LORAC Pro & Naked Basics Comparison

Hi everyone!
One of the most frequent kinds of requests I receive pertains to comparing makeup palettes. Recently on the blog, I've done shade comparisons on LORAC Pro & LORAC Unzipped, as well as the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette and Naked 1 & 2. I've also compared the Naked Basics and NYX One Night In Morocco palettes, and I also have a video sharing dupes of the specific shades in the Naked Basics palette. Do you see a theme? They all involve neutral eyeshadow palettes that contain lots of basic shades. At a glance, they might seem a lot alike, so naturally we want to know just how similar these palettes really are. I like doing these posts, because, while reviewing makeup can be so subjective and just a matter of personal opinion... really comparing shades side-by-side give sort of an objective, factual angle to things. Recently, I got a new request on Twitter:
Thanks for this idea, Jessica! When I think of "basic eyeshadows" both of these palettes come to mind. I was surprised I've never done some side-by-side swatches to help everyone see how similar- or different- they really are. So let's get started!
The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is on top, and the LORAC Pro is below. While the Pro has 10 more shadows than the Naked Basics, there are definitely certain shades that appear to be very similar. The Naked Basics is a mostly matte palette, while LORAC Pro is half matte, half shimmer. Here's an overall look at each palette...
Urban Decay Naked Basics swatches: 
Venus, Foxy, W.O.S., Naked2, Faint, Crave
LORAC Pro swatches: 
Top row (left to right): White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black. 
Bottom row (left to right): Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate.

I decided to do side-by-side swatches of any shades that I thought could be similar between these two palettes. Just so you know- the lightest couple of Naked Basics shades really had no close comparisons in the LORAC Pro palette. As you'll see, some of the other shades are pretty close... and others aren't nearly as close when swatched- compared to the way they look in the palettes. 
Urban Decay W.O.S. -- LORAC Cream
I thought they seemed so similar in the packaging, but in swatches, you can see that the UD shade is much more peachy. Both do have the same matte finish, though.
Urban Decay Naked2 -- LORAC Taupe
While both of these shades seem to be of similar depth, the tones are different. Naked2 seems like a cooler tone than Taupe.
Urban Decay Faint -- LORAC Sable -- LORAC Espresso
I thought Faint might be similar to a couple of the deep browns in LORAC Pro, so I swatched them all together. As you can see- Sable is a much warmer tone, and Espresso is a bit darker than Faint. So it's pretty close, but no exact matches here.
 Urban Decay Crave -- LORAC Black
Black and black! Both are matte finishes, an this is the most exact match that I could find between the two palettes! 

 I could see how you might wonder if the Naked Basics is a necessity if you already own the LORAC Pro. A lot of people really enjoy the compact size of Naked Basics, as well as the fact the shades are, indeed, BASIC- and can be nice supplements to other palettes that don't have a matte brown, for example. Besides the black, there are just subtle differences between some of the shades in the two palettes. If my YouTubing and blogging didn't revolve around reviewing and comparing beauty products- I probably woudn't buy Naked Basics and instead just stick to LORAC Pro. I feel like I have all the tones a need in there, plus different finishes. But if the subtle differences shown in this post are super important to you- or you're a palette-collecting junkie (I see you out there!) you might consider having both. I hope this post was useful to you, and thanks again to Jessica for requesting it! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I think I've worked on this post in about 3 different sittings. It's been a busy morning!
  • Cupcake was supposed to go to the vet for a regular checkup today- but it got rescheduled for a week later. Looks like she lucked out!!
  • Just ran across this link on Twitter- if you're a fan of QVC host Lisa Robertson, she shares her favorite beauty products on Glo MSN. 
  • You should see my facial expression when- for 3 straight days- I get a UPS My Choice email saying my Sephora delivery has been delayed another day. Oh the anticipation!
  • Saw this pic on Pinterest and I just love it! That FACE!!



  1. Thanks Emily for comparing these palettes. Just to look at the shades in the palette I can see why the request was made. I watched your video when you showed dupes for the Basics palette and I use the shades you specified in the CS 88 Warm palette. When those are used up I'll probably buy the Basics palette. Hope you get your Sephora order soon, I know that can be frustrating. Have a great day! :)

  2. Thank you for this comparison. I was thinking of maybe getting the Naked Basic but I think The Lorac PRO will be a better option.


  3. Thanks for the post, super helpful! I have come to the realization that I love my Naked Basics Palette and love how compact it is and probably will always love it, but I think I need both in my life.

  4. Ha! Love the picture of the pooch at the end.
    Is there anything better or more cute then a happy pet!?

  5. Thanks for doing this. I always love a good comparison post. I have the naked basics palette and it's probably enough for me but I can't help lusting a little. Xx

  6. I really want to try the Lorac palette never tried any yet :)


  7. I own Naked 1, 2, and 3 but not Naked Basics. I've been REALLY wanting to snag the Lorac Pro palette, but I keep thinking that I don't need it since I already have the Nakeds! What do you think? Am I just making excuses to make-up hoard again? ;)

  8. Would love to see an updated tutorial for the Lorac Pro palette! Maybe a day and night look?? Or a day to night look? Love all your videos!

  9. I really want that Lorac pro palette! such a shame it's no longer on the sephora site and I'm not near any kohl's stores since I live in Canada.

  10. I almost wonder if she meant a comparison to the Lorac Pro-to-Go palette (the former Sephora exclusive one) That's the one I have and it seems very similar to the UD Naked Basics (Aside from Mink.)

  11. I love these comparison posts. They help me decide whether or not I need another palette in my life. You have saved me a lot of money with these dupe posts. I love UD and I love Lorac.

  12. Love this post. I actually only own two palettes and these are the two that I own! I purchased Basics before Pro. I love Basics for Venus, WOS and Naked 2. I love that there are so many more options with the Pro tho. I guess if you have the Pro, you may not need the Basics, but since I have both -- I am glad I have them for different reasons. You always seem to do the perfect posts on your blog. Thank you for being so tuned in to your readers. :)

  13. I have both Naked and Naked basics and was considering getting the Lorac one but its seems like there's just so many colors I already have. Its great to be able to see swatches. Thanks for the post.
    xo, cheyenne

  14. I would really love to have a Lorac palette. although having the naked 1 and 2 and thinking about the naked basics ( since the first 3 colors of this palette looks kinda same on my hand), do I really need it?
    thanks for the swatches and reviews!

    Check out my blog, please! :)

  15. Thanks so much Emily for this thorough review, I love my Lorac Pro, I have not purchased the UD Basics yet, but it is on my wish list since I am a blogger but more important a beauty junkie.....LOL! Thanks for all your help with the sharing of my new beauty blog on #BBLIVE.


  16. Oh no! I guess this justifies me buying both of the palettes :)
    Modern Beauty Girl

  17. I love this! Thanks for sharing :)


  18. I love my Naked Basics palette SO MUCH (well and all of the Naked palettes really..) but I have been wanting to get the LORAC Pro forever because you give it such an awesome review....I think I may have to splurge!


  19. I have both palettes and I have to say that I do use them both. However, I like my Lorac Pro Palette better because it's warmer tones. Great comparisons though!

  20. Great post and thank you for the comparison!

  21. Hi Emily, Could you please do a comparision between Naked 1 and Lorac Pro palette? Which one is better and a must have?

  22. ayayay! Now I need to go and get the basics! What about prices? Thank you Emily, you are a darling!

  23. That is absolutely SO interesting to note! I always assumed I'd be safe with the Pro Palette because of the variety of matte/shimmer shades... !


  24. I'm in LORAC team just because tired of UD excitement. Oh...please like it's the only palette with such shadows...UUuuuh


  25. I own both of these palettes and reach for my Lorac Pro more. I purchased the Lorac Pro with my Ulta points because after owning all the Naked palettes I figured I didn't need it but wanted it and OMG I am so glad I got it because its the only palette that I ever reach for! Go Lorac!

  26. I have the Basics as well as the Pro to Go so I think I'm covered.

  27. It is really useful for me. Make-up is important for cosplay, and i love cosplay very much. The kind of make-up will be perfectly combined with cosplay costumes. Thanks you very much for sharing..

  28. Would love the loran palette!


  29. I'd love to see you do a review and comparison of neutral palettes with the new Paula's choice matte nudes palette. It looks really nice, and they collaborated with Wayne Goss. You are my "go to" person for eyeshadow info, so I'd love to hear your take!

  30. I am really wanting the lorac pro palette! I love the variety of cool colors in it, along with neutrals :-)

  31. I totally want the Lorac Pro palette but I haven't got around to trying it out!
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  32. I adore my Naked Basics palette, it's been a regular staple for me for over a year; I use it for everything from eyeliner and eyeshadow to brows and also to contour my cheekbones. From what I could see of your comparison, it seemed like the shades that were similar were mostly cooler-toned in the Naked Basics palette, which I like. I don't like to use super warm yellow or orange-based browns, for example. This palette does look nice though and different enough to me that if I had the $$ I would be tempted to buy it. Sometimes the subtle difference in shade can make all the difference. I actually use my NB palette in conjunction with the Meet Matte palette and it works out well. Thanks for the post!

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