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Hi everyone!
Happy Friday to you! Earlier this week, I did a review on Beauty Broadcast Express about the new Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks. From the four that I tried, I wasn't too impressed with their color payoff. Some weren't even that great applied on top of a primer. Here's that video- in case you missed it and want to learn more! 
 The Revlon ShadowLinks sell for $2.99 each (I got mine from Walgreens), and I had mentioned that the Sally Girl Eyeshadows from Sally Beauty Supply are .99 apiece (.94 if you have the  Beauty Club Card), so many of you asked for some more details on those. You can check them out on the Sally Beauty Supply website, and there is a pretty vast shade selection... 48 shades to be exact! I haven't loved every shade I've tried, but as a whole, they seem to perform much better than the Revlon Shadow links... a pleasant surprise since they're a third of the price! One thing to note- these are just a tad bit smaller than Revlon's... the Revlon singles are .05 oz, and Sally's are .04 oz. 

Here are the shades I have, and they interlock in the very same way that Revlon's do. For the purpose of this post, I divided my shadows into light, medium, and deep color categories. You may notice that some of these shadows have a wavy imprint... those are the ones that I've purchased more recently. I picked up a couple that were the same as older shades so I could compare and see if the formula had changed. As far as feel and application, they seem to be exactly the same, and you're not getting any less (or more) product because of the imprint.
Left to right: Snow, Champagne, Beige, Cinnamon, Copper 
  • Loves: Champagne (perfect shimmery highlight), Beige (matte creamy shade), Cinnamon (Rose Gold)... these shades are buttery smooth and so nicely pigmented
  • Likes: Copper. This shade is nicely pigmented, but I think I'd wear it more if it were a deeper rust color. Not a bad one, just personal preference.
  • Dislikes: Snow (shimmery white)- much less smooth & rich compared to Champagne.

Left to right: Lilac, Rose, Cranberry, Brick, Espresso 
  • Loves: Cranberry (berry shimmer), Brick (rust shimmer). These shades are gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful and they have a fabulously creamy texture. 
  • Likes: Lilac (matte lilac with sparkle). Another personal preference thing. It's a good quality shade, but I've had it for awhile and just haven't used it much.
  • Dislikes: Rose (light shimmery pink) and Espresso (shimmery brown-ish taupe). These shades just seem like a totally different texture than the other shimmers. Not sure what they deal is, but the color payoff isn't very good. 

 Left to right: Olive, Eggplant, Navy, Onyx
  • Loves: Navy (deep blue with sparkle) - great saturated color, really nice.
  • Likes: Olive (golden army green), Eggplant (deep purple). Olive and Eggplant are both pretty shades, but I wish they had a little more richness. 
  • Dislikes: Onyx (matte dark grey)- This range of eyeshadows doesn't have a ton of super dark shades, so I really wished Onyx would turn out to be a rich black... instead it's a standard grey. 
I would've done a review video on these, but I have so many different colors, I thought a blog post would just be easier. These shades were all swatched without a primer. What's interesting is that even the shades that I "dislike" out of this bunch are better than several of the Revlon ShadowLinks that I used. I would highly recommend my "loves" though! :) I think it's great to see that you can round-up some good quality shadows for a really low price! Have you experimented with the Sally Girl shadows yet? What do you think about them? 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Big storms last night in our area meant trick-or-treating was cancelled. I think it's happening tonight instead.
  • I'm very excited about a video coming to my main channel tomorrow-- if you've ever wanted a full-coverage face routine that still looks radiant and is 100% drugstore... I have a solution to offer!
  • Meanwhile- today's Express review is by Tyler- and it's on Downy Unstopables. You just never know with that guy!
  • HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! And don't forget to turn your clocks back on Saturday night! 


  1. I have olive, auburn, and chocolate. I wasn't expecting much but they are nice. I am not a fan of revlon eyeshadows but I do love the lipsticks.could you review the jesses girl eyeshadow pallete. thank you

  2. I might have to check these out next time I'm at Sally's. I've heard that the Revlon ones aren't that impressive, but these look like a good alternative. Thanks for sharing Emily!

  3. they seem to be better than the revlon :)

  4. I will definitely go check these out!! Love Olive, Cranberry, Brick, Champagne, Beige, Cinnamon :) Plus for .99, I think the price is awesome! :D Thanks Em, great post!

    1. I have used the Sally Girl Olive for years. Now can't find it. Hard to find matte. Old ladies don't need sparkle in their eye creases!!!

  5. Definitely, probably, going to pick some of these up this weekend...

  6. These are such great value. Thanks for sharing Em! Happy Friday to you, too :D

  7. So glad you did this review because today I was looking for a review on these products after I watched your revlon review. Thank you :))

  8. I just bought some of these today! I'm excited to try these out tomorrow! As always, great review!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I really like champagne, but I haven't tried the others you love yet. Emily, you are the most thorough with your reviews of most bloggers out there & you are by far my favorite youtuber! Thanks again for your thoroughness! :)

  11. I have only one color of these & it's "Purple Passion" which is a medium lilac shade with subtle shimmer. (It has that wavy texture) I picked it up solely because I needed a lilac shade for a particular makeup look for a client. However, the color payoff is terrible...even over a primer. It's flaky & I didn't like it at all, which is why I never purchased any other shades. But now, seeing this post I realize that not all of the shadows are like this. Great info! Now I can save a few bucks and try to get some unique shades I don't have in my collection! :)

  12. Thank you thank you thank you Tyler for the laundry recommendation. I went out and bought some Sunday and haven't stopped smelling my clothing since. So refreshing. I have a recommendation for you guys. My favorite product of all time is Dr. Teal's Eucalyptus Spearming Body Wash. Great for days when you feel a little stuffy.

  13. Wow -- I've seen these at Sally's before but never knew they linked together! They should advertise that feature. I've also heard from "Nouveau Cheap" that the Brick color is very close to being a dupe for a MAC shade (I'm recalling this from several months ago, so I might be off a tad).

  14. I totally need to check these out now!! How's the staying power on the lashes? I don't have oily skin but I notice some cheaper brands have eyeshadow that fade out as the day wears on

  15. I am a big fan of Salley's, but have never tried the shadows, but I have a beauty card, will check them out week after next, thanks E, you do an Awesome job of informing me of things to try, and I also am a big fan of IT COSMETICS, the lip sticks, again thank you so much..... ~Lhill

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