Sephora Color Wand Lipgloss Trio

Hi everyone! 
Happy New Year! I hope you're having a great day! It's great to be back on the blog after a brief Christmas break :) I wanted to share some details on one of the gifts I got for Christmas-- it's the limited edition Sephora Color Wand Lipgloss Trio. I showed it in my Christmas/Birthday Beauty Haul if you want to check that out! This set is $16 on Sephora's website, and after hearing some good things about the Sephora brand glosses, I thought this might be a good kit to check out. 
The set consists of three separate wands, and each contain four different gloss colors. There's a nude wand, a pink wand, and a red wand. They all smell like grapefruit and have a slightly sweet taste. The formula isn't sticky at all... it applies evenly and is very comfortable on the lips. It's not so thin that you're worried about it sliding off or getting messy.
You just twist the wand above whatever color you want to use, and apply it with the doe foot applicator. As you can see, you're not getting a large amount of each gloss, but if you're just wanting to sample different shades and don't find yourself burning through lip glosses very quickly, I think this is a good way to go. I like the way they're separated into three different color families, allowing you to easily eyeball different color combinations, or adjust your look as the day goes on without toting lots of separate glosses with you. I think it's a great travel option as well- giving you lots of lip gloss variety without taking up much space. 
My bare lips
Now the fun part- all the different colors! Some of these glosses are rather sheer, so I wanted to show you what my natural lip color looks like, so you can see how much of that ends up showing through underneath certain shades. There aren't names for each individual shade, or at least they're not pointed out on the tubes or packaging, so I'll just try to briefly describe them as best I can. I'm not positive if these correspond with existing Sephora Lipgloss shades, but if you fell in love with a certain one, I'm sure you could take your wand into Sephora and try to find a color match.  

(Click on any of these pictures to enlarge them)
Nude Wand
Creamy pink, creamy nude, iridescent pearly pink, sparkly rose gold
Overall, this wand surprised me. I figured if any of the wands contained sheer, barely-there shades, this would be the one. But the first two creamy colors are actually kind of buildable, and I was pleased with the way they came off on the lips. I figured the third shade would be clear, but it actually shows up as an icy, iridescent pink-- very pretty! And I love the last shade in this wand... it has a gorgeous rose gold shimmer. One thing to be aware of with the sparkly shades-- sometimes the shine wears off before the glitter does, so for the best possible look, be prepared to re-apply.
Pink Wand
Sheer light pink, sheer pink shimmer, creamy pearly pink, sparkly hot pink
This was the most disappointing wand of the bunch. I thought the first three shades were SO sheer. They still had nice shine, but I just felt like i was seeing my natural lip color through those a lot. The third shade gives more of a pinky tint, and the last shade has the most color payoff-- it's really pretty. I'll probably use the first three shades as layering glosses- on top of tinted lip balms or lipsticks, since they don't supply much color on their own.
Red Wand
Sparkly coral, creamy red, shimmery berry, sparkly mauve
I'm loving the red wand! These shades are so pretty. Even the ones that I point out as sparkly (on any of these wands) don't have a heavy glittery look on the lips... they just have a little extra shimmer. I think this wand is so wearable- giving you a softer red lip compared to an actual red lipstick. I love the creamy red shade, and the shimmery berry appears a little deeper in person than it does in the picture. These shades definitely give you a "classic glamour" look. 

I tend to be a fan of really full-color glosses. I love it when the color shows up on my lips the same way it appears in the tube. Many of these glosses are more on the sheer side, but I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful they come off on the lips. I really enjoy the red and nude wands, and even though the pink wand contained especially sheer colors, I'll still get use out of it. The more I use these, the more I love their citrus/grapefruit scent, and the feel is soooo not annoying. Gotta love a non-sticky, yet non-greasy gloss! One little disclaimer-- since there are some sheer shades, you might end up with a different look if you have very naturally pigmented lips. 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fun & safe celebration last night! :) 
  • We stayed in, played Scrabble and watched TV in our pajamas. I still feel a little worn out from Christmas and all the traveling so it was nice to relax.
  • Cupcake has been basking in the sunbeams this morning & loving life.
  • I love jalapeno poppers.


  1. Emily, the colors are so pretty~~! I like the red wand the best.

    It would mean so much to me if you checked out my blog.

  2. What do you use to wipe off color in between shots without drying out your lips?

  3. These look amazing, really great colours and you suit them all!! I really wish we had Sephora here in Newcastle.

    Linzylabellevie x

  4. Thats a really great idea to stack lip glosses like that. Great for on the go and when you are travelling but want some variety! It kind of reminds me of those highlighters or pencils with the same sort of mechanism. I am not a huge fan of lip gloss but it would be amazing if they had one for lipsticks! The colours are great as well!


  5. j'adore creamy red et shimery berry ils sont superbes, mais il y a aussi de très beaux nudes je trouve

  6. Pretty colors. And I like the packaging. Getting so much goo on the wand would bug me, but I love all things Sephora, so it's okay.

    Happy New Year to you!

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  7. Love the red wand! I would definitely be checking this out, it seems to me like this set would be perfect for someone like me!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  8. These glosses seem amazing! You should try the Sephora brand blushes! They are pigmented and long lasting! :) I also love the Sephora 12 hr liquid liner. I feel like not many people mention the Sephora brand.

    Happy New Year! :)

  9. Hi Emily! I love jalapeno poppers too! This was the first year I went to a real new year's eve party and danced until 3 feet are paying for it!! Definitely getting the new year off to a good start when I saw a new blog post from you!

  10. Not my favorite lip glosses due to the very sheer and shimmer look :/

  11. Happy New Year Emily ! xoxo from France =)

  12. Awesome post! Thank you :) i would love to go try these out now xx

  13. Happy New Year Emily! I love everything you do and appreciate you! I came across these on Pinterest and you immediately came to mind:

  14. Your blog and channel are my favorite. So informational and I know I can trust your reviews. You've created a great brand and I aspire to follow in your footsteps.

  15. Very pretty, and the reds really do look great on you!

  16. Great post Emily! I had never given a thought to these glosses, but I might have to checkout some of their nudes! Hope you and your family had a nice New Year!

  17. How is it that every color looks good on you and I have a devil of a time finding one that I think looks good on me? lol

  18. How is it that every color looks good on you and I have a devil of a time finding one that I think looks good on me? lol

  19. You have probably already tried out the Mary Kay lip gloss, but if not you should totally give them a go.... They are super pigmented and they have mediocre staying power, you know... for a gloss.... They can be somewhat sticky feeling, but not to the point of being annoying.... lol......... hope you have a glorious week!! and I can't wait for BBE and all your reviews this week !!! <3 .............. Jodie Forbus :)

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