Whose Nursery Is It Anyway?

Hi everyone!
I just finished up the day's editing tasks and thought I'd write up a quick blog post. I meant for it to be makeup-related, but when I was walking down the hall and spotted a certain someone hanging out in the nursery, I snapped yet another picture and thought this would be a good time to share Cupcake's nursery obsession. In case you're not familiar with Cupcake a.k.a. "the cake" a.k.a. Baker a.k.a. Bean a.k.a... you get the idea-- she has lots of nicknames... she's our first baby. We adopted her from a shelter back in 2010, not long after we moved into our first house. She was only a few months old at the time. She is such a sweet girl and has been so good with all the adjustments of moving to a new home. But it seems that the place she feels the most "at home" in this house is the nursery. 
From the very beginning (back in June) when the room was just a lavender-colored landing spot for bags and boxes, she became infatuated with a new phenomenon... skylights. Large, uninterrupted rectangles of sunbeams to lay in?! She was in love.
Once we actually started assembling baby stuff in "her" room... she was there to let us know where furniture was NOT allowed. 
Oh, you've added a Pack-n-Play? Thanks for the additional spot to enjoy the sunbeams. 
I suppose I can hang out in my tunnel... until the sunbeams come out again.
A new glider?! Don't mind if I do!
 Now there are blinds... I believe these are meant for creeping on the neighbors.
The window seat is so much better now that you've added a comfy blanket! Thanks mom!
My sweet Cupcake loves the nursery! Most afternoons when I'm working on videos, she's in there lounging the day away. I wonder what she'll do when she realizes she has to share? 
For now, we're all getting plenty of rest until Belle makes her arrival! Well, some of us more than others ;) I'm now 38 weeks along, and continue to see the doctor on a weekly basis. I know anything can happen at this point, but I think he figures I'll be back in for another appointment this coming Tuesday. I'm such a mix of emotions as the days tick closer to my due date - September 17th! I'm a little nervous, scared, excited... but most of all, so grateful. I'm about to embark one of the most exciting phases of life... isn't it strange how I won't know exactly what day everything will change? One thing is for sure... Tyler and I already have so much love in our hearts for this little person who we've yet to meet. And I think there's a four-legged big sister who knows something big is about to happen, too. =^..^=

FYI: For my nursery update videos & other pregnancy vlogs- check out youtube.com/beautyvlogcast 


  1. OMG, this made me cry :( What a lucky little girl Belle is, to have two amazing, loving, funny parents, and a gorgeous Cat, to share her life with! Just warms my heart <3

  2. How sweet! Cupcake is precious. Beautiful nursery.

  3. You're going to be a wonderful Mother! I should say awesome parents, too!--I wish you and your blessed little family the best!

  4. You guy are wonderful! I'm so excited for your whole family! *big hugs* and well wishes! Rest up lots and sneak some pampering in!

  5. Happy for you! Being a new mommy is amazing! Enjoy every minute of it! Dad's too!

  6. Very cute story and pics. Can't wait to meet Miss Belle. Take care and hope to see you guys soon.

  7. Love this! We're due Dec 22 and already we're so obsessed with our little girl!

  8. Congrats on your baby girl impending arrival!
    I went into labor at 38w2d and it was a total shock as my water broke while at Costco! Labor wasnt that bad, i was in labor for about 5-6 hours i did get the epidural as my contractions were coming on very strong and were two minutes apart. My lil girl is 4 1/2 weeks old and shes our world, we are completely head over heels for her. I am EBF and its hard at the beginning but i can assure you it gets easier as the days go by.

  9. Hi Emily! I love how cats always find the sunniest spots in a house--I think this is a good way to live life. We should all find our ray of sunshine. My oldest daughter was born on September 17th. She just left for college two weeks ago. I hope Belle brings you and Tyler as much joy and happiness as my daughter brings to me and my husband.

  10. Lots of love and happy happy wishes to you Emily and Tyler and Belle and Baker. Pray for you guys all the time.

  11. Oh this was too cute! I will BAWL when you finally have the baby! It's funny how invested you get in watching someone on YouTube over the years. I feel like I know both you and Tyler and I am so happy for you. You'll be such an amazing mommy and Cupcake will be a wonderful big sister :)

  12. What a cute cat you have, awww :) x


  13. Cupcake is adorable, love the pictures :) & Oh my gosh, I can't wait for Belle to arrive!!

    I just started a blog too, check it out - comment or follow! :)

  14. I think its amazing how Baker senses a new addition of the family is soon on its way. Maybe this is her way of nesting along with you? :)

    Here I am in FL and we have never met but from the time you announced you were expecting I became so excited for you and daily I am thinking "when's Emily gonna have the baby?? Any day now!" Technology is kinda amazing. lol Many blessings and congrats to you, Tyler and your family in this happy, exciting time. :)

  15. What a cute post! This is such an exciting time.....I know you are going to be an amazing mom! :)

  16. Such an exciting time!! I'm so happy for you guys, you'll make the best parents. Little Belle will bring you so much joy and love and emotions that you never knew were possible. It's so exciting and scary at the same time. I wish you the best possible delivery and enjoyable last days as a family of three. Your readers and subscribers will be here when the time comes to take that break for sweet baby Belle. Good luck!!

  17. Emily, I loved this post! Too many people become neglectful of their animal companions after they have human babies so it's so refreshing to see how you still think of her as your child! We just recently adopted a cat-baby too! I was never a cat-person before, but I totally get it now! Many blessings to you & your family!

  18. Aren't cats the best? They are the rulers of the home/universe, but Cupcake will learn to share "her" nursery. I'm getting so excited for Belle's arrival, as if you are a friend of mine instead of just my favorite beauty blogger. :-) There will be a little chaos and sleepless nights at first, but all that is overshadowed by the deepest, most profound love you've ever felt in your life. The first time you look into your baby's eyes is a transformative, soul-changing moment. I look so forward to that for you and Tyler. All the best!

  19. What a great post. Cupcake is adorable and cat lovers are the best! Belle is a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents and Cupcake is lucky to have been adopted by you and Tyler. Best wishes!

  20. Oh my gosh... this made me cry! Oh Belle! I can't wait to meet you!!!!!

  21. Cupcake rocks. I hope everything goes well when little Belle comes.

    I read that in order to make the cat feel at ease with the baby, it's a good idea to bring an item the baby has worn home before you're discharged from the hospital with the baby, so they can sniff it and get used to the new addition to the family.

  22. This is so adorable! I'm sure she will be a great big sister!
    Shimmering Image

  23. What a great post; as many others have commented. I enjoyed seeing what's going on from Baker's perspective. Can't wait to hear about your new arrival! All the best to you and Tyler.

  24. awww, Cupcake is too cute! Of course she thinks it's her room. Good luck with your delivery, I can't wait to see Belle and Cupcake's interaction!

  25. Cupcake is SO CUTE! As the "human" of two cats myself, I can understand their fascination with sunbeams. I think Cupcake will love Belle. She will be Cupcake's new favorite human soon enough. :)


  26. Isn't it amazing how a cat can find any hot spot (where the sun meets the carpet) and enjoy soaking up the rays. I have a 3 yr old cat who looks alot like cupcake but mine's name is Foxy. There is nothing she likes more than to lounge the day away in our screened in porch. I adored this blog and it's very true Emily, that your and Tyler's life is going to change but it will be so wonderful and fulfilling. Keep us posted. You are my absolute favorite of all the beauty geru's on YT. I am subscribed to 168 others and none is as professional and enjoyable to watch as you.

  27. Love everything about this! Blessings on you, Tyler, Princess Belle, snd Queen Cupcake!

  28. My son was born on Sept 17 last year! He will be one and I can hardly believe how fast the first year has flown by. Good luck and congrats! Babies are hard but so worth it! :)

  29. Em, you are so adorable! Thank you for sharing this special time with us. These pics and your thoughts are so sweet. My babies are 28 and 26 so it's been a while, but I can tell you that motherhood is God's greatest gift to us. Giving birth was the most wonderful experience of my life. From what I can see, Belle will be an extremely blessed little Angel with parents like you. God Bless and sending hugs.

  30. Aww cupcake! I'm sure belle will love having a friend in her crib!

  31. Emily, I just have to say you are just so beautiful- inside and out. So affectionate and kind. I follow a lot of youtube people but I truly admire you the most because you seem like us. The everyday woman who does not know it all and who would love to get advice from a beautiful girl who is also kind and non-judgmental. Also, being a lover of cats and animals myself, I admire that you treat cupcake with all the attention she deserves. Such a lucky cat :) All the best.

  32. I just stopped by looking for some baby news/updates. Can hardly wait!!!
    Loved this post and Cupcake looks adorable in her new nursery! LOL

  33. so excited for you! Do you have any tips for the holiday palette? brands that usually have good holiday deals? brands to avoid? favorites you get every year?

  34. I love following your journey! Can't wait to "meet" Belle =] http://stylebykriss.blogspot.com

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  36. OMG!! Tyler looks like a giant in this pic! Too funny!

  37. HI. I just came across Your blog and I absolutely love it! It's full of positive energy :) Cupcake is so sweet!

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