Eye of the Day Featuring Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Hi everyone!!
Hope your week is off to a good start! It's good to be back here on the blog... I've had a few days away due to my travels last week to QVC for the Customer Choice Beauty Awards! (I'm planning to do more on that soon- it was amazing!!) Anyway, today's review on Beauty Broadcast Express is all about the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. Check it out, if you haven't already! 
That video was purely a review, so I didn't get into the eye look I was wearing... instead I figured I'd save that for the blog! :)  It was not a very dramatic or bright look at all (which this palette is definitely capable of)- but I still wanted to show it since it made me think "fall". 
By the way- my lip color is the new NYX Butter Lip Balm in Ladyfingers (review pending!), and my blush is the Ioni blush in Ecstasy (I find that line at Fred's Super Dollar). My foundation is Cover Girl's Stay Fabulous 3 in 1. 
(Click picture to enlarge)
1. First I applied a primer all over my lids, and then used Dope (a shimmery peach champagne) around my inner corner. This is also my highlight under the brow.
2. I used Radar (shimmery bronzy-brown) all over the lid and into the crease
3. I blended Toxic (shimmery rose gold) just above the crease, on the border of the brown
4. I smudged Lovesick (black sparkle) on the outer part of the lower lashline
5. I also added Ambush (brown shimmer) on the rest of the lower lashline
I finished the look by lining my upper & lower inner rims, as well as my upper lashline with a black pencil. Then I used L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara (see review here) on my upper and lower lashes. 
 What do you think of Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette? Any favorite shades? I'm partial to the neutrals, as well as the greens. Damaged is a pretty deep emerald and Stash is a gorgeous golden olive shade. Overall though- compared to other holiday palettes I've been checking out- I don't think this is my favorite. Stay tuned for more reviews! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I'm making tacos tonight!
  • Had to run an errand this afternoon & Cupcake was already sitting in my computer chair. Therefore, she officially supervised my video upload while I was gone ;)
  • I'm getting a root canal in a couple weeks. Not excited about it, but not really dreading it (they tell me I won't feel a thing!)
  • Saw an amazing bumper sticker today that simply said "Cattitude". Was about to pull my phone out to take a picture when I realized someone was in the car. (I try not to share too many of my crazy cat lady tendencies in public :) 
  • Speaking of cats... it's Cat Week on Ellen!


  1. I love this look! I am hoping to get the UD palette for Christmas if it doesn't sell out! its fabulous!

  2. I got the original vice last year because I thought the colors were so pretty but I find that I rarely use it! Vice 2 looks equally pretty but I think I will pass since I probably wouldn't get much use out of it!


  3. I really love all the shades. And it's this time of year where most people will use the fun colors. I know I do. >> Then again, I use fun colors all year round in some way. xD Still on the fence about getting it though because I'm more interested in the Tarte sets. Now those are BE-YOU-TI-FUL! :D

  4. Great video and blog post, Emily! I have the Vice 2 and I LOVE it, but I do agree that maybe it's not for everyone. The quality of the shadows is great, though, and I've had a lot of fun playing around with it already. I'm envisioning some really fun holiday looks with it here in a month or two! :)

  5. I'm obsessed with this palette! I purchased it once I saw it on the Sephora site :)


  6. I want to buy this so bad! I really don't need it, but I'll probably put it on the Christmas list anyway :) Great look Emily!

  7. Love the eye look! It really suits you - a great natural look that still lends some definition and interest to the eye area!

  8. I love this palette and your eye makeup looks stunning here! :)

  9. I really love the colors of this palette! I wish I could try it out, lol


  10. stash is my absolute favorite! i have like 3 stash eye liners because in my head i thought i was running out of it lol and defnitely was not.

  11. I was wondering if you know any dupes for the shade shellshock? That is my favorite color from that palette but I don't want to buy the whole thing.

  12. I had tacos tonight too! After a long day at work, my bf made them for me! :D
    Really like the palette but with so many other palettes that I own, I think I am passing on this one

  13. I may have already told you this--maybe a comment on a video--can't remember. Anyway, I went to Fred's and got that blush after seeing your review. I love it!!!
    Thanks for the tip!

  14. This is pretty but i just gave to many eyeshadows

  15. I saw this when we were at Ulta on Saturday and LOVED it! I don't love the prices but I might see if I can get it on Ebay but such a beautiful look!

    1. IMHO , Ebay will only be more expensive than sephora/ulta/urban decay prices. often times they take even limited edition makeup pal;ettes and dupe them by making tyhem in china and selling them. Just think , how is someone able to give you a brand new product at a price less than the sale price > Yes , some buy during friends and family events etc and then make a priofit on ebay but just google " fake make up amazon/ebay ". you will be surprised to read articles and info . I got duped by a smashbox palette once, that was limited edition . Just a word of caution by another make up lover. currently Ulta is giving 20 percent off till nov 1st on all products and sephora wil be doing their beauty insider 15 off 50 soon per musingsofamuse's blog . good luck .

  16. Gorgeous look! Right on trend, and perfect for fall :) ughh I need this palette!

    Maha Maven
    Maha Maven Youtube

  17. Beautiful Makeup Em as always :)

  18. Awesome Look! Right on trend, and perfect for fall :) ughh I need this palette! thanks for share this post.
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  19. Pretty! This palette is gorgeous


  20. Don't worry about that root canal. My son had to have one at 14 (he's 17 now) and it went really well. He's not the most pain tolerant person but he didn't complain once. As long as you've got a well-recommended endodontist, you'll be just fine (21st century pain medicine does wonders!)

  21. I got an emergency root canal in middle school and it was awful!! I had to go in for 3 separate appointments... awful! Anyway, my mom had one recently and it was no big deal at all! Didn't seem like it was any worse than going and getting a cavity filled. Good luck :)

  22. You are hilarious and I want to be just like you when I grow up (I'm 28. haha!)! I'm going to be the crazy cat lady for sure!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  25. Love the fall look! Excited to try similar ones :)


  26. Beautiful look, I'll have to try it. I don't have many occasions to wear a lot of these shadows but I love them. I absolutely love the L'Oreal Butterfly mascara.

  27. Beautiful look, I'll have to try it. I don't have many occasions to wear a lot of these shadows but I love them. I absolutely love the L'Oreal Butterfly mascara.

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