Fast, Easy Pizza!

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I posted a picture of our dinner on Instagram - French bread pizza! Lots of people asked how I made it, so I thought I'd share some details in a blog, and link to the blog where I found the recipe called French Bread Pizza... Done Right! This blogger- What's Cooking with Ruthie- said she'd tried a lot of french bread pizza recipes that result in a soggy crust. Apparently the key is to bake it at a really high temperature, really fast! Thanks for your research, Ruthie! Her post includes some other fun pizza recipes, too! :) 
It's so easy, it's almost embarrassing. To those who asked if I made my own loaf of french bread-- no. Here's what I did...
  • Buy a loaf of French bread
  • Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees
  • I put foil on my pan for easy clean-up
  • Slice loaf in half
  • Spread pizza sauce on each side (I put half of the jar on each)
  • Add toppings (I used green pepper, mushrooms, black olives, and Tyler's side had turkey pepperoni)
  • Top with cheese
  • Bake for 5 to 7 minutes

Then I just sliced up the pizza, which is all hot and melty on top, and delightfully crisp on the bottom. The middle is soft, yummy bread. I've actually never made pizza like this before, but Tyler said it might be his new favorite way to eat it. It was so filling! We ended up with lots of leftovers for lunch today. I think this is a great type of pizza for people who love to load on the toppings... because this thick French bread crust can definitely handle it! Also- it's just so darn fast. Talk about an easy, inexpensive dinner! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • It is a gorgeous day outside! 70+ degrees and sunny. I sat with Cupcake on the deck swing for a bit.
  • I'm wearing shorts. Shorts!! 
  • Speaking of the 'Cake, her vet checkup is tomorrow! Oh joy.
  • I'll have a new tutorial video up tomorrow. It's on the "sandwich method" for eyeshadow that I mentioned in my recent Best in Beauty video. But feel free to also eat a sandwich while you watch!


  1. that looks so yummy and super easy to make, I have to try it ASAP!

  2. looks really good. tonight's dinner


  4. looks just delicious!! yum!! ( :

  5. Looks so yummy!! Can't wait to try this recipe!!! Just think if you used the french bread that comes with the garlic spread on it!

  6. That looks fantastic! Will definitely try it this week. Thanks!

  7. Yummy!! I'll have to try this! (:

  8. that looks delicious! I also love how you can control the amount of fat and toppings on it so you don't get too many calories!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  9. They're called "crostini" in Italy, we make them with Tuscan bread with all sorts of toppings :)

  10. That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! Always looking for quick and easy dinner ideas!

  11. Yum-o! Thanks for the pizza find! I need to try this for my H and I soon!


  12. wow, so yummy!your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3


  13. Looks good. I think I am trying it tonight!

  14. This looks amazing...such a good idea!
    If you have any free time i would LOVE for you to check out my blog i just started this week with my first two posts!

    Love the blog and all the youtube channels
    xoxo Crystal

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  17. This looks delicious, and such a simple idea for a weeknight meal! Going to put this on the menu this week, for sure!

  18. Hi Emily,
    I made this last night and my husband, toddler loved it...
    Thanks for the great recipe.... XOXO

  19. easy to make and simple... I am a lover of different type of cuisine and searching from internet and other sources. Thanks for share and keep it up.
    Chicago Personal Chef

  20. Rachel Ray has an amazing recipe for french bread pizza (you can find it here: Love recipes where leftovers are just as good as the original! :)

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