Top 10 Lip Glosses for Fall!

Hi everyone and happy Friday!
Last week I posted a video sharing my Top 10 Fall Lipsticks... so it only made sense to pass along my Top 10 Fall Lip Glosses as well! :) When I shared my favorite lipsticks, I made sure to talk about not only shades I loved, but also formulas that I especially enjoyed. It's the same story with these glosses- while I like the colors, these formulas are very comfortable and not sticky on the lips. As you look at the pictures, you'll probably notice that some shades are pretty similar, but I'll do my best to describe the differences in color and formula as we go along! :) 
As you can see- I'll be sharing glosses from a variety of price ranges- from drugstore to high end. These glosses are swatched below in the same order that they appear above. I just wanted to give you a sense of the color range and allow you to more easily compare the colors side by side. 
 Just because we're getting into a season where deep lips are the trend, it doesn't mean you HAVE to switch to darker shades (I don't like makeup rules!), so I'm trying to offer up a little bit of everything, including some pinky-neutral tones that will offer an alternative to the lighter/brighter pinks and corals from the summer. And of course I had to include plenty of red and berry shades!
IT Cosmetics Vitality Butter Gloss in Naturally Pretty ($24,
I just recently got a couple of these Butter Glosses from IT Cosmetics and I LOVE the texture. It's a gloss that's truly moisturizing- it contains a long list of great ingredients including collagen, argan oil, and hylauronic acid. You can get them individually on the IT Cosmetics website, but the better value is to buy the sets at This shade in Naturally Pretty is definitely a "your lips but better" shade. It's a soft mauve with a very subtle golden shimmer. A great everyday shade for pretty much anyone- and a little toned-down from the Barbie pinks of summer. Oh- and it smells like cake!
L'oreal Colour Riche Lip Gloss in Rich Pink ($7, Drug/Discount stores)
I've been raving about this gloss for awhile- I love the muted pink shade and it's gorgeous over a lot of pink or nude lipsticks. Here I'm wearing it alone and it still has nice color payoff. It's slightly less sheer and mauve-toned than the IT Cosmetics gloss above. This is a line of drugstore glosses I'd like to try more of... I love how smooth and creamy this one is. There's no shimmer in this either, FYI.   
Revlon Colorburst Gloss in Rosepearl ($6, Drug/Discount Stores)
Oh how I love my Rosepearl! This is an outstanding gloss and a terrific way for those who wear little to no color on their lips to try something that's more colorful, but still super wearable! This has also been a bridal party favorite on women of all ages. This gloss isn't the least bit sticky, but the color is very opaque- not at all sheer. There's some shimmer, which really makes the shine that much prettier! I've heard great feedback from so many of you who've given this gloss a try!  
NYX Mega Shine Gloss in Copper Penny ($5,
This lip gloss formula has earned multiple Emily Awards- I love the Mega Shine Glosses! Super shiny, but always a lot of great color payoff as well. I know the scent bothers some people (kind of a strong, sweet/fruity scent), but I actually like it. This muted red is pretty similar to Revlon's Rosepearl, but the color is a bit brighter. This is a softer take on red for those who don't want to go all-out red!
 Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipgloss in Pomegranate ($15,
 Meet my favorite red lip gloss! This shade is just fabulous-ness in a tube. I love wearing it alone (as you see it in the pic above), or over a red lipstick for some added shine. The brush on the wand helps you get a really flawless application, which is important with shades like this! The golden shimmer makes it look extra brilliant on the lips. Super comfortable to wear also, and I don't notice it drifting outside my lip line.  
Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss in Berry Fit ($7, Drug/Discount Stores)
Here's a true, classic berry lip gloss! No shimmer, just color and shine. These MoistureShine glosses are some of the best in the drugstore. The packaging has evolved over the years, but they have the same great quality that I remember from my college days. While the shade above is a true red, this has more pink in it, making it the perfect berry. I've said it before, but Neutrogena has some surprisingly amazing lip products... from the Color Sticks to the Revitalizing Lip Balms to these glosses... you can't miss!
Sonia Kashuk Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss in Magical Mulberry ($8.99, Target)
I've raved about Sonia Kashuk's Ultra Luxe gloss in Fairest Flush (a soft pink/nude), but this shade just screams fall to me! Thanks to Melissa from melmphs who sent me this gloss in a swap- and alerted me to how amazing these are! While SK's glosses have quite a thickness to them, I still don't find them to be super sticky (for example, not sticky like a Stila Lip Glaze). In fact, I think the thickness enhances the staying power. The color is so opaque and not the least bit sheer. This shade is kind of a mauve/berry... it has more neutral tones in it than the Neutrogena gloss above. There's also no shimmer in this shade.
FLIRT! Big Squeeze Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Berry Hug ($13.50, Kohl's)
This is one of my new favorites :) I actually have a full review on this gloss on my BBExpress channel!  I absolutely love the plummy/berry color of this gloss, and it's super shiny. This gloss does have a little sparkle in it, but it's nothing that changes the texture or feel on the lips. It's buildable, so you can apply a little for some sheer berry color, or add more like I did in the picture above. It claims to be moisturizing, and it really is. I love the way these feels on my lips and when I catch a glimpse of the color, I love it even more!  It has kind of a vanilla-ish scent.
 Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in All Night Long ($4, Drug/Discount Stores)
I love this soft plum shade- it has a little shimmer, and is another one of those buildable colors that can look more sheer or more intense depending on the amount you apply. I think the Stay Glossy formula is fabulous- and is right up there with some of my favorite gloss formulas. Somehow, the longer this stays on your lips, the more comfortable it becomes! It's just very smooth, but not slippery/greasy at all. I don't think I often achieve 6 hours of wear out of this gloss (as the packaging claims), but it's really hard for any gloss to stay looking the way it did when you applied it if you're talking, drinking, or eating. I feel like I'm more likely to use a comfortable gloss that I might need to re-apply for a few times, rather than a sticky gloss that's lasting all day but driving me crazy. 
NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Wine n Dine ($2.49, Drug/Discount Stores)
This is a surprisingly great line of glosses with tons of color... they're practically like a melted-down lipstick- and this shade in Wine n Dine is especially intense. I had to take so many pictures of this one, trying to get its true color to come off on camera... and still it's looking more red than it did in person. See how the product in the tube has more of a berry/purple tone to it? That's what it truly looks like. Either way- super pretty and shiny. I think this could be fun for a night out, but if you're going out to eat, give this a blot first. It'll still look pretty, but not be quite as messy! It's not super sticky, and the shade is undeniably gorgeous. Definitely a line of glosses to check out next time you're at Wal-Mart or the drugstore! 

I hope you enjoyed my fall lip gloss picks! FYI: I used a new nail polish combo last night- and you're seeing it in some of the pics above. It's Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Smokey Taupe with The Balm's Hot Ticket polish in Call Me Iridescent on top (It's giving it the shimmery, purple-ish look). On my eyes I'm wearing Motives shadows in Bedroom Eyes (lid), Plum Frost (crease), and Vanilla (highlight). And if you missed my fall lipstick video- here's that! 

Today the fill-in-the-blank question I asked on Twitter & Facebook was:
The best-smelling beauty product I own is...
(Click to enlarge)
I got SO MANY responses to this question! The comments above are just a sampling. They were all so fun to read! I actually got a lot of good ideas for everything from perfumes to hair and makeup products! :) As for me- I think one of my favorite's is Philosophy's Inner Grace. I was first exposed to that scent in a body wash, and have since re-purchased the body wash as well as a body spray! I think I'm drawn to unique scents that I don't feel like I run across in tons of products. I'd describe Inner Grace as calming, warm, and clean. Check it out next time you're at Ulta or Sephora! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • So proud of Tyler- he did his first review for Beauty Broadcast Express today! Thanks for all the kind words-- I am so glad you welcome my family with open arms when they appear in a video!
  • All in all, I'm happy to have my first week of daily reviews under my belt! Already working on next week's material. Thanks for the great video requests!
  • Cupcake is obsessed with getting in the bathtub... she'll hide and hop out at me or Tyler, or she'll want a teeny drip of water going and then she tries to catch the drops in her mouth. I'm going to have to get some of these shenanigans on video!
  • HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Hope you're having an awesome day! Hugs to you all! 


  1. NYX Copper Penny is one of my all time favorites

  2. I love the Revlon Rosepearl too; I pair it up with Nyx's jumbo lip pencil in Pink Nude and it lasts a very long time.

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  4. I was so excited when I went into Kohls the other day... They are now selling The Balm products! Of course I instantly thought of you!

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  7. Those glosses are definitely very pigmented! Love how you put different shades in this post! ;)

  8. My most visited Wal mart near me in Athens, TX is now selling ELF!!! Wow!! I was proud to see that display yesterday!!!!

  9. Love Berry Hug! Perfect for this time of year without a doubt!

  10. This is an awesome post! I really want to try some of the Sonia Kashuk Ultra Luxe lip glosses. I watch your videos and have heard you mention them multiple times. I will definitely have to pick up a couple from your list to try!

  11. I really enjoyed Tyler's video! My boyfriend found it very helpful as well :) Looking forward to the Tyler Awards!

  12. I love that copper penny shade! I really want to buy it now!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  13. Love your selection! Def. need some of these in my life (and on my lips). I'm thinking Nyx, L'Oreal and NYC to begin with!

  14. You look great in all these photos! But the Bare Minerals one has to be my favorite :-)

  15. my favourite is the loreal in pretty pink
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  16. I can't pinpoint what the difference is.. eye makeup, hairstyle, lighting.. but your eye color is amazing in these pics.

  17. In the same vein as these berry shades, I am really enjoying the NYC liquid lip shine in midtown mulberry. Thanks for these suggestions!

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  21. Very nice selection here! I am currently obsessing over my NYX Butter Glosses. There is a nice shade selection and such a perfect, long lasting, finish to them. If you havent tried them yet, you are missing out!
    Please do a review of some Philosophy products on your express channel if possible please, I do not know much about the brand but always hear positive things!

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  24. FLIRT! Big Squeeze Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Berry Hug caught my attention! Thanks for the review.

  25. Hi Emily, after watching your video on your Top 10 Fall Lipsticks I went out and bought the Sonia Kashuk Luxe Sheer in Sheer Plum. I LOVE it!! It's so beautiful, almost an exact dupe for my NARS Lipstick in Damage but a little more opaque. I can wait to try more colors and get my hands on the lip glosses! Thanks!

  26. All those lip colors look beautiful on you! I keep buying new shades (based on your reviews and photos) but I always feel my lips are shouting "here comes Grace's lips the rest of her will be here shortly!"

  27. As always Emily creates awesome reviews and tutorials... I've discovered so many awesome products from beauty broadcast! A++++++

    I have created my own blog,... Please follow me!

  28. Just got the Revlon Rosepearl lip gloss today. What a perfect shade. I am pretty sure that NYX Copper Penny & maybe Bare Mineral's Pomegranate will be coming home with me soon!

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