Sigma Enlight Collection Review

Hi everyone!
Hope you had a great weekend! Settle in for a long blog post... this is all about the Sigma Enlight collection! It launched last month on, and I've finally used these products enough to do an all-encompassing review of the collection. These products are all about neutrals, and everything in it is new- even the brushes! A little disclaimer to kick things off: This collection was sent to me by Sigma for review. I'm a Sigma Affiliate, so any links in this post will be my affiliate links. I was not paid to create this blog post and these are my own, honest opinions. 
This is how the products arrived- and for $165, you can actually buy the entire collection at Sigma's website. While I think that's a cool option, I don't love each and every part of this kit. Therefore, I also like the fact that every product in the kit can be purchased individually as well. In this post I'll review the eyeshadow palette, 3 glosses, 3 brushes, 3 blushes, 3 eyeliners, and 3 eyeshadow bases. Let's dig in!  
Left to right: Cream bases in Awake, Neutralize, Composed
Sigma introduced 3 new cream eyeshadows with the Enlight collection- there's a pearly pink called Awake, a peach called Neutralize, and a medium brown called Composed. These bases are $13 each, and I'm definitely a fan of the consistency. They're smooth, pigmented, and just very easy to spread across the lids. These don't "set" to a point where they're completely smudge-proof... reinforcing the fact that these are bases for powder shadows, not necessarily something you'd want to wear alone on your lids- particularly if you have oily lids that are prone to creasing. I definitely love the Awake shade. It's a sheer pinky-toned color that's really pretty and brightening around the inner corner and as a base all over the lid. I don't own anything quite like it. While the other shades also have really nice color payoff, I just don't see myself reaching for them often. I'm more likely to use a peachy shade in a powder shadow form to blend something out, and the brown isn't anything too crazy different from other browns that I already own. 

Top row: Oyster Sand*, Sugar Milk, Mild Mannered, Dove*
Middle row: Fawn, Cinnamon*, Russet*, Balanced
Bottom row: Cozy*, Innocent*, Optimistic, Warm Stone
*= my favorite shades

The Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow palette ($39, includes 16 neutral eyeshadows and comes in a palette that's roughly the size of one and a half iPhones-- so it's definitely not over-sized, and it comes with a mirror. I've always been pleased with the quality of Sigma's eyeshadows, and this palette is no exception. The shadows are creamy in texture (comparable to LORAC, in my opinion), and blending is a breeze. Four shades are totally matte, and the others range from satin to metallic finishes. The lightest 2 shades aren't showing up well in the swatches (Sugar Milk is really the exact color of my skin), but they come off nicely on the eyes. I love the shade selection, and the balance between deep, mid-tone, and light shades. (I've marked my favorites above with an asterisk*). 

Any time I talk about a palette, I get asked how it compares to a number of other palettes. If you already own the LORAC Pro, this might not be a necessary palette for you. I think the mauve, brown, and taupe shades in LORAC Pro can give you a very similar look to what this palette gives. This palette has a gorgeous deep burgundy, and LORAC Pro has a dark plum, and this palette also has a warm pink... so there are differences, but if you're really trying to minimize your makeup purchases, I think the LORAC pro can give you the kind of looks this palette can and more.

Left to right: Eyeliners in Nutmeg, Vintage, Eclipse
There are 3 Eye Liner Pencils in Sigma's Enlight Collection. The shades Nutmeg (brown shimmer), Vintage (matte brown), and Eclipse (black), sell for $9 each. These liners go on easily with full color. However, they are not the same as Sigma's Extended Wear liners which set to a smudge-proof state. These don't last long in my waterline, and are prone to smudging/fading when worn elsewhere on the eyes. The shades aren't super unique, so I don't see these as an essential part of the collection by any means. 

Top to bottom: E52 Soft Focus Shader, E54 Medium Sweeper, E34 Domed Utility
I'm loving the three new brushes that have been introduced with the Enlight Collection. They are the E52 Soft Focus Shader ($14), the E54 Medium Sweeper ($12), and the E34 Domed Utility ($12). I don't always warm up to new brushes instantly- sometimes I have to use them for awhile to really get comfortable with their uses and decide if they're "must-haves" (I feel like I'm describing what it's like to make friends- LOL!) Seriously though, I think a couple of these brushes have been needed in Sigma's lineup for a LONG time. The E52 is a nice large, flat brush and I've been enjoying that to apply my highlight. It's nice and I really like it, but it's not ground-breaking. 

The other two are total must-haves, in my opinion. The E54 is an AWESOME size for so many things. It's a lot like my Sonia Kashuk small shadow brush, only a little bit more full (you can't really see that from the pic- should've shown another angle). Not only is this little guy great for getting a very controlled shadow application on the lids, but it's awesome for working shadows into the crease. The brush hairs have some flexibility to them, but aren't SO flexible that you can't pack on some color. It's so easy to work with and would be great for someone with small eyes who struggles to get a "neat" application of eyeshadow. The E34 is a terrific little size for building an outer V with your shadow. It fits SO nicely into the crease, and then you can use a more fluffy brush to buff out the edges. I remember early in my YouTube days when I first tried Sigma and had emailed back & forth with the team... I mentioned that I thought the collection needed a smaller-sized crease brush. Now it's here! LOL :) 

 Left to right: Blushes in Mellow, Serene, Peaceful
Time to talk blush! These new blushes sell for $12 each, and there's a matte tan called Mellow, a matte dusty rose called Serene, and a champagne highlight-type color called Peaceful. I think Mellow could practically be used as a contour shade- although it might be a bit warm for some people. Serene is my favorite of the bunch- it's really pigmented and such a classic shade that I think would be gorgeous on anyone- even if you have a deeper tan skintone. I see myself reaching for this one a lot, and I honestly think it would be stunning on fair skin, too (I'm picturing Lady Mary from Downton Abbey wearing that kind of a shade). Peaceful makes a nice highlight, but there's nothing that really sets it apart from other highlights in my collection.   

 Left to right: Glosses in Hint, Tint, and Tranquil
I'm very excited that Sigma is making Lip Gloss, but not super excited about these particular shades. I put each of these on today and took some pictures, but earlier I had a very vibrant lip on from my RuPaul Glamazon kit and these are so sheer that too much of that leftover pink was showing through. But I think my swatches give a pretty good indication of the consistency of these glosses, and I'm also wearing one in the look I'll show below from this past weekend. These cost $10 each, and Hint is a dusty mauve/lilac, Tint is a soft coral, and Tranquil is a dusty rose. Hint is a no-go for me. It gives my already mauve lips a gray-ish look and it doesn't bring any life to the rest of my face. It's just not my color.  The coral color in Tint is too sheer to show up much on my lips at all. I think this color would be awesome if it came off on the lips the way it looks in the tube. Tranquil is my favorite of this trio, because it actually looks how I would expect it to on my lips. I still don't think it's something I'd repurchase. These all have a lot of shine, but compared to other $10 glosses on the market, I don't think these are worth it.

What I'm wearing in this look...
-Blush in Serene
-Lip Gloss in Tranquil
-Shadow base in Awake
-Shadows in Oyster Sand (inner lid), Dove (outer lid), Russet (outer crease), Cinnamon (lightly to blend  out Russet), Sugar Milk (highlight), Warm Stone (lower lashline)
-Eyeliner Pencil in Eclipse

Bottom line: As you've realize if you've read through this whole post, there are some hits & misses for me in Sigma's Enlight Collection. I love the overall concept, but I definitely don't see every single thing as a total must-have. Fortunately each part of the collection can be purchased individually. Here are the products I'd recommend from this collection:
Thanks so much for checking out this post, and I'd love to hear your opinions on the Enlight Collection if you've tried it! Have a great day and I'll see you on the blog again soon! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • After yesterday's snow, now we have some bitterly cold temperatures and wind chills. It seems like everything has shut down- including courthouses and the law firm Tyler works at. So he's been home watching TV and doing laundry (thank you Tyler!!)  It looks like there's more winter weather in the forecast as the week goes on- yikes!
  • New video coming later to my main channel- the topic is new drugstore products!
  • I need to get a workout in today! I've been sitting too much lately.
  • Saw Wolf of Wall Street over the weekend... while this movie is full of debauchery, it also has some hilarious moments as well as some painfully sad/dramatic moments. I really wanted to see this because I love movies that are based on true stories, and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors. I think this was some of his best work!


  1. Great post Emily, we're just about to get this collection in Ireland so it's v handy to see your review first. I reckon I'll pick up the sweeper brush and the warm neutrals palette - because a bajillion of those palettes is never enough.
    Delighted you liked Wolf on Wall St too, I'm heading to a screening with my lad (18) tomorrow as he writes our movie reviews. It's one of the only movies that we've been counting the days to x

  2. All of these products look are beautiful and look really pigmented! I especially love the look you created! :)

  3. I really like the look you created with these :) Some of the eye shadows look gorgeous too :)


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  5. That set is lovely! You get so much for the money! And you look lovely x


  6. As always, your post is informative and fantastic! You're a wonderful guru and the reason for many of my beauty purchases. Because of you, I've happily embraced my beauty addiction, especially for eye shadow palettes. I'm looking forward to the Emily Awards!!!

  7. i like the color of the middle lipgloss, tint! it looks so pretty! xx

  8. I have considered buying this brand of brushes and would love to know more about the different sets that they sell and which would be a dupe for this brand.
    Love your blog and videos. Thanks for all the information

  9. I bought this collection early Dec and I'm so excited to get it! (unfortunately it takes around 3 months to be delivered here in Brazil).
    I really like you review, it shows everything in detail! Thanks!
    I would like to see a video with a tutorial of your favorite look using this pallete.

  10. Love how that palette looks and the Serene blush!

  11. Thanks for the informative review Emily. I'll be making notes about this collection. I'm planning to stock up some Sigma brushes during IMATS.;) see you there and Tyler.;)

  12. Loved reading through this post! Still haven't gotten around to purchasing products from Sigma yet, but when I get the chance I will check them out!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  13. Hey emily are you going to do the emily awards?

    1. She mentioned the Emily Awards last week in a video she was doing on youtube. It's in the works.

  14. Thank you for your honest opinion, Emily. Personally, I'm so over the naked/neutral eyeshadow trend. Do you see any fun color trends coming down the pipe in the next few months?

  15. I love the palette and I'm glad I didn't buy the whole kit cause everyone so far doesn't like all the products.

  16. Jhst bought the palette and hint lipgloss. Wish I would've seen this review before that. Oh well! Emily I love you and love that you are showing me what's new but girl I am going to go CRAZY if you don't post the Emily awards soon.

  17. Thank you for sharing......... And what are the Emily awards everyone keeps talking about..... I'm the new girl... and I'm lost on this topic...LOL

  18. Also, I read that you were having snowy weather, and we actually had snow Flurries today here in Alexander City, Alabama !!!! About a 40 minute drive north of AUBURN......... WAR EAGLE .!!!!!!!!! of course, none of the snow even stuck to the ground, but we all get SO EXCITED to see snow flurries.... hahahaha .....

  19. Love the eyeshadow palette..its got fantastic neutral shades! love warm neutrals for everyday wear!

  20. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is amazing! I love the colours in the palette and I really wish I could get my hands on this. Sorry about the cold wintery weather, here in England we are having horrible weather also but its very Rainy and not that cold. We haven't had any snowing here yet!


  21. Thank you for this review! I was debating fpr a long time if I wanted to buy the whole set or not. Also, just wondering, will you be doing an Emily award for the 2013 ? I love to see those videos :)

  22. I feel as if I'm always a step behind you Emily!!! While I didn't purchase the whole set ($165 was just too much for the pocketbook right now and I didn't feel I needed everything in it, so I was very happy it could be purchased separately), I did purchase the Warm Neutrals palette, the shadow base in "Composed" and 2 extended wear liners in "Downplay", a shimmery rust and "Focus" a green-brown duo-chrome. Excited to receive it! (My eyeshadow collection has gotten a teeny bit out of control though!)

  23. Emily, I have been a long time subscriber to your blog, all your you tube channels plus love joining you on #bblive, I have finally got my new blog started, my you tube channel has been postponed due to me being sick w/ flu! I would be so honored for you to check out and even subscribe to my blog!

  24. Is it bad that I really want that eyeshadow palette, even though I already own Lorac Pro? No? Good. (Something about warm neutrals, you know? I can't get enough of them.)

  25. This collection sure does come beautifully packaged! That Awake cream shadow is totally eye-catching... looks unique, and quite lovely. I'm also drooling over those blushes... yeah, all three of 'em! Thanks for your review, Emily.
    Jess (

  26. I just love all of your posts!! Always so in depth and professional. I love hearing your opinion. I have a blog if you would like to take a look :)

  27. Emily you have inspired me to start my own beauty blog (!! ... I have been watching your YouTube videos and reading your blog for years!!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Really helpful review Emily. You have been one of my favorites from day one, love watching your videos in youtube as well. I am not starting my own blog, thank God to beauty gurus like you who inspire people like me :-) more power!

  30. Wish I could afford this right now. Love your channel xo

  31. Oh my GOODNESS, those cream eye shadows and that palette! Definitely jumped up there on my must have list! Awesome post!

    The Charming Cheshire

  32. Thank you so much for mentioning the smaller crease brush and how it's difficult for people with smaller eyes to neatly apply eyeshadow...
    I myself have fairly small eyes with hooded eyelids, so it took me a while to figure out how to apply eyeshadow, and even now I often feel limited in terms of which "looks" I can pull off (no winged liner for me!) But I've often felt that makeup tools are geared towards people with larger eyes and big eyelids, so again - thanks for thinking of all eye types!

  33. Thankyou so much for this review Emily! I was really debating on whether or not I was gonna buy the entire kit (which I mostly wanted for the eye palette and the bases). But since you said that the eye palette was very similar to the Lorac Pro palette (which I already have), I think I'm gonna have to pass on this collection. You just saved me $165!!!! My hubby will be happy about that, LOL ;-)

  34. Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you know, if you are interested in ALL NATURAL beauty products we have updated our website with all new, natural products. Come take a look!
    -Ben and Brenda Franklin

  35. Sigma Stores are not available in San Diego, California. So I am not too familiar with their products other than their brushes. I know that they will be at IMATS LA, but have you heard if this collection will be sold there? Also, do you recommend this collection for Sigma newbies?

  36. Hi there! Do you have any active Sigma coupon codes?

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