Tarte Kiss & Belle LipSurgence Lip Set

Hi everyone!
Hope your week is off to a great start! I've been busy trying out lots of different 2014 holiday palettes and gift sets-- you can expect to see lots of reviews here, on my Express channel, and also on my main channel. Today I'm chatting about a set that shares a name with my daughter! :) The Kiss & Belle set from Tarte retails for $34 on Ulta's website. (This kit was sent to me by Tarte, by the way.) It seems every year Tarte comes out with a set of mini LipSurgence lip colors, and this one seems to offer the most variety that I've seen... you're getting several different finishes and textures, and I also think the overall color selection is more varied compared to kits in the past. Here's what you're getting...
  • 2 LipSurgence Matte Lip Tints (Eternal & Fancy)
  • 4 LipSurgence Lip Tints (Dreamy, Alluring, Innocent & Dainty)
  • 2 LipSurgence (Kiss & Belle)

FYI: This is a limited edition set- so these are new colors that aren't already part of Tarte's line. 
 (Click to enlarge)
Left to right: Eternal, Dreamy, Kiss, Alluring, Innocent, Belle, Dainty, Fancy
Something to be aware of with the LipSurgence line is the scent. The little twist-up sticks (both the mattes and the tints) have a very minty scent and cool feel on the lips. Personally, I enjoy it, but I know some people really aren't a fan of minty lip products. As for the glosses, they have a very sweet, almost vanilla-type scent. 
(Left: Eternal, Right: Fancy)
I LOVE Tarte's Matte LipSurgence products. They aren't the least bit drying on me, and have such full color compared to the traditional LipSurgence tints. The staying power is awesome as well. In fact, Fancy has been on my lips since this morning and now at 3:40 in the afternoon, it's still going strong! While you know I love a good berry shade, I also enjoy Eternal as well. It's such a flattering coral color! 
(Top left: Dreamy, top right: Alluring, bottom left: Innocent, bottom right: Dainty)
The regular lip tints are more like tinted lip balms. I have many of these in my collection, and I find that this format of LipSurgence can really run the gamut in terms of pigmentation. Some are quite sheer, while others are just as full color as a classic lipstick. The feeling on the lips is more lightweight and shiny compared to the matte version. While these tend to feel more moisturizing, I find they don't last as long as the mattes. I think Dreamy, the bold fuchsia, is the strongest of this bunch. I also really like Alluring- it strikes me as the kind of shade that would look good on anyone, for any occasion (FYI: for some reason the outer packaging of this one says it's matte... clearly it's a mistake, and it's not classified as a matte on Ulta's site). Innocent is a soft pinky-nude, and I found it to be pretty sheer, while Dainty is a classic pink.
(Left: Kiss, Right: Belle)
I think it was a great idea for Tarte to incorporate a couple of their LipSurgence glosses in this kit. In the past, it seems like it's one or the other-- either you're getting an entire set of LipSurgence sticks, or an entire set of glosses. Here you not only get two kinds of finishes in the sticks, but also a couple of ultra shiny glosses. Kiss is a sheer pink with golden sparkle. I really think it's showing up extra pink in this picture because my lips were somewhat stained that way after trying on the other colors. Belle (fabulous name! ;) is a creamy berry gloss with no shimmer. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. These glosses are a little tacky, but overall, I find them to be less sticky than the brand's older Maracuja formula. Frankly, I like a gloss to be just a little tacky because it improves the staying power and prevents the gloss from drifting outside my lip line. 

If you keep up with my videos, you already know I'm a fan of LipSurgence. I had a pretty good idea that I was going to enjoy this kit before I even tried it-- but I was still eager to see if the overall color selection would be better than LipSurgence kits from the past. I truly think this is one of the best yet. Brights, nude, pink, coral... there's a nice variety in this set- plus a couple of glosses to add to the mix! If you're a total lip product junkie, you know you don't REALLY need a bunch of full-size lip colors... let's face it, you just won't use them up. Here you get a nice sampling of products that are still generously sized. Well done, Tarte! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I really like reviewing larger lip sets on here because I think you can scroll through the pictures and easily get a sense of the color selection. 

Daily Nuggets...
  • First- Hi Tyler! (He tells me he'll click on my blog, look at the pictures, and scroll to the nuggets :) 
  • Belle is being awfully sweet today. I swore she said "ma" while on the play mat earlier. Could just be a fluke. Or maybe she's a genius!! :)
  • So much sun shining through the windows... Cupcake is in sunbeam heaven.
  • Why couldn't the Cardinals make it to the World Series??
  • We went to the mall over the weekend- momma needed to get out of the house. While Belle was definitely behaving, I couldn't help but feel like she could start wailing at any moment. It was a VERY efficient trip to Ulta & Payless. I found a pair of light brown flats in record time! 


  1. I am always excited to see a blog post from you!! I am not sure if I will be indulging in this Tarte set but I have been really enjoying their stick blush I purchased recently. They are not new, but new to me- great staying power and even better if you layer them with a powder blush on top. PS...Belle is probably a genius!!

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  2. This is such a cute set! I have never tried any of the Tarte lip products, so this is a great chance to try a bunch of them. Thanks for reviewing. x


  3. You've pushed me over the edge on this set.

    Also-- don't worry so much when you're out with the baby. I was just like that with my first, but with the second, I realized that the WORST that happens is that the baby has a meltdown, and you leave. Also, most people have had kids, and we've all been there if we do! When I see a screaming child (now that I've had kids), I feel only sympathy for the poor parent and no judging whatsoever! Besides, worrying can ruin the trip even if they do behave-- I'm a worrier myself.

  4. i would really like to buy this set! I've only tried one of Tarte's lipsurgences and I'm desperate to try a few more :)

  5. Wow, who knew Belle would get a set named after her so soon :-) Great review as always.

    1. I always see your friendly comments. You must have really good taste, seeing as I keep running into you. :)


  6. Hi Emily, I hope you get to read this!
    I just wanted to point out that you are looking absolutely flawless here and your skin looks sooo beautiful, healthy, and glowy!

    And as always, you have convinced me to pick up this set!
    You are such an inspiration to me, I look up to you to become a better beauty blogger and someday a YouTube beauty guru!

    Thank you for being the true and honest person that you are and thank you for inspiring me and so many others!!

    -Mary | wndr14lnds.blogspot.com

  7. I'm thinking I know what I'm asking for Christmas or maybe even a sad day gift for myself. Nothing like retail therapy to ease the pain ! Love you Emily! :)

  8. Thank you for the review, Emily! I'm patiently waiting on your review of Tarte's Away Qui Go as well as the Everything Nice set from Too Faced. You've always steered me in the right direction as far as makeup products are concerned, so I'm sure your insights on those sets will be faultless as well. :)

    Kissel │www.palettesnferrules.com

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  10. I enjoy your reviews & videos! Belle is a little doll...p.s. It's OK for babies to cry in public :)

  11. that's awesome! I love how there are different finishes, and everything always looks so great on you!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  12. Thanks for the review, this would make a great gift I think :) and ditto to the "efficiency of shopping trips" with little ones. Took my six week old out yesterday to target and got a little carried away, forgetting the time between feedings. Two hours to the minute she let me have it at checkout!

  13. you look gorgeous !! how's your melasma ? kisses to the three of you from Belgium

  14. I've just discovered these lip pencils after making a sneaky Sephora haul to the UK. I love them I'm a bit gutted I can't just nip to a store and buy them all!

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

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  15. oh boy this is a beautiful set! every color looks so wearable and pretty ♥‿♥

  16. Well, I think I know the first thing to go on my Christmas list this year! I never used to wwear lip products really, but have started to more recently and this sounds like a good mix to try out. Thank you for another wonderful review , and glad to hear you had a nice little outing with Miss Belle!

  17. I've been meaning to buy this set it looks like a great deal!! Might have to go pick one up, great post!!

    Check out my blog, comment or follow!! :)

  18. Emily, your reviews really help me make good choices on how to spend my limited beauty budget. This set is a perfect example of that... I placed the order not long after reading this review, received it today, and... Holy Wow! This is possibly one of the best beauty buys I've ever made, for all the reasons you stated up there. I absolutely love it (and so will my teeny holiday-party evening bag, when the time comes)! With all the pretty, wearable lip goodies to play with in this one affordable set, I feel like I got tremendous bang for the bucks. So, thank you!

  19. Looks great~!! Not sure if the sephora in my country will bring it in...

  20. Looks great~!! Not sure if the sephora in my country will bring it in...

  21. Is Eternal really coral? I see swatches that show and list it as a pinky nude, but on you it definitely is coral...I really want the color it shows on you.

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