Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jewel-Toned Eyeshadows for Fall!

Hello friends!
This time of year I love working jewel-tones into my eye looks. I think it's a way to incorporate color that's deep and rich, not necessarily over-the-top and wild. I looked through my collection for some of the palettes that I thought did a nice job of working-in beautiful tones like amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald, amber... and the list goes on! So here are the palettes and swatches, and keep in mind- you can click the pictures to enlarge them. 
Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye - Eye Couture Shadow Palette ($19.99, Target)
Sonia Kashuk has some great 12-color eye palettes, and this limited edition Jewel of an Eye kit is no exception! Big thanks to my girl KristinGehm for sending this to me! I think SK does an awesome job with her shimmery shadows. Not that I don't like Eye on Neutral matte, but I think the buttery feel of this palette and Eye on Neutral shimmer is above and beyond a LOT of the shadows out there (drugstore and high end!) I especially love the purples and coppery/red shades in this palette, but I think all of the colors have equally nice texture. It doesn't take a lot to get the intensity you want on your eyes, and they're so easy to blend. I know it's a fall release, but shades like this can really be beautiful year-round! One small complaint is that there's no light neutral shade that's light enough to be used as a highlight on my skin. And of course, if you want any matte shades, you'll have to bring in something else. 
Maybelline Eye Studio Autumn Dream Quad ($7, Drug/Discount Stores)
LOVE this quad! In fact, I have a tutorial coming this Friday that I'm SO excited about using this! I realize it's limited edition so it may be hard to come by, but if you can round-up some similar shades, you can totally get the look. Anyway- I love the color combos in here. The purple is SO gorgeous, as well as the jade green. The navy doesn't show up super blue on my eyes, but it's great to have that deep color to create shadows/contrast. I find the lightest shade to be extremely shimmery, but it's fun to layer with the other colors to achieve different looks. There's nothing matte in this quad, but in my tutorial you'll see how I use this (and only this) to create a pretty fun look! 
Cover Girl Queen Collection Quad in Brass n Sass ($5, Drug/Discount Stores)
If your drugstore has the Cover Girl Queen collection and you haven't tried the eyeshadows... what are you waiting for?! It doesn't matter what your skin tone is- these shadows have very impressive pigmentation (thanks to my friend David for giving me the heads up on that!) The deep blue is just stunning and the bit of shimmer really makes the color pop. The other shades have more of a satin finish. They're all so smooth and really apply nicely. I believe there are some nice singles in the Queen line as well! 
Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette ($12.95, CoastalScents.com)
Here's another palette that I'm busting out for fall! This kit contains 12 Hot Pots, which are the same size as MAC eyeshadows. I love the selection of neutrals, as well as a few fun pops of color in the middle row. You get a really nice quality matte cream color in the top left, and the black in the lower corner has a bit of sparkle if you look closely, but it's never detectable on the eyes. That cranberry shade on the bottom row is just the bomb. Another fun palette of this size from Coastal Scents is the Forever Natural palette, and the GO Palettes (especially the ones in Moscow and London) contain some beautiful jewel tones as well! And if you want to test absolutely every Hot Pot that Coastal Scents makes, get the 252 Ultimate palette... there's actually map showing how each shade corresponds to the Hot Pots that are sold individually- so if you fall in love with a particular color, you can get a backup! So cool!

Do you like wearing jewel-toned eyeshadows? Any favorite palettes or singles that I should know about? Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Tomorrow's blog will be on the Ladies' Home Journal Gloss Daily site! It'll pertain to another aspect of updating your makeup routine for fall :) 
  • I'm drinking out of my squirrel mug and loving it. 
  • Got a Glade candle in the Toasted Marshmallow scent. It's nice and seems to be putting out *some* scent, but not near as much as the Bath & Body Works or Better Homes & Gardens candles do. 
  • Gonna do my mini-trampoline workout tonight. I love that thing!


  1. All of these palettes are so gorgeous. Perfect for fall. I absolutely love the Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye palette! May have to pick that one up when I go to Target later!


  2. Love the look of these palettes! Im currently loving MAC coppering and cranberry for this autumn!


  3. We can't get those Maybelline quads here in the UK but might try the Coastal Scents one..


  4. Emily, I have the costal scents 252 palette and I just love it. Great range of shades and finishes, and it's nice to have unusual colors I don't use very often all in one place. AND it saves me a bunch of money buying a ton of smaller palettes for one or two shades! I have to say, that sonia kashuk is looking pretty tempting though...

  5. That Coastal Scents palette looks so beautiful!


  6. Emily, I have the Coastal Scents 252 palette! I love it!! When I went and spent a month w/ my daughter this summer this is the only palette I brought because it has any color you would ever need!!!

  7. I cant wait to see the maybelline quad tutorial. I have it but havent used it yet.

  8. I really like these colors but I feel like they take more work than I have time for during the work week. Maybe a fast and easy yet stunning look for us early riser-headed out the door work women please? I know you can make it happen emily!!

  9. I have been following you for a while on YouTube now but I have yet to comment! I absolutely love the jewel toned colors you chose...and especially that maybelline palette! I got two of their fall quads...."Copper Chic" has been my favorite so far but I must go out and get this one too!!! Can't wait to see the video you do for this!!! xoxox


  10. i love jewel tones! i always wear them on my nails but i havent really gone into the eyeshadows yet. i have my eye on the SK one!


  11. I love the purple shade the most. I think it would suit your brown eyes very much. Would love to see a video on it.

  12. Love the jewel tones! I have yet to learn how to make them work for me in my everyday life, but they are really beautiful!

  13. I can't wait for the tutorial using the Maybelline quad! After seeing you wear it in an earlier video I had to go out and get it, but I have no idea what to do with it :) Thank you for such thoughtful posts and videos. You're great!

  14. I couldn't agree more! I also ♥ jewel tones during fall/winter time...especially in my wardrobe. This year, thanks in part to your videos, I'm inspired to do my make-up more...I can't believe it's taken me this long to develop a love affair with make-up...whereas before it felt like a chore and would only do very VERY natural looks.
    Thanks for sharing your passion with us!

  15. My favorite Jewel toned palette is by Sleek Makeup. I got it off Amazon.com. It's the Candy collection! It's PERFECT! Has both mattes & shimmer!

  16. I really want that Maybelline quad..... Ugh payday come quick! A eyeshadow color I love for fall is Milani's baked eyeshadow in I heart U, it's a red Burgundy color that is awesome wet. Plus the billion emerald and olive green shades I have.

  17. That Sonia Kashuk palette looks phenomenal!
    Why can't we get things like that in Europe?


  18. Stop making me buy more makeup!! lol!!
    PS: Loooove your videos!! :D

  19. Emily! Thanks for reminding me about my fall festive palette! I will be digging through my collection this weekend to find it :)

  20. Gorgeous, all these shades are right up my alley, for sure :-)

  21. I want the Maybelline quad and the Costal Scents palette (:

  22. Elf has a new jewel toned palette. It's the one called Studio Prism Eyeshadow. I haven't tried the jewel toned one but I have tried the sunset palette. I like it but all of the shadows are shimmery to the extreme. If you pick up the jewel toned one I'd love for you to give a review on it!


  23. LOVE the Autumn Dream palette. Just got it yesterday and so excited to try it. Great ideas as usual!


  24. Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but wanted to let you know that the new theBalm shadyLady Special Edition palette on Hautelook is entirely re-promotes from previous shadyLady palettes. There are no new shades; this is just a new configuration pulling all the neutrals from the previous three into a single palette.

    Re-promotes from Volume 1:
    -Luscious Lani
    -Shameless Shana
    -Caught In The Act Courtney
    Re-promotes from Volume 2:
    -Caught In the Act Courtney
    -Feisty Felicia
    -Insane Jane
    -Just This Once Jamie
    -Devilish Danielle
    -Mischievous Marissa
    Re-promotes from Volume 3:
    -Envious Erin

  25. The Coastal Scents line hasn't crossed my mind for over a year. It was all people were talking about for awhile, and I forgot how beautiful the pallets are. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, Emily!


  26. I'd love to see a tutorial on how to incorporate jewel tones! I'm stuck in a neutral rut and I want to branch out but I always feel "clowny" when I try these kinds of colors. It would be awesome to see a blog or video on how you pair shadow colors. Thank you for such a great blog!!!

  27. Could you do a tutorial on using jewel-toned eye shadows? I pretty much only use neutral colors... =/

  28. I want to try sonia k. Makeup but i just think is really overprice for a drugstore brand. But those pallets maybe are worth a shot. Thanks for the review

  29. The NYX Love in Paris palette in "Mon Cherie" has a nice mix of jewel and neutral tones. It has a plum, an indigo/sapphire, an antique gold and a deep emerald green along with a warm brown, a matte chocolate, a warm bronze, a light taupe and a champagne. You can use the jewel tones as accents or liners if you're worried about "too much" color or blend out strong looks with the neutrals in the palette.

  30. Could you do a 2016 update for this? I'm looking for palettes with jewel toned eyeshadows but can't find a few of these particular palettes online or in store anymore. Thanks!