Tarte "Clutch the Spirit" Maracuja Lip Gloss Set

Hi everyone!
The reviews continue on 2013 holiday collections! I wanted to share my thoughts on this set from Tarte (which was sent to me for review)-  it's called "Clutch the Spirit" and includes 8 mini Maracuja lip glosses, as well as a little clutch. It's available for $32 at Ulta
 Perfect for the LSU fan in your life! :) I think the purple and gold clutch is pretty cute and I love the gold bow accent on the top. Yes- it can hold all of the lip glosses, but I would totally put this clutch to use in everyday life for a night out or something. It could easily accommodate a cell phone and a few makeup items, money, etc. 
Here's a look at the glosses and their swatches (shown in the same order as the glosses themselves). From left to right:
  • Spirit - Light pink with a hint of shimmer
  • Laugh - Creamy peachy nude
  • Vixen - Creamy reddish coral
  • Play - True pink with shimmer
  • Dash - Hot pink with shimmer
  • Dance - Creamy red
  • Sing - Sheer red with gold shimmer
  • Star - Sheer brick red with a hint of shimmer 

I've made note of the shades that contain shimmer, but you really can't see the shimmer once the glosses are applied on the lips. These Maracuja glosses have a very minty scent and cooling feel on the lips. They are a little bit sticky- but I do feel like it enhances the staying power and I don't find it to be overly thick or annoying. Something I like about these glosses is that they can wear for several hours while keeping the same "look" on your lips that they had upon application. Since glosses are more liquidy than a lipstick, it's easy to mess up the look on your lips when you press them together, talk, drink... whatever. But these maintain the same smooth look on the lips.
Top row: Spirit, Laugh, Vixen, Play
Bottom row: Dash, Dance, Sing, Star

As far as the color payoff on the lips- I find these glosses to be rather buildable. You can add a little more product to get more color... however you only want to go so far with that idea when you're dealing with a gloss that's kind of sticky. If you have really naturally pigmented lips (I don't), you might struggle getting the true color of these glosses to show, especially with the lighter shades which can be a bit sheer. The whole collection seems to be very pink and red-focused. If you're a big fan of more neutral/bronze shades or deep berry/purple colors- you're out of luck with this kit. Also, I feel like some of these shades- while pretty- are very close to one another. For example- Vixen, Dance, and Sing are some of my favorites of the collection... but they all look so much alike! Spirit and Laugh (the two lightest shades) are also very similar. 

Bottom Line: While I think the glosses have a beautiful shine and a formula that wears well, I would've liked to see more color variety in this kit. I think it could still be a fun kit for a lip gloss lover- but looking at the big picture- I prefer Tarte's Pure Delights Lipsurgence set (they are SO comfortable on the lips and you get both matte and shiny finishes). Also- something to keep in mind-- the Tarte of Giving set (which I featured in this FOTD post), includes 8 of these Maracuja glosses... along with an eyeshadow palette and a bunch of other products. Obviously it costs more than this kit- but from a value standpoint- you're getting a lot for your money. Thanks for reading this post- I hope it was helpful! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Tomorrow is Friday! 
  • Better Homes & Gardens winter candles are out in Wal-Mart. If you need a new one-- I recommend Frosted Almond Biscotti. Yummy scent that can really perk up a room.
  • Shot a new Get Ready with Me video this morning before Beauty Broadcast Live! It'll be the next video on my main channel-- will go up either tomorrow or Saturday. 
  • Time for a mini trampoline workout. Talk to ya later! :) 


  1. I love that this is in a clutch - so handy! And the shades look really really pretty as well.

  2. you look extra beautiful today Emily! Thanks for posting this, they look really lovely! Perfect for Christmas stockings :)

  3. These are so beautiful and look so pigmented! They look perfect for a gift. Great post, Emily!


  4. they look amazing! I might buy this for my friend... or myself!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  5. These are gorgeous, and I'm definitely loving the purple & gold clutch. Geaux Tigers! :)

  6. I got the Gorgeous Getaways set from Ulta and it came with three of these glosses and I really enjoy them. I am a huge fan of the minty, cooling glosses. =]

  7. I prefer Tarte's Pure Delights Lipsurgence set too

  8. Did you see the new Tarte holiday set on sale on Sephora? $450 value for $59!!! It was too good to pass up, ordered mine yesterday. Has a LE amazonian clay blush in it. Check me out! xoxo

  9. I'm an LSU grad - thanks for the shoutout! Even thought a lot of these shades are similar, I haven't tried them yet, so this might be a good time to...I really like how they look on your lips. Thanks for the great review!

  10. TELL me you have a tutorial on this look..just to perfect!

  11. Very nice idea for christmas gifts!! :)

  12. Please tell me more about that scarf! Not to negate the great review and the quality images, but that scarf has certainly captured my imagination...

  13. I love these Maracuja glosses!!! I purchased the holiday set from Sephora, and I love the glosses so much I am going to purchase the set of 15 on QVC right now! You get 15 glosses for $35 or so. In that set there is a perfect mix of nudes, pinks, corals and darker shades. Since they are mini sizes, I should be able to go through all of them which is rare in a lip product...especially for me!!

  14. Where did you get that scarf? I love houndstooth!

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