Mini Haul: Tarina Tarantino Makeup

Hey everyone!
Hope you're having a good day! :) I just wanted to share a mini haul of some things I got when Tarina Tarantino products were on Hautelook. I don't have much from this brand (just one eyeshadow palette), so I thought I'd get a few things to try. I believe this brand was once sold at Sephora, but it doesn't appear to be there anymore. You can still buy things at If you're not familiar with Hautelook, they feature brands (beauty, fashion, home, etc) at discounted prices. Sales of certain brands only run for a few days at a time (TT is not on there at the moment), but I thought that this post might be useful down the line if the brand is back on there again! Also- the packaging on these products is absolutely AMAZING. Some of the prettiest lipstick tubes I've ever seen! So I had to share! :) 
Jewel Shadow Palette in Delightful 
(Originally $32, Hautelook price: $15)
There were a number of 5-color eye palettes being sold during the sale, but this one really appealed to me because of the neutrals (of course), and it seemed SUPER similar to the Dior palette in Rosy Tan- which people seem to love. I haven't used this on my eyes yet, but from what I can tell by the swatches, the textures of these shadows are really nice. I like how a matte brown is included as well. I love the oval-shaped packaging as well as the mirror inside the palette. So nice! 
Conditioning Lip Sheen in Pink Elephant & Watermelon Wow 
(Originally $22, Hautelook price: $12)
Are these BEAUTIFUL or what?! I'm not even talking about the lipsticks themselves (yet). The tubes are a beautifully shiny gunmetal with a T on the top and rhinestones all the way around. There's such a luxurious, expensive-feeling weight to these as well. The caps really press down tightly over the product. They just scream QUALITY. As for the textures of the lipsticks, they're super smooth and creamy, lightweight, and comfortable. They'd be on the opposite end of the spectrum from a dry, matte lipstick. They have a beautiful shine after you apply them that the camera isn't really picking up on. But my lips just feel plush and smooth with these on (and they were feeling VERY dry before). 
 Left: Pink Elephant, Right: Watermelon Wow
I'm not sure which color I like best! Pink Elephant is a super wearable, soft pink. Watermelon Wow isn't overly bright, which I like. It seems like an everyday rosy color... but definitely not as strong as an all-out red. I wouldn't say these lipsticks are sheer, but they are kind of buildable. I seem to get a lighter amount of color with the first pass around my lips-- in the pics above, I went around my lips twice. So happy with these! 

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up on those items, and maybe you can catch them next time around on Hautelook! I wish the brand was a bit more accessible, but you can also find this stuff on the Tarina Tarantino website, which I've linked to above. I'll be sure to update you on how that 5-color eye palette worked out! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Uploading today's #bbexpress review! And a Target haul will be coming later on the main channel! 
  • I got some really sweet letters & gifts in my PO Box today! You guys are incredibly kind!! It's really blowing my mind. If you write to me, make sure to include your return address so I can write back! :) 
  • Has anyone tried the Confetti Cake Blizzard from Dairy Queen? I'm tempted. 
  • A really clean & uncluttered kitchen makes me so happy. It takes no time at all for mail & random stuff to pile up, but I actually feel less stress when it's all put away. 
  • Wednesday a.k.a. hump day = bump day for me! Today I went into week 17 of my pregnancy! If you want more info, check out my latest pregnancy vlog (posted yesterday)

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  1. Both of those lipsticks look great on you! The pink elephant looks,on cam at least, to be great for a day out and the watermelon wow looks like it would make a great night look!

    1. Lovin' the baby bump, Emily. I'm just so dang happy for you! You look more beautiful each day of this pregnancy. ماکان باند

      محسن ابراهیم زاده

      حمید هیراد

  2. Lovin' the baby bump, Emily. I'm just so dang happy for you! You look more beautiful each day of this pregnancy.

  3. I have some products from this line and love them. The colours are all so pretty! And yay - your baby bump is super cute!

  4. Love your baby bump, super cute!! :) And I'll for sure be keeping my eye on Hautelook for these products, I LOVE the lipsticks and the eye palette, they look awesome!!! Great post :)

  5. I am here to recommend the blizzard -- it reminds me of my birthday cakes when I was growing up and its sick its sooooo good. Love these shadows. I have this same palette.

  6. Oh wow this seems a bit expensive does it not? ive never heard of this brand but it looks pretty good i like the lipsticks

  7. Confetti cake blizzard is like eating a backwards ice cream cake. Usually it's mostly cake with some ice cream, the blizzard is like mostly ice cream with some cake.....overall it's a win win situation :)

  8. I think it's the first time that I see an actual little bump on you, it's adorable :) Those lipsticks are just screaming out to me, but kinda pricey. I'll be on the lookout for a sale.

  9. I've never tried this brand. May have to look into it really soon! The lipstick colors are definitely up my alley! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! You will be a wonderful momma!

  10. Your baby bump is coming along quite nicely :-)

  11. Baby bump XD just thought I'd throw this in there- usually TT is at Nordstrom Rack (not the lipsticks, but tons of eye products). Also, this brand is cruelty free :D

  12. These products look gorgeous!! And yes I've tried the confetti cake blizzard and I was sadly disappointed. The cake bits were dry and unsatisfying :( I'll be sticking with my Reese Peanut Butter Cup blizzards!

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  13. I wanted so badly to get some of these products when they were on Hautelook. I have a small addiction to Hautelook, I check it daily and always plan ahead for the coming events, lol. I didn't have the extra income when the TT was featured but I'm glad you have some so I can see them up close and now I know how the quality is, already knew the packaging was beautiful. It all comes across lovely on you especially with your inner glow!! Congrats again, God Bless both of you and of course baby makes 3...I reference you a ton on my blog, would love for you to drop by, hope it's ok...

  14. I can't wait until the TT lipsticks are back on HauteLook. They are beautiful in the color and the packaging is out of this world. I so loved your baby bump picture!!!! I have my HauteLook loot on my blog today as well.

  15. I love those lipsticks! They both look great on you :D I'm really digging the Watermelon Wow shade!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  16. Looks amazing, great post and blog! Keep posted!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I really wanted to like the blizzard but it wasn't as birthday cakey as I would have liked! It was like vanilla ice cream with sprinkles in it, mixed with bits of cake. It's good don't get me wrong, but I was expecting the ice cream to taste cake batter-y (like cold stone's or carvel). I didn't even finish my mini size, I just kinda picked at the cake bits. I just wasn't in the mood for plain vanilla soft serve :) definitely not a favorite!

  19. That eyeshadow palette looks amazing. Hope they will be on Hautelook Again some time. You rock that bump!

  20. Be careful, I broke out from the TT nude glow primer...It smelled and I'm pretty sure it was old or expired. Unfortunately, because of that experience, I'm very very hesitant to order make up off hautelook unless I know the brand very well.

  21. Those lipsticks are gorgeous! I've never seen this brand anywhere before, so I'm glad you did this post about them.

  22. Hi Emily,

    The eyeshadow pallet looks great, especially the matte brown shade. Both the lip colors look great too but you seem to be able to pull off any lip shade :) I can only wear really bright colors.

    Love the baby bump too, so cute!! :) super happy for you and Tyler.

  23. Love the Pink Elephant shade! Bump is so cute! xoxo - Erica
    Splashes of Charm

  24. Very beautiful palette)

  25. Hi Emily! Tarina Tarantino is great! I got a few of her blushes and glitters when they were on sale at Sephora last year. I picked up the blush palette on Hautelook. Incredible! Would definitely recommend.
    Shimmering Image

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