Hautelook Heads Up: NYX 9/4/13

Hi everyone!
NYX is on Hautelook again! I'm running around like crazy trying to get stuff done today, but thought some of the products were so good in this sale that I needed to get a post together! In case you're not familiar with Hautelook, the site features different brands at discounted prices everyday. The NYX sale is featuring a lot of great combo-packs, so I'll let you know what I think about the things I've tried! (All photos courtesy of Hautelook.com)
 There are lots of these combo kits that look good-- I'm a big fan of NYX eyeshadows, so I don't really think you can go wrong! But I thought I'd specifically comment on what I've tried, and I love this trio in Barefoot in the Sand. Great if you love basic taupes and nothing too shimmery. You also get a Slide On liner (LOVE those- smooth, long-wearing, great), plus a couple of the Aqua Luxe lip products-- a very shiny pink lipstick and gloss. I've really enjoyed all of the Aqua Luxe stuff I've tried!
This set includes a great little palette in Eat, Love, Be Fab. You get basic neutrals, plus a coral and a gorgeous green. The glam shadow stick will be good for layering and giving the green shadow even more of a pop. Again, you're also getting an Aqua Luxe gloss... these are a great shiny finishing touch for any lip look! Again, there are many other great-looking eyeshadow palette combos on sale-- these are just the couple that I've had personal experience with!

I'm a big fan of the NYX Matte Lipsticks- the colors are SO saturated and beautiful. I love the variation of shades they put in this set- Hippie Chic, Summer Breeze, and Perfect Red. By the way, for more info on all of the shades in these various kits, visit the Hautelook website- they list it all.
 You just can't beat the Mega Shine glosses. I love the color payoff and texture! The shades in this set are Pink Frost, Frosted Beige, and Sweetheart. The pic isn't doing them justice- they are all great glosses to pair with your lighter or nude lip looks.

If you want to experimentwith a bunch of gloss formulas from NYX, they have two different "It" List collections-- The Naturals and The Pinks. Here you're getting a Butter Gloss, a Mega Shine Gloss, a Pump it Up Lip Plumper, an Xtreme Shine Lip Cream and a Soft Matte Lip Cream. All of these have a different texture on the lips, and I think there are good things about each one of the formulas. $12 is a great deal for all of those.
LOVE these lip liners. Retractable, smooth, and super long-wearing. I believe I've recommended these before, but this is a great wardrobe of colors and I use various shades from this collection all the time. Two thumbs up for sure!!
 I'm also a big fan of the Slide On liners. This set contains more of the "fun" colors, but if that's what you want, these are a fantastic formula. They go on incredibly smooth and set to a budge-free state. You don't have to work to build up the color of these at all- they really pop!

There are a lot of other things in this sale that I haven't tried, but I'm personally intrigued by the 9-pan palettes, the liquid liner duo, and the Love in Rio eyeshadow Duos. They have several sets of jumbo eye pencils on sale-- those are nice, but just keep in mind that they can crease if you don't top them with some sort of eyeshadow. Used sparingly as bases- they're great. I've had good experiences with most of my NYX powder blushes, although I haven't tried all the kinds being offered in this sale. The Ultra Pearl Manias are gorgeous (if you like working with loose pigments). I haven't enjoyed the NYX False Eyelashes- I've used them a couple of different times and I found the band to be very stiff and hard to manage. Not sure if those being offered today are different or not. Thanks for checking out my post, and happy shopping! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I have another blog post up today! It's on the Gloss Daily site and is all about my favorite "baked" makeup products. 
  • Again- no Beauty Broadcast Live tomorrow morning-- I'll let you know on Twitter & Facebook when I get it rescheduled. 
  • By request- shot a tutorial using they Maybelline Designer Chocolates quad!
  • Now time to shoot another video... this one is a collaboration with my sister! We're combining the worlds of makeup and art! :)


  1. I'm glad that you did this blog post. I'm starting to accumulate a NYX collection and was wondering what you had tried and recommend. I highly recommend the 9-pan palettes!!! Those shadows are soft, pigmented, and the compact is travel size even though the eyeshadows are pretty large. You get your money's worth.

  2. Whilst being UK based I can't take advantage of the Hautelook offers (I do sometimes like to depress myself though by stalking the website...), your overview of Nyx products you like is really handy as I'm currently compiling a list of products to order from Nyx UK website. Cheers!


  3. Great! I love the Maybelline Designer Chocolates quad, looking forward to the tutorial.

  4. Yeah Poof! Thanks so much for collaborating with meeee!

  5. I dont own any NYX make-up! Must get my hands on some!


  6. I'm excited for the collab video with your sister! :D

  7. I love the shades that NYX offers, but I'm afraid to buy them due to the talc. I'm beginning to think that I'm sensitive to talc. I just started using makeup and so far the elf studio eye shadow duo in Butter Pecan and the elf blush in glow have left my eyes pretty itchy at the end of the day. Thanks for the sale recommendations though.

  8. I wish NYX was easier to purchase here in Australia! I'd love to try some!

  9. I love NYX make-up! I just found that Target is selling it here in Nebraska! It's definitely not as good of a selection as Ulta but needless to say, I did a double take when I saw their display!

  10. Do you think you can give us a brief overview to sum up the different types of glosses in the "It List" bundle? Do they really say what they say they do? Whats really the difference and do you need all of them?

  11. The NYX stick blushes and powder blushes and liners and well everything really is great quality!! Love it.


  12. Oh lord, I have never tried NYX stuff before, and between these awesome and helpful reviews and me just having gotten paid today...I bought the pink "It-list" and the Love in Florence set! haha I'm excited to try them. :)

  13. I cant believe im still a NYX virgin need to change that

    Carrieanne x


  14. Was just at my local Target and they are now selling NYX at Target!!

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  16. Those blushes are absolutely stunning! I really like bella rose. Too bad we don't really tweede woning costa blanca have Milani in Canada or they're usually super expensive.

  17. Those blushes are absolutely stunning! I really like bella rose. Too bad we don't really tweede woning costa blanca have Milani in Canada or they're mortgage loan companies usually super expensive.


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