Baby Broadcast: 1 Month with Belle!

Hi everyone!
Thanks for stopping by the blog! I wanted to take a minute to document some of my observations after the first month of having a newborn in my life. Can you believe Belle is already a month old?! Disclaimer: if you landed on this post looking for a parenting expert- you are not in the right place! Before Belle, I had very little experience with babies. I could probably count the amount of diapers I'd changed on one hand! So that might make some of these observations extra amusing to those of you who've been in the parenting game for a long time! I'm just sharing our experiences. I'm planning to do some vlogs on more specific topics (like breastfeeding, products we love, working at home + baby, anything else you want to see?), but for now- I thought you might find these bullet points entertaining! 

  • My most-worn hairdo: hair clipped up in a bun. Even if you see my hair down in a video, it's not usually staying that way for long. 
  • Outfit priorities: comfort & ease of breastfeeding.
  • If someone asks if the reason I look rested in pictures is because I have an "easy baby", it's not. It's makeup! My stash of concealer is plentiful and very full coverage. 
  • In addition- my "new mommy glow" is also makeup.
  • Any guesses as to what created the pregnancy glow?
  • I'm obsessed with the length/thickness of my newborn's eyelashes.
  • They say babies love studying your face, but I'm convinced that Belle is especially entertained by my funny faces when I'm wearing a bright or dark lipstick. I suppose she's able to pick up on the contrast more.  She's mesmerized!
Stuff Baby Does...
  • Baby facial expressions are both hilarious and adorable! It's hard to look away!
  • A freshly bathed baby is the best scent.
  • When a certain someone is having a tantrum, I start to feel like my cat really has her act together.
  • ALL baby bodily noises are cute. Hiccups, burps, and yes- even when she toots. It's cute!
  • Cats will enjoy a baby play mat just as much, if not more, than the baby.
  • Babies change FAST. Seriously, it seems like every couple of days I notice some little difference in her appearance.
Stuff We Do...
  • I'm always surprised by all the repetitive songs/phrases Tyler and I will come up with while soothing a crying baby. How many times have I said "she's ok!" or "she's a good girl!" Over and over and over...
  • You can tone a lot of muscles while walking around bopping a crying baby.
  • Sometimes the baby talk voice finds its way into regular, non-baby related conversations.
  • Poop (amount/color/consistency) is openly discussed without any awkwardness.
  • The same can be said for nipples.
  • I can't begin to count how many times I've kissed Belle on top of the head. 
  • When soothing a crying baby, some random thing that you do will make you believe you have the magic touch. Until the baby cries again, and it doesn't work anymore.
  • Googling "is it normal if..." happens a lot.
  • The 4th hour of the Today show (with Kathie Lee & Hoda) re-airs in the middle of the night on NBC. (At least it does in our TV market... does this happen where you live?) I LOVE KLG & HODA, so this is awesome. Say what you want about them, but I believe they have some of the best chemistry of any TV hosts I've watched. 
  • I've heard so often that breastfeeding is not painful. However, I'm convinced that there is a phase early on for some people (a.k.a. me), where the nipples are very sensitive to this new task... particularly because I have a "little snapping turtle" on my hands with a very aggressive sucking tendency. It only makes sense that there would be a period of time where the nipples have to get used to this. After a month, I'm finally starting to round a corner and am experiencing less sensitivity/pain. The initial latch might hurt a bit, but it definitely subsides.
  • Breastfeeding makes you thirsty.
  • Before you start a session of breastfeeding, have everything you might need in the near future within reach, especially if you're alone (water, burp cloth, phone, remote, etc.)
  • Make sure your nursing bra is big enough! One that's too tight is both uncomfortable, and could cause problems with plugged ducts.
  • Leakage is real. Get some Ultra Soft nursing pads from Lansinoh. The Lanolin ointment is also a must.
  • A breastfeeding app is handy for remembering what side you fed the baby on last, and to keep track of how long he/she has been feeding. I use the Baby Nursing/Breastfeeding app from American Baby. You can track tons of things on there if you want to (diapers, pumping, doc visits, etc.)
  • If you're a visual learner, this video and this video offer some great breastfeeding tips. Even after taking a breastfeeding class, I found these videos super useful. 
And one final observation... a DIY photo shoot with a newborn that involves any sort of complex outfit is about as easy as dressing your cat up for Halloween (I'll admit, I tried that once). But I really wanted to get pics of Belle in this adorable outfit that Jennifer Hickey sent from Adora Bella Boutique! The onesie says "Our Princess Belle Has Arrived" and Jennifer also sent the cute tutu and headband! The stuff is absolutely darling. We may re-try this photoshoot again at some point (and maybe consult the help of a professional!) But for now I have a couple of pictures! :) The tears started flowing pretty fast, but I promise that's when the pictures ended! Thank you, Jennifer, for the insanely cute outfit!!
Bottom line: I cannot BELIEVE how much Tyler and I have learned in the past month. Things that weren't even in our vocabulary before are now part of everyday life. There are challenges... those moments where you've tried EVERYTHING but the baby is still crying. Or you're so tired you could almost fall asleep standing up. But there's one thing that comes very easily-- and that's the love we have for this little baby. We love her with every ounce of our being. And looking into those wide eyes during a calm moment and realizing that this little life is in your hands... it's just amazing. I'm so glad I get to be Belle's momma. She's brought so much to our lives in one short month- I can't imagine what the future holds! 


  1. Congratulations on your precious babygirl! Pretty soon, you'll be a pro at the whole mommy thing without even realizing it. My daughter just turned 2 1/2 (today), and they really aren't kidding when they say time flies or they grow up so fast. Cherish those baby moments as much as you can! And try not to worry tooooo much!(; OH and one more thing, she is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Baby belle is absolutely beautiful! Loved this post ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Baby Belle is so adorable! I don't have any kids yet. My husband and I got married September of last year (the 21st to be exact!) so we're gonna wait a bit. I'm so happy you're a mom now, you and Tyler seem like you would be amazing parents :)

  4. Beautiful blog! Didn't know you could love someone so much, huh?!? True unconditional love! Congratulations!!! Keep the posts coming. If not for your fans, for your daughter. I am sure she will love to read what her mom was thinking and feeling! :)

  5. You're doing amazing :) I remember how uncomfortable, and, yes, painful, breastfeeding was in the beginning. Thankfully, right around 6 weeks, it went away totally. So you're nearly there. That lanolin is amazing stuff. Even if everything is 'makeup' you still look amazing, and you're doing an awesome job. She is adorable.

  6. Yep, those nipples need to toughen up!

    So pleased for you all!

  7. Hi Emily! Sounds like you guys are on top of your game! The first few months are the hardest! I have two breastfeeding tips for you that worked very well for me and my two little ones:
    1. Coconut oil - I used this instead if lanolin for keeping the nipples conditioned. It is perfectly safe for baby, and has the added benefit of being antiviral and antifungal, so it will keep thrush at bay, especially if you leak a lot between feedings. I actually cured a bad case of nipple thrush on myself (it's very painful) and diaper rash on my second baby with this.
    2. Breastfeeding bracelet - I used to wear a small stretchy bead bracelet and would change from one wrist to the other, depending on the breast that was next up for feeding.
    Best wishes to all!

    1. Those are great ideas!! I'm going to use them 😊

  8. I loved reading your thoughts!! You are just so cool! I love how you approach things- you are so positive! We all go through some of these new realizations as parents and it's fun to share. And, you learn just as much with each additional child as you did with the first! I just had twin boys yesterday (numbers 4 and 5 for me) and I'm still learning! I'm SURE that you and Tyler are fantastic parents! You both are so fun to watch!!

  9. A month already? It's crazy how time flies. I hope that you are enjoying every single second!

  10. She's so adorable! Congratulations!

  11. Ahhhhh Freshly Bathed Baby....why isnt this a fragrance!?! grandson is almost 3 and evern now, after a bath he smells like heaven...some things about babies cannot be duplicated and this is one of those...

  12. Belle is wonderful! Really enjoyed the post. I was obsessed with my girls' feet when they were newborns. My favorite thing to do while breastfeeding was to watch the 4pm episode of Oprah!

  13. She's absolutely adorable, Emily! I'm so happy for you and Tyler! My husband and I have a little girl (4 years old) and trust me, it only gets better and better! I still look at her and am overwhelmed with love and the joy she's brought into our lives!
    You have some good times ahead!

  14. Perfect blogpost!:) She is soooo cute, sweet, adorable :)

  15. Aww she's so cute!!! My daughter will be turning two next week and this post reminded me of those first newborn days, it is giving me a little bit of baby fever 😉 and may I offer some advice on the breastfeeding pain? I thought too that it would hurt a little bit then get better, but for me it was getting worse, it got so bad at one point that I would cry every time I had to feed her and I thought that was normal. It wasn't until we took her for one her second monthly check up that the doctor told me it was thrush. I had never heard about it so I didn't know that was possible so if your pain gets worse talk to your doctor about it. Anyway, best of luck with baby Belle, she's absolutely precious!!

  16. Yup, you got it all about right so far. :) You're doing great! If I may offer a tip, take a nap at least once a day when Belle does. You may want to spend that time doing other things but you'll feel like a brand new woman after a nap and be better equipped to handle a fussy baby. Soon enough, she'll be sleeping through the night and you will be getting better sleep. She's a beautiful dolly, that Belle!

  17. Emily, she's so precious!! My own baby is already 12 years old, and the time has just flown by. She's brought me more joy than I ever dreamed possible, and I wish the same for you and Tyler.

  18. Hi Emily - love this post, the pics and the sweet person you are! Thought I'd mention when I first nursed, I had soreness too & come to find out my babe was not latching on quite right (how was I supposed to know!). We both had to learn a bit - she had to open really wide (I actually gently pullled her chin down to help her open wide) and I had to get enough of the nipple in so she just wasn't just getting the end and thus creating soreness for me. I was told is she was latched correctly I really shouldn't experience pain & her latched lips would look like the outer part of a rose bud (hard to visualize on this context!). Anyway, hope thst makes sense. Keep up the great momma - ing!

  19. Your Belle is so adorable! My little guy is nine months old and I can definitely relate to all of the things you learn/worry about with a baby. The talk of poop is still openly discussed at nine months, ha! :]

    (If responding, please email or comment a blog post of mine.)

  20. Baby Belle is so lovely! Congratulations!!

    -Mary |

  21. I have two kids myself. But Belle is seriously cute!

  22. It's so fun to hear about how things are going with Belle! You mentioned the Lansinoh cream, which I used also -it was great. When that Bita Agave lip mask stuff came out I read someone's description of the consistency and immediately thought of Lansinoh. So I looked up the ingredients and yep, it's just lanolin with a few other things for flavor and a huge price tag. I bet it would be easy to add things to the Lansinoh cream (sugar, tequilla- for the agave of course:-) and come up with a great cheaper alternative.

  23. Can you imagine breast feeding before there was cable. OH WOW I can recite dialogue from I Love Lucy backwards and forwards..3 am and it was always the one where Lucy and Ethel stole John Wayne's footprints. You will thank your lucky stars you had Belle first...I always tell my son if we had him first he'd be an only child. Colic, 3 broken bones from sports, 2 chipped front teeth from roller hockey when he was 6...2 more chipped teeth from tag football on the street after his adult teeth had grown in...yes, for a mom - girls restore your faith and boys break your heart. Peace baby, it only gets better.

  24. Happy ONE month baby Belle

  25. I love your observations as a new momma :) Your baby is too cute and I agree on everything you said! Mine is now 1 and I'm still learning, too.

  26. And just as a head's up - as Belle gets older - don't wear dangling earrings...sounds obvious but I learned the hard way - my son grabbed the hoop and yanked hard OUCH!

  27. Belle is so cute <3
    and pretty like her mother :)

  28. It only gets better as they get older. Some challenges become easier while new challenges rear their ugly heads. I have four kids myself, my last of which was a baby girl born August 29. For a great nursing bra I'd recommend the bravado under under wire one. If you want some pretty nursing brass check out . They have the most beautiful netting brass that aren't so maternal looking. I'm not affiliated with them I'm just a customer.

  29. Baby Belle is beautiful I can't wait to see her grow! :)

    Check out my blog, comment or follow!! :)

  30. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a positive proponent and normalizing breastfeeding!!!

  31. I nominated you for The Liebster Award Challenge. Go to my blog for more info!(:

  32. Lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other?
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  33. I've enjoyed every step you went through during this "first" pregnancy. I followed your updates as if you were family...and in a way you are!
    I'm glad you're writing about you & Tyler-the before and after Belle Violet. Love is in the air and I can feel it. Belle has these treasures, that as she becomes older, she'll watch and read, feeling the love her presence had brought to your lives.

    The firstborn is always special. You get to love all your children, but Belle will be Belle. I have 2 daughters, Leslie 21, and Andrea 17, and I love both to death. But although the amount of love is the same (no child will ever replace another), my first one was "our trainer", first daughter, first grand child, first niece in my family. Leslie was a difficult baby, but she slept all night long after her 3rd week. I felt blessed by that and many many other aspects of her character...but the decision was made: she would be an only child.
    Breastfeeding her was a terrible experience, and I gave up after a month and a half.
    Then 3 and half years later, there came the most beautiful baby girl, Andrea Julianna. I breastfed her for almost 5 months straight, for I had prepared myself the best I could. Then 3 and a half year old Leslie broke my heart when she told me that "she was also hungry." I loved to breastfeed, for I felt a loving connection to my new baby! But I couldn't help to feel guilty for Leslie, so I stopped breastfeeding. It was so hard to do, both physically and emotionally speaking. However, the closeness with my second born turned it out to be permanent. To this date, we still have a special relationship that started when I successfully breastfed her. I had your same experience of sore nipples with Leslie as you are experiencing with Belle. I even felt like yelling every time my baby latched, though the pain was gone while breastfeeding her. Emily, don't give shall pass.

    Keep writing and video taping Belle. Those are memories that will be your joy as you see her become a little young baby.

    One advice: every time she turns another month, set the same background to take a picture of your baby on her 1st month, 2nd month, and so on. I did it with Andrea, and I find it to be a great way to see her growth month by month.
    My first born Leslie was photographed and taped almost every day!

    May God be with you and your beautiful growing family.

    Helga Lespier
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  34. In the 5th paragraph, I should have written "...a little young lady"

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Emily, I hope you don't mind, but I have a couple suggestions. Put a little breast milk on your nipples and let them air dry. Also, after a shower or nursing session, put your hair dryer on warm and dry your nipples. I had a precious little Great Grandmother give me these tips. Worked.

  37. Just now getting to read this post but I've been of course keeping up with your Instagram feed and I've been watching little Bell get bigger and bigger by the day! I hope you had a wonderful New Year's celebration with your loved ones. Much love and the best of wishes for you and your family this year(:

    -Essentially Stephanie:

  38. You should do a nursing tops/fashion video!

  39. You should do a nursing tops/fashion video!

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