Makeup Starter Kit Tutorial Series!

Hi everyone! 
Just wanted to do a little blog post to let you know that the Makeup Starter Kit series is complete! My first video in the series consisted of my starter kit product recommendations (and the giveaway announcement- be sure to enter if you haven't! The contest wraps up August 31st.), and the three videos that followed are tutorials that use only those products in the starter kit. My goal was not for these to be really"out there" looks, or anything that was super bold and dramatic. I wanted these to all be wearable looks- I was keeping in mind all ages, and looks that would work for a variety of "everyday" settings... school, work, errands, etc.

  •  Look #1: Classy for Class... This is the quickest look of the bunch. A very natural, get out the door quick type of look. The face makeup is more light-weight and the eyes are super light and uncomplicated.
  • Look #2: Photo Friendly... Whether it's picture day at school, the DMV, a wedding, or really any occasion- this is a polished look that perfects the skin and defines the eyes. This soft plum smokey eye will enhance all eye colors. 
  • Look #3: Pretty Smart... Something for the teachers, career women, or anyone who wants to approach their professional environment with a really finished look. The eyes work in a bit of burgundy which will be great for fall. If you're not comfortable with red lips, go for a more neutral shade! 

Just a note about the giveaway: As many of you have noticed- there are spam accounts trying to imitate my channel and send out messages to people saying they've won the giveaway, and also trying to get you to follow a certain link. I even got one of these! DISREGARD these messages. Several have names that are very close to "emilynoel83"... in fact one has changed the L in emily to an uppercase I, making it appear to be exactly the same. IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT about where the messages are coming from, just click that username and it will take you to the individual's channel. You'll be able to see that it's just a blank channel. My channel has tons of videos, playlists, Beauty Broadcast at the top, etc. ALSO- the giveaway does not end until midnight on August 31st and I will not contact winners until September 1st. Just be very careful about the spam, do not click links, and do not give out your personal information! I can promise you, when I contact winners, there will not be any sort of special link that you have to click. And you will be able to check my username and confirm that it is truly coming from my channel:
This week's fill in the blank question posted on Twitter & Facebook was:
The event/occasion that I'm most excited to do my makeup for is...
(click to enlarge)

Daily Nuggets...
  • I've been looking at a computer too long today... headache.
  • New video coming sometime this weekend on all the Avon stuff I've been trying! Just a warning: it's a long one!
  • I am wearing some very comfy yoga pants right now. 


  1. Loved these tutorials! But it was very strange seeing you without fake lashes for so long haha :P

  2. I loved this series and am keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway! Do you think you might do a "Bonus" dramatic glam look for the series? :)

  3. Emily- do you know of a good dupe for the lip color you used in the Balm Jovi palette? I LOVE the final lip look and would love something similiar without having the buy the entire palette! I already have the Baby Lips in Cherry Me.

    THANK YOU! love your stuff :)

  4. emily i want my daughter to get your eyes color :) its beautiful..

  5. I am going to BeautyCon tomorrow! I am so excited not only to see all the makeup, but to do my makeup for the event! I wish you were going to be there! Gotta browse through your videos and pick out a look. Happy Friday! :)

  6. Thank you for finally getting a chance to post reviews on Avon products!! HAPPY FRIDAY!:0)

  7. I enjoyed this series! I love to see different looks using the same products! I'm all about being cost effective! lol You have me totally convinced that I need that Sigma brush kit in my life!

  8. The pretty smart one looks like something Spencer Hastings would were :-) loved your series !

  9. This was a fun series to watch even though I am no longer in school. I do have a casual look for work so these are easy to add to an early morning for something new. I love doing my makeup on date nights or other special outings where I can really take my time and do something more fun! I just bought that essence mascara per your recommendation, hope my lashes look as good as yours!

  10. I love the photo ready makeup look!

    Modern Beauty Girl

  11. Love your tutorials!♥ I am jealous with your sexy eyes

    Loving it!♥

  12. TQ for informing us, your fans. These spammers are total idiots...they obviously have nothing better to do. Keep up the informative videos.

    Can you do a tutorial of your make up removal routine. I've been struggling with mascara removal (so scared my eyelashes will be pulled off when I remove my mascara every night.

    1. Try the L'Oreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, it's the one with the blue liquid on top of the clear liquid. Removes everything, easily. Also if you have trouble with mascaras, make sure you're not using waterproof formulas unless you really need them.

  13. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  14. Y really want the set, specially for the brushes :(

  15. Hi Emily!!
    I totally looooove watching your videos on youtube, so much so that before i make any beauty purchase, I search for you review on that product and buy it only if you recommend it! your advice really works! you have opened my eyes to so many drugstore makeup options that I would have otherwise ignored as "cheap". I use a lot of ELF, wet'n wild and milani makeup now, and its actually very good!
    Your videos always make me feel happy and enthusiastic, I guess your energy is contagious! thank youuuu

  16. I love this giveaway that you are doing, its really generous :) I did see in the instructions for entering the giveaway that you ask to like you on facebook and follow you on twitter. I don't have a twitter presence, only have facebook. Is following you on twitter part of the rules of the giveaway? is it mandatory? I dont want ot have to create a twitter profile becoz I already have trouble getting time to manage facebook :D help!

  17. totally gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Your daily nugget sounds like my house just its a small child taking over my chair.fragrance oils

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