Face of the Day: Natural with a Pop!

 Hi everyone!
Yesterday afternoon I was doing a little re-organizing here in the makeup room, when I got the urge to re-do my makeup. It wasn't that I really screwed up my first look that day, but for some reason I just felt compelled to wipe the slate clean and start over. I also really wanted to try a little lip kit I ordered from Sephora and it just wasn't going to work with the purple eyeshadow I had on. Overall, I was really happy with every part of this makeup look, so I thought I'd share what I used!
Face Products...
  • Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick in #120 (will be reviewing this!)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in 08 Warm Light Medium (incredible coverage)
  • ELF Complexion Perfection (to set undereyes- KristinGehm trick!)
  • Cover Girl TruBlend Pressed Powder in Translucent Medium
  • Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #3 (liquid bronzer)
  • The Balm Frat Boy Blush
  • ELF Body Shimmer Stick in Mystic Moonlight (used as face highlight- similar to Benfit Watts Up)
Eye Products...
  • Milani Eyeshadow Primer (not shown)
  • Revlon Colorstay Quad in Decadent
  • Mally Evercolor Starlight Waterproof liner in Midnight 
  • Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara in Onyx
 After applying primer, I put the pink in the upper left hand corner of the quad on the inner part of my eye-- it goes on very shimmery and a little flakey... kind of reminds me of Urban Decay Sin. I added a bit of the pearly pink (lower left in the quad), on the center of my lid. I used the warm brown/burgundy color in the outer corner with a fluffy brush, so the shade wouldn't get too concentrated. I blended that out with the golden shade and used a little bit of one of the light pinks under the brow. I smudged a teeny bit of the brown/burgundy on the outer part of the lower lashline as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how well these colors defined my eyes in a very soft way, and just really complimented my eye color. I used the Mally eyeliner to get very very close to the upper lashline and to tightline. The Hourglass mascara is something I've actually had for awhile and did NOT like it at first... I pulled it out again and was more diligent about cleaning off the wand... and I must say, I love it now. I love the short bristles on the wand, and it really built a lot of thickness in a couple of coats without making the lashes look scary and spidery. Seriously, amazing! 
Lip Products...
  • Bite Colour + Shine To Go kit - I got this on a major sale from Sephora (I believe $10 or $12... but sadly, now it's out of stock! I did just find it on Amazon though, and I think all individual shades are part of Bite's line). I've been curious about this brand for awhile, and thought this kit would be a nice way to test things out. The Luminous Creme lipsticks are so soft and creamy, but not at all greasy. The color is outstanding, too. Cin Cin is a coral that shows up with quite a bit of orange on the lips. I lightly used Tannin, the red shade, on the outer parts of my lips, and dabbed a bit of the gloss in Champagne Pearl onto the center of the lower lip. After reading up on this line, I learned that because women are said to consume 9 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime, Bite uses food-grade ingredients in their products. The products also include resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine. Each product is said to include the antioxidant equivalent to 5 glasses of red wine. But you won't feel like you just drank 5 glasses, LOL! Overall, I thought the combination of these lip products gave my lips a very plump and perfected look, and I'll probably be trying more! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Had a bit of a phone freakout... my iPhone wouldn't turn on- and I never turned it off! A google search told me to hold down the home button and the button on the top right... it worked and ended up turning on again! whew!
  • Coming to Beauty Broadcast YouTube channel tomorrow: Makeup Starter Kit video! :) It includes a big giveaway, too! And it's the start of a new series. 
  • Loving that B&BW coffee candle that I blogged about yesterday!
  • Somehow forgot that last night was the Real Housewives of Orange Co. reunion show... will be watching that tonight instead :) 


  1. Wine lipstick sounds like my kind of lipstick! Haha.
    Thanks for the mini review, I've been wanting to try Bite, but haven't heard much about the products!

    Kitsch Vixen

  2. Love the BITE glosses (apple) is my favorite. It was a new discovery for me at the beginning of the year when I learned I was zero tolerant to gluten and BITE is a 100% gluten free company. Match made in heaven for me since there are not many of those makeup options for this beauty junkie. Thanks for the review on those colors, Emily! Not having a retail store anywhere near me to test/swatch colors, your review really helped me. I may be going for the cin cin now. Is that a sin sin? Lol! :)

  3. What a pretty look Emily. And if I had access to Revlon here, I would go out first thing in the morning and pick it up...lol!
    Also, looking forward to chipmunking tomorrow ~~all the way from Slovakia!

  4. Love the lips Emily! Bite has some majorly unique colors in their line. And the lashes look great!

  5. I absolutely love all of your posts/videos. I am loving this makeup look! Beautiful!


  6. Your FOTD looks great. I love Bite Beauty. My absolute favorite (and go to color) is Fig--kind of a my lips but better natural looking pink.

  7. I love your FOTD posts. Love seeing what you used and your daily nuggets always make me smile. Thanks for all the effort you put in for us!

  8. Love that eye shadow, great look!

  9. I love the look! And it's so interesting about the Bite cosmetics!


  10. One of the reasons I love you so much, Emily - you can use everything from Armani to ELF in the same look! :)

  11. This look is beautiful! That lipstick colour is absolutely PERFECT - especially for fall!

  12. I LOVE Bite Beauty Lipsticks... You should try Pepper. It's a gorrrgeous brownie-nude.


  13. Beautiful lip color! How is the texture of the lipsticks?


  14. You look amazing Emily, loving the eyes! xx

  15. Hi Emily! Can you review the Giorgio Armani fluid sheer? Curious if it is worth the price! Thanks!!

  16. Hi Emily! I have a request that I haven't seen anyone done on YouTube. Could you please do a "Makeup at your Desk" tutorial? I'm a high school teacher and I have to be at work at 7 AM! Most of the time I'm lucky if I get sunscreen on before I leave, so I usually have to do makeup at my desk quickly (and with horrible fluorescent lighting!) before my first class comes in. Could you also maybe do a post about something to keep in an emergency makeup kit?

    1. I like the emergency makeup kit idea a lot!!! never heard/seen that one!

    2. I like this idea as well. I would love to have some ideas of good products to keep in my desk at work.

  17. I got the BBW coffee candle this past Friday too! I can't stop burning it when I'm home even though I thought it would be a great fall scent haha. Love it!

  18. That happened to me as well with my iPhone. I really freaked out because I was babysitting my nephew and that's the only phone I have!!! Google saved the day. Weird why it happened because I never turn it off either.

  19. Can't wait for the new video. Perfect timing as I was just working on a make-up kit as a gift but was unsure as I'm not sure what kind of make-up that person uses. So I wanted it to be something basic but easy to use. I had recorded the Housewives of Orange County reunion and just watched it today...one word- DRAMA.
    The Revlon Colorstay eyeshadows are on sale at Walmart- $4.97. Also, some Ulta stores have a manufacturer coupon for a dollar off the colorstay line. Just a heads up in case someone is interested in trying these.

  20. Such a gorgeous look Emily! I sometimes do the same and decide to start over on my makeup or I sometimes to play around with some products. It's so fun!


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  22. that lip colour is amazing on you, great look hunny.



  23. Love the post! I absolutely love the color Fig in the luminous creme lipstick. It's a great pinky nude color that's like the "your lips but better" look. I think you'd love this color too!

  24. i bought the sephora 15 anniversary bite set of glosses and i love them! still havent tried their lipsticks though. but i've been meaning to!

  25. Is it wierd that when i read your posts i hear your voice in my head??? :):):)

  26. I can't wait until you review the FIT foundation stick I wanted to try it but I haven't found a review on it!

  27. The Revlon quad is absolutely gorgeous! So much want!

  28. Waiting for the review on the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I need to get a stick foundation for my mom as she likes that format. I know you liked the Flower stick foundation and I want to know which is better- Flower or Fit Me. Hope to see it soon, as I will not make a decision till I hear from you :)


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