#ElectricChallenge Day 2: Vivid Orange

It's day 2 of the Electric Challenge! I was challenged to incorporate shades from the Urban Decay Electric Palette into my eye looks for a week, so that's exactly what I'm doing. Check out my Day 1 post for my first look, details on why I'm doing this, and the "rules" :) It's been great seeing lots of your #ElectricChallenge pictures on Instagram! Such incredible talent! For today's look, I chose to work in the vivid orange shade... it's probably the color I was most excited about, and it didn't disappoint when it comes to brightness! This look was actually incredibly simple... hope you like it!
The shades from this palette that I used today are Revolt, Slow Burn, and Urban. 
Revolt is a metallic silver, Slow Burn is a super-saturated orange with a hint of shimmer, and Urban is a metallic purple. Urban practically feels like a cream when you swatch it with your finger. So intense!
(Click to enlarge)
  1. I primed my lids with a yellow/orange Maybelline Color Tattoo called Fierce & Tangy :) I also used a white shadow stick from Jordana around my inner corner.
  2. With a small brush, I patted Slow Burn all over my lid, and I also wedged it into the crease. On top of the base, Slow Burn takes on a purely orange look.
  3. With a small blending brush (I love Sigma's E36), I buffed Slow Burn lightly above the crease. Without the base underneath, I see more red coming out of the shadow. I love that subtle color shift. I also used a bare brush to further blend out the color, and applied a sheer amount of a matte cream shadow under the brow. 
  4. Now for a couple of accents- I used the silver Revlot shade around my inner corner, and slightly upward onto the inner-most part of the lid for an added pop. Then I smudged Urban on my lower lashline. 
  5. I used liquid liner across my upper lashline, and a plum liner on my lower waterline. I also added a bit more Urban with an angled brush at the outer corner to blend in with the wing. 
  6. I finished the look with mascara on my upper and lower lashes, as well as a full strip of false eyelashes.  

 The more I look at this orange/purple color combo, the more I like it. I thought to do this because I've been loving the way more muted tones of these shades look together (I've done a peach/plum look), so this was a way to take that concept and kick it up a notch. I also like how just a hint of that yellowish-orange cream base is peeking through around the inner corner (you can see it in the lower picture). All-in-all, when your eyes are open- the look isn't TOO crazy! But when you look down, you can see that the highest concentration of orange is right there in the crease :)    

 I'm also wearing...
  • Cover Girl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation in Medium Beige
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Warm Light Medium
  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Single in Brulee (to set/brighten undereye concealer)
  • Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Light
  • Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette in Light (Contour, Blush, Highlight)

  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy (all over lid)
  • Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Shadow Stick in Eternal White (inner corner)
  • Urban Decay Electric Palette
  • Milani Eyeshadow in French Vanilla (under brow)
  • Jordana Color Envy Liquid Liner in Black Envy (upper lashline)
  • Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Eyeliner in Purple Fix (lower waterline)
  • Rimmel ScandalEyes Rockin' Curves Mascara (upper & lower lashes)
  • Too Faced Brow Envy Kit
  • Eylure Texture False Lashes #117

  • NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Nude
  • Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Exposed

I've noticed a few people mentioning that the shadows from this palette stain. I didn't notice any of that happening on my eyes yesterday- my Equate Face Wash Cloths took off my look completely! (And the look definitely lasted into the night- I washed it off at around 11pm) However, I did notice that the swatches on my hand were a little resistant to the baby wipes I sometimes use to get rid of swatches, but I encounter that from time to time with extra bold shadows. So far, these don't seem to have any unusual effects. Thanks for sharing in my excitement over the challenge & keep sharing your looks- it's so fun to see them! #ElectricChallenge :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I want a Rice Crispy treat. Just one. 
  • Cupcake is feeling right at home in the new makeup room. Today she barged in (LOL), jumped on the back of my chair while I was shooting a video, and then started walking all over the desk like she used to! 
  • Tyler & I spent Saturday taking part in a childbirth class! We learned tons. Also, now I am always keeping a big cup of water with me! The nurses running the class said some crazy-high percentage of pregnant women who come to the hospital with some sort of concern turn out to be dehydrated. Point taken! 
  • Last night I had a weird dream about edible eyeshadow. It tasted awesome. 
  • As my baby bump continues to grow, Tyler is on belly-button watch. He's always taking note as to whether or not my "innie" belly button has become an "outie". It's not there yet, but I could see it happening any day now! 


  1. What a GORGEOUS look! Very fresh and vibrant. I love it. :)

  2. This is such a fun challenge! I love love love the look you created.

  3. Woah! Damn that's an electric look! Love it!

    Style by Grace

  4. Wow, that is bright alright! But so pretty! That palette looks so fun. I wish I could pick it up but I have incredibly sensitive eyes. Darn.

    Btw - I noticed you addressed a few comments regarding the melasma your experiencing during your pregnancy. I have melasma as well, though not pregnancy-related, but would LOVE a video about how to cover it, any work arounds, tips, etc. Also, it would be nice to see comments about others who have it and what they do. It's good to hear from people going through the same thing!

    1. Oh good! I've been wondering if there would be much interest in a video on that topic, so thank you for letting me know! :)

    2. Em, honestly, we love you so much that we'd love to hear you talk about any subject!

  5. wow, that orange-y coral eyeshadow doesn't mess around! It looks awesome. I love this look so much, Emily! Loving the challenge too!

  6. Beautiful look..but I'm catching up on the bachelorette as I'm reading and you gave away the ending! So sad..give a girl a warning next time! Hahah

    1. crap. I'm so sorry! I took it out & maybe I'll spare another person.

  7. I love this look and it suits you sooo well :)

  8. I love it! But I want to point out that urban decay says on their website- (WARNING: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban contain a colorant that is not approved for the eye area in the US, Canada and Brazil.) this was found under the product description for the electric pallet. Just trying to warn those with sensitive eyes!

    1. You wonder why they would use colors not approved for eyes in an EYEshadow palette! That's just crazy. It's also good to know because I have very sensitive eyes. As a matter of fact, I use mostly natural/organic eye makeup and even that sometimes irritates my eyes. I absolutely cannot use anything in my water line or my eyes water like crazy. Are those colors approved for lips? I bet you could scrape a little off and mix it with a lip balm for an incredibly bold lip look.

  9. Oh you look so beautiful! I love the pairing of the orange and purple. They work so well together. I bought this palette but rarely use it since it isn't very work friendly with the vivid colors. I really need to start pulling this out on the weekends and trying this look. I look fabulous in orange eye shadow.

  10. My husband calls my belly button the "eject button". Mine only pops out when she is either right under my belly button or I laugh really hard (other than that it is just a flat belly button). I'm at 35.5 weeks, so just a few weeks ahead of you. I started saying mine was going to become an outie around the same time you are and it hasn't really happened yet. Enjoy it! Belle will start gaining about 1/2 lb a week and get her "fat" really quick! =)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Thought this pallet was way to bright for my taste, but seeing how you work with the colors it just looks so good and not so crazy looking lol. As always, great job Emily!

  13. Gorgeous :)

  14. I love that look it is gorgeous! I've wanted to get that palette but it's a bit concerning that it isn't actually made for your eyes and it isn't approved by the fda or whatever to use on your eyes, I'm extremely cautious of what I use on my eyes! I haven't had a rice crispy treat in years, now I really want one, or maybe two or three....

    Krissy | www.sheetstoshimmer.com

  15. Love this look on you! It does look simple.

    Annie| www.drugstoredreamer.blogspot.com

  16. Such a nice eye look. We want video :)

  17. you look stunning as always <3


  18. I don\t like to venture into bright coloured eyeshadows but this look would be fun to try out :)


  19. I really like that look. I haven't used slow burn much since I got the palette. I might try it out!

  20. I love when you turn such a vibrant colour in everyday makeup, looks lovely...x
    Nika's Beauty Land

  21. I purchased that same color tattoo because it was on sale for I think around $2. I opened it up and it had that decrepit dryness and the product was all pulled from the sides. I know its only $2 but I was totally disappointed.. Slow burn looks like a vivid red coral on your swatch but its amazing that it mixed with the color tattoo like paint to become that beautiful orange shade! The look, when up close, reminds me of Halloween. Orange and Purple? Yeah haha. But from a far, its fresh looking and different. Love the look on you!


  22. I love it, it looks amazing, seriously ! xoxo

  23. These pallette looks are so fun! You have inspired me to try some things that are outside of my comfort zone, particularly with eye and lip color. Thank you for that inspiration and encouragement! Glad to see and hear that your pregnancy is progressing well, and my belly button never did become an outie in any of my three pregnancies (two of which were overdue), so you never know! Thank you for your blogging and your videos, they are appreciated very much. :)

  24. Haha! Innie belly buttons don't become outie, they just become "flatie" Mine stretched out flat, but never actually popped out.

  25. Urban Decay doesn't advertise this as an eyeshadow palette but a pressed pigments palette. The reason why those particular colors have warnings is because they stain but there isn't anything harmful in them. Those particular colors can be use as blush, or even as lip colors, just in case u are wondering how u would use them

  26. I attempted to recreate this look this morning, using the Wet n Wild street art palette. I'm so happy I did. I hadn't figured out how to use any of it yet and this look came out great. I never would have guessed orange shadow could be so flattering. Thank you for the inspiration and the push to get out of my comfort zone.

  27. I do not own this palette because I am afraid of so much color but this look is just amazing! I am obsessed with it! Going to recreate it with items I already have. LOVE LOVE LOVE, SUch a great series you did with this! Please do another series with a different palette!

  28. I would wear this to work, with maybe a brown instead of purple to bring the intensity down just a little. Xoxo

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