Time to Kill" with Tyler last night... I think I've only seen bits & pieces of that movie before, but got in on it from the beginning when it was on TNT- what a movie!!! I was in tears multiple times. That has to be one of Matthew McConaughey's best performances.
  • Wearing a muscle tee from Forever 21 that says "meow" on it.
  • I'm so excited about Wednesday's blog post on the Ladies Home Journal Gloss Daily site!! It's gonna be a fun one! Just wrote it this morning.
  • Cleaned out my big storage closet in the bathroom yesterday that holds all of my hair tools, hair products, body stuff, etc... that felt good!
  • New video coming this evening- my second tutorial in the makeup starter kit series! :) 

Thursday, August 15, 2013 Reader Survey!

Hi everyone!
Today's post is a bit different- instead of me providing information, I was hoping you could provide some info for me! I'd just like to learn a little bit more about what you like to see on this blog. Your answers in this quick 10-question survey will help  me create the content you're most interested in reading.  It's anonymous and won't ask anything too personal! :)

Keep in mind, this only pertains to this blog, not my YouTube channel. Make sure to click "done" when you're finished. Thanks so much!!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trios

Hello out there!!
Happy Hump Day to you! Or as Hoda & Kathie Lee would say, it's Winesday Wednesday! I'm still burning that Harvest Coffee candle from B&BW and it just smells DIVINE. In a cute mason jar. Go get one! :) Anyway, today's topic is the eyeshadow duos from Boots No7. I have never heard anyone talk about these, but after having a really good experience with the brand's Beautifully Matte foundation, I decided to explore some more products. These were around $7 at Target (click here to see them on Target's website). Something I noticed right away was that so many of these trios and some other duos were BROKEN in the display. Have you noticed that? At first I just figured customers were getting careless and tossing around makeup, but as I'll explain in this post- the really frosty shades are actually quite fragile! So here's what I have...   
Boots No7 Eyeshadow Trio in Faithful
Are you loving the mint!? So pretty! I'm actually loving the way all of these shades come together. I swatched them here without a primer, and as you can see, none of the shades in this kit are super frosty. The lighter shades popped even more in person, but you're getting a slightly pearly mint color, a satiny, iridescent pink, and a deep matte plummy brown. I found these to be soft, super blendable, and performed so well on top of an eyeshadow primer- as you'll see in this look...
I was wearing the Faithful trio in my Try This, Not That: Eyeliner video and figured I'd be blogging about the shadow, so I snapped a pic! I used the mint on the lid (which actually appears almost matte on the lids), and I layered the plummy brown on the outer part of the lid-- I LOVE the way it looks when those shades overlap. I also blended the plummy brown in the crease, and when you sheer it out, even more of the red tones come through. I used the pink under the brow. Overall- two thumbs up for this trio!  
 Boots No7 Eyeshadow Trio in Cappuccino
Like the other trio, this one is pigmented and I wasn't able to quite capture how pretty it is in the swatch picture! But in this grouping, the shades quite a bit more shimmery. You get a pearly white, a shimmery dusty-lilac color, and a metallic bronzy-brown. That bronze is FRAGILE. OMG. This trio needs a "handle with care" label on it. There was a teeny crack in the top of that shade when I bought it, but I was able to just press it down a bit with my finger and thought I had no problem. Well, when I was talking about this on Beauty Broadcast Live, I simply put the product in my "Face of the Day" basket and a substantial chunk came out and shadow went everywhere! Now- get this... I just now opened the compact and there's now another crack on the right side! What?! I think just snapping the compact closed is enough to fracture this shade. I can't imagine what this would do tossed in a travel bag and taken on a plane. I've tried some soft shadows in my day, but that bronze is way too soft. And thinking back to all the broken shadows in the display... there are other shimmery shades doing the same thing.  
Anyway, this was the trio I was wearing on Beauty Broadcast Live last Thursday, and in my YouTube Made Me Buy It Tag video. I forgot to take a still picture, but you can still get a sense of how natural this trio is. You're not going to get any heavy contouring because the bronzy-brown (while pigmented) just isn't super dark. I used the pearly shade on the inner corner and under the brow, the dusty lilac on the lid, and the bronze in the crease. The shadows were pretty and easy to work with, but again, why so fragile? I give this one thumb up. 

Have you tried any of the Boots No7 eyeshadows? What has your experience been like? Any favorites or duds? Let me know! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I have been a tutorial-shooting machine for my upcoming series!! Don't forget- my starter kit video which includes a big giveaway will go up later today! :) 
  • The sky is absolutely gorgeous today! So clear and really blue.
  • I am easily influenced by advertising. Just saw lasagna on a commercial and now I want some!
  • I saw in an email that Nicole by OPI is partnering with Carrie Underwood for a special line of polishes that will come out in January!! Yayy!!!