Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Two Pretty Summer-to-Fall Transition Lip Colors

Hi everyone!
It's been awhile since I've explored the lipsticks in Maybelline's Color Sensational line, and there's no good reason for that. The lipsticks that I have from this line are pigmented, creamy, and feel good on the lips. So the last time I was at Ulta, I spent way too long looking over the various shade families, and ended up focusing on the "Red" collection. I found a couple of gorgeous new shades that I'm loving! I think they're great colors that aren't too light or too dark... making them beautiful options as you transition your summer looks to fall! :) 
Peachy Scene (left), and Summer Sunset (right)

Peachy Scene has a bit of shimmer... I'm not normally a fan of shimmery lipsticks, but I think this one is so pigmented, the shimmer doesn't overwhelm the look. I think the tone is so beautiful! And I'm also kind of obsessed with Summer Sunset. It reminds me of a color that I used to love from this line called "Blushing Brunette" - but it's no longer available. Summer Sunset has the teeniest bit of shimmer (it's just barely detectable on the lipstick itself, but I can't see it on the lips), and has such a pretty soft red look on the lips. This would be a great option for people who want to try a red that isn't as "in your face" as most classic red lipsticks. I love it! On an unrelated note- I'm developing an obsession with matte lip colors as well. Look for a video on that in the near future! :) 

Daily Nuggets!
  • I need to get groceries.
  • We have 2 new gliders in this house and Cupcake is usually in one of them during the morning, and the other at night. 
  • Bobbi Brown's "Beach" scent continues to grow on me.
  • I saw this clip on Morning Express with Robin Meade today- CRACKED ME UP!!! And when the bulldog flops over- it kinda reminds me of myself trying to get out of bed. 
  • Today marks 36 weeks pregnant! 
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bath & Body Works Home Stuff Haul

Hi everyone!
This past weekend involved more nursery prep! More on that in an upcoming vlog, but as we were out & about picking up some of the last baby-related items, Tyler and I stopped in to Bath & Body Works for a few things. It's becoming the most irresistible time of year for me where their home scents are concerned... I LOVE the fall stuff! And according to one of the nice ladies who works there, more pumpkin-ish scents are expected in the coming weeks! It seems like fall should be way off in the distance, but when it comes to fall scents, I don't waste any time :) 
I was tempted to go nuts on the candles, but reminded myself of the insane amount of candles I had to pack up when we moved recently, and opted for just a couple of the smaller mason jar candles. Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding is the STAR scent, in my opinion. If you love the sweet/warm/cozy smell of banana bread, you will love this scent! I asked Tyler which of the other scents he liked, and he chose Blackberry Bramble Tea (don't tell anyone, but I think he enjoys Bath & Body Works more than he wants to let on). It's a really yummy sweet berry scent- a great choice! I honestly don't know what the heck "bramble tea" is, but I like the concept. Speaking of Tyler, he also picked up his much-loved strawberry hand sanitizer for the office. Click here to see his review/hand sanitizer thief story! 
I have six spots where I use Wallflowers in the new house! Conveniently, there's a special deal if you buy six, so that's nice. If you're not familiar with Wallflowers, basically you twist these pods of scented oil into the Wallflower plugs that go straight into your outlets. Some of mine have cute night lights on them! They heat up the scents and then you have a fabulous-smelling house. Some scents end up being stronger than others, and I think it also depends on the size of the room you place them in. Anyway, all of the scents I picked up were in a special fall Wallflower display, although not every scent is brand new for this season. I got two of the Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding... I LOVE IT. I also got Vanilla Chai, Autumn Mums, Farmstand Apple, and Mahogany Teakwood. All of these scents are new to me, except Mahogany Teakwood. I loved this scent last season... makes me think of a dude's cologne. As for the others-- I'll have to test them in the outlets to see how strong the scents come through. 

Have you explored the new fall Bath & Body Works scents lately? Any early favorites? 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Not sure how many of you saw last week's Beauty Broadcast Live, but I had explained that my dad had gone in for a procedure to get rid of his prostate cancer earlier that week. Now it's been exactly one week since that happened, and he had a follow-up with the doc today. Of course he'll continue to be monitored periodically for some time, but as of now, the doctor says he's very pleased with how the whole procedure went & how he's progressing! What a blessing. Sounds like it won't be long before he's back on the golf course :) Dad was in a good place at the time of the treatment-- the cancer was caught very early and had not spread. Prostate cancer is also known to be extremely common, but fortunately very treatable among men his age. Still, as I said on BBLive, Dad has a long life still ahead of him and nipping this problem in the bud was the best course of action. So many of you have messaged/tweeted/commented such kind and supportive things to me over the past week, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate that. My family is very thankful for your prayers!
  • What kind of daily nugget can possibly follow the first one?!
  • We went to our final baby-related class last night. It was part 2 of "Life with Baby" and we got some great info on how to install infant car seats. We also learned infant CPR and how to respond to a choking baby. Of course we hope to never be in situations where those skills are required, but it's best to be prepared! 
  • It's a 2-video day... there will be a Beauty Broadcast Express review and a tutorial on my main channel! I'm so, so excited about how the tutorial turned out! It's a very coordinated face/eyes/lips thing. 
  • Blast from the past craving I've had recently... chocolate Teddy Grahams! 
  • I did so much cleaning on Sunday... I believe that's what they call "nesting". I'm eager for the nesting instinct to kick in when it comes to unloading the dishwasher. 

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