Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Must Haves for Peach Lovers!

Hey everyone!
Hope you're having a great week!! Just wanted to share my latest scent obsession-- which you already got a peek at if you saw my latest haul video. First off, peach scents are definitely my jam. There's something so fresh, invigorating, and sweet-but-not-too-sweet about peachy scents. And the more authentic that peach scent is, the better. I've noticed during my many trips to Ulta that The Body Shop's line is always sold out of the Body Butter in Vineyard Peach. But a couple of weeks ago- buried behind a few others (like someone was saving it for themselves? lol), I FOUND PEACH. After one quick whiff of this (and some quick whiffs of the other scents-- I wasn't in a rush!) I realized what the fuss was about! 
The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter ($20,
When a scent wins me over, my normally practical attention to cost seems to go out the window. While $20 might seem a bit steep for body lotion, you are getting a whopping 6.7 ounces, which I think it pretty awesome. I love the texture of this, and have it in my nightly rotation of creams (I've been moisturizing my pregnant belly a LOT). While it's thick, it still absorbs nicely and the moisture hangs around for so long! I like to shower at night, and when I use this afterward, go to bed, and get up in the morning... I still feel quite moisturized! And while the intoxicatingly good peach scent isn't as strong as it was at first, it still lingers. 
 The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel ($8,
Why buy just one peachy product when there's also a shower gel available? Same delicious scent with this one! It lathers up wonderfully and makes the whole shower experience just that much more enjoyable. And get this-- Ulta's website says "peach kernel oil from hand-picked peaches leaves skin feeling soft and smooth." How cool is that? Also, this is a soap-free formula-- and those tend to be less drying on the skin. Love it!

Who else out there is a Vineyard Peach addict? Or are there other Body Shop scents that you think rival this one? Let me know in the comments section! I've been very pleased with these products from The Body Shop... and not having an actual Body Shop store near me-- Ulta is my next best thing for scent-sampling. This brings back a childhood memory- when my sister and I would go shopping (wherever we were- gift shops, drugstores, etc.) we would stop and smell the candles and I remember referring to that as my "aromatherapy". LOL! 

Daily Nuggets...
  • As of today, I am 20 weeks pregnant! Halfway there!!
  • We had an appointment yesterday & got to see #babybroadcast on the ultrasound! She was moving around and showing off for us. So cool to see! I'll be vlogging about that soon.
  • Cupcake makes another surprise appearance in today's Beauty Broadcast Express review. She just can't stay away.
  • Big thanks to those of you who told me that Panera's broccoli cheddar soup can be found at Target! I found it in the cooler section & snatched it up!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Shopping My Stash for Single Shadows!

Hi everyone!
I hope you've had a good week-- mine has been pretty busy with lots of randomness on top of Beauty Broadcast-related stuff! Anyway- today I wanted to focus on an area of my "stash" that's been getting neglected... single eyeshadows. I tend to go a little palette-crazy... when I'm thinking about what kind of eye look to do for the day, my mind instantly goes to my palettes. But I'm loaded with fabulous singles that need some love, too! Surely I'm not the only one who falls into this rut! Whenever I notice that a certain part of my collection isn't getting a lot of use, it helps me to "shop my stash", and just pull a few things aside that I can make a point to use. Not only does seeing a little basket jog your memory, but it's less overwhelming than looking at ALL the single shadows in your collection. Also, shopping your own collection is the cheapest shopping you can do! :) 
I decided to just go through and pull out 10 eyeshadows that I'm really excited to use. I didn't pin myself down to certain colors or finishes or brands... I just grabbed whatever I wanted and didn't feel like I was using enough. Here's what I chose! :)
Lighter Neutrals
  • L'oreal Infallible in Endless Pearl... this is a great highlight that actually has very little shimmer. It's great to soften the edges of other colors. 
  • ELF Baked Eyeshadow in Toasted... I randomly swatched this during a review for a different product earlier this week and was reminded of how pretty this rose gold is. 
  • Sigma Eyeshadow in Topaz... This was totally one of my colors of the summer last year! I love this warm, matte brown. It's so pretty sheered out just above a deeper shade in your crease. Gorgeous!

Deeper Neutrals
  • Burberry Shadow in Midnight Brown... My pal Kristin gifted me two Burberry shadows and they are almost too beautiful to use! Seriously- everything from the shadow itself to the packaging is stunning. And this shadow is just so wearable. I'm sometimes funny about expensive shadows- it's like I want to sit them on a shelf and look at them for fear of using them up. Now I'm telling myself... life is short- enjoy the eyeshadow! :)
  • Sephora Outrageous Prisma Chrome in Outrageous Metallic Taupe... A deeper, more grey-ish taupe than Midnight Brown. I remember getting several shadows of this kind in a big sale last year.
  • Sigma Eyeshadow in Hitch... A cool, dark matte brown. I thought it'd be great used alongside any other shadow I pulled from my collection.

Colorful Shadows
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Shadow in Pop Pistachio... This shade just screams SPRING to me! It's so beautiful. I'd love to pop this on my lid or on my lower lashline. 
  • Sally Girl Shadow in Lilac... Maybe it's because I've been drooling over lilac nurseries on Pinterest, but I was just drawn to this shade when I saw it in my drawer.
  • Mally Effortless Airbrush Shadow in Sugarplum... I love how this purple is somewhat deep- but still really has that purple pop on your eyes (sometimes plums don't show their color as much once you blend them out). I had forgotten how amazing this formula is. The shadow actually feels the slightest bit spongy!
  • Burberry Eyeshadow in Mulberry... The second of my beautiful Burberry shadows! When I look at this color, I see some plum AND burgundy. It makes a gorgeous smokey eye! 

So that wraps up my latest round of stash shopping! Is there anything in your collection that's not getting the attention it deserves? 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I'm so sorry I had to miss Beauty Broadcast Live yesterday! I realized at the last minute that I had a dentist appointment scheduled for that day. I do have the sweetest hygienist on the planet (plus she flosses with such painless speed!) but I still really missed getting to chat with the #bblive gang! 
  • I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! Any fun plans? It'll be pretty low-key on our end... we had family down a weekend early. Wish they were all still here! 
  • I have a new Get Ready with Me video all finished up & ready to upload! I plan to get that posted tomorrow. 
  • I forgot to do my "bumpdate" on Instagram this week! On Wednesday I hit 18 weeks! I believe I've felt some little movements over the past couple of days!! It's awesome. It feels like little flutters, and if I'm laying really still, I can definitely notice them. So cool!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mini Haul: Tarina Tarantino Makeup

Hey everyone!
Hope you're having a good day! :) I just wanted to share a mini haul of some things I got when Tarina Tarantino products were on Hautelook. I don't have much from this brand (just one eyeshadow palette), so I thought I'd get a few things to try. I believe this brand was once sold at Sephora, but it doesn't appear to be there anymore. You can still buy things at If you're not familiar with Hautelook, they feature brands (beauty, fashion, home, etc) at discounted prices. Sales of certain brands only run for a few days at a time (TT is not on there at the moment), but I thought that this post might be useful down the line if the brand is back on there again! Also- the packaging on these products is absolutely AMAZING. Some of the prettiest lipstick tubes I've ever seen! So I had to share! :) 
Jewel Shadow Palette in Delightful 
(Originally $32, Hautelook price: $15)
There were a number of 5-color eye palettes being sold during the sale, but this one really appealed to me because of the neutrals (of course), and it seemed SUPER similar to the Dior palette in Rosy Tan- which people seem to love. I haven't used this on my eyes yet, but from what I can tell by the swatches, the textures of these shadows are really nice. I like how a matte brown is included as well. I love the oval-shaped packaging as well as the mirror inside the palette. So nice! 
Conditioning Lip Sheen in Pink Elephant & Watermelon Wow 
(Originally $22, Hautelook price: $12)
Are these BEAUTIFUL or what?! I'm not even talking about the lipsticks themselves (yet). The tubes are a beautifully shiny gunmetal with a T on the top and rhinestones all the way around. There's such a luxurious, expensive-feeling weight to these as well. The caps really press down tightly over the product. They just scream QUALITY. As for the textures of the lipsticks, they're super smooth and creamy, lightweight, and comfortable. They'd be on the opposite end of the spectrum from a dry, matte lipstick. They have a beautiful shine after you apply them that the camera isn't really picking up on. But my lips just feel plush and smooth with these on (and they were feeling VERY dry before). 
 Left: Pink Elephant, Right: Watermelon Wow
I'm not sure which color I like best! Pink Elephant is a super wearable, soft pink. Watermelon Wow isn't overly bright, which I like. It seems like an everyday rosy color... but definitely not as strong as an all-out red. I wouldn't say these lipsticks are sheer, but they are kind of buildable. I seem to get a lighter amount of color with the first pass around my lips-- in the pics above, I went around my lips twice. So happy with these! 

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up on those items, and maybe you can catch them next time around on Hautelook! I wish the brand was a bit more accessible, but you can also find this stuff on the Tarina Tarantino website, which I've linked to above. I'll be sure to update you on how that 5-color eye palette worked out! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Uploading today's #bbexpress review! And a Target haul will be coming later on the main channel! 
  • I got some really sweet letters & gifts in my PO Box today! You guys are incredibly kind!! It's really blowing my mind. If you write to me, make sure to include your return address so I can write back! :) 
  • Has anyone tried the Confetti Cake Blizzard from Dairy Queen? I'm tempted. 
  • A really clean & uncluttered kitchen makes me so happy. It takes no time at all for mail & random stuff to pile up, but I actually feel less stress when it's all put away. 
  • Wednesday a.k.a. hump day = bump day for me! Today I went into week 17 of my pregnancy! If you want more info, check out my latest pregnancy vlog (posted yesterday)

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Too Faced Natural Eye: Old vs. New

Hi everyone!
In this post I want to take a closer look at the differences between the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, and the newly-released, updated version- Natural Eyes (which was sent to me by Too Faced). The palette is $36, and while you still might find some old versions lingering online, I imagine the new kind will start taking over in Ulta and Sephora stores soon. I remember when I bought the original Natural Eye years ago... it was my first ever trip to an Ulta! :) Anyway, updating palettes seems to be something Too Faced likes to do... remember when they added a few different shades to the Summer Eye palette last year? Now, they're touting three new shades in the new Natural Eyes palette. I actually think there are just two new shades and one re-named shade, but I'll get into that more in a minute. There's a pretty obvious packaging update for the new palette as well... the old one has the somewhat bulky, cardboard exterior, while the new one is metal and much more thin. So you could say, the palette slimmed down and firmed up :)
(enlarge picture to see more detail!)
I just wanted to show you the swatches from each palette so you can see the differences side-by-side. The shades that claim to be different in the updated version are Nudie (bottom left), Cashmere Bunny (top center),  and Chocolate Martini (lower right). I noticed a bit of a texture difference in the matte off-white shade, Heaven... it feels a bit more creamy and smooth in the original version. Other than that, all of the other shades are the same. If you notice any differences in the pictures, I assure you that it's just the way they caught the light... in person all the remaining shades (besides Heaven) feel/look exactly the same. With the changes, you now have four matte shades in the new palette compared to 3 in the original. 
Left to right: Nudie, Cashmere Bunny, Chocolate Martini
So what are we getting with these new colors? Nudie replaces the highly shimmer, glitter-packed color Nude Beach from the original palette... I'm really happy about this switch. Nude Beach was super flaky and with Nude, you have a pigmented, matte color that will be nice as a transition shade. Cashmere Bunny replaces Velvet Revolver in the original palette... which was also a matte shade, but it wasn't quite as deep. So I'm also happy about this change, because Cashmere Bunny makes a terrific soft crease color that provides a bit more impact than Velvet Revolver did. Finally, we have Chocolate Martini, which replaces Cocoa Puff. It's a brown with gold shimmer... but wait, isn't that what Cocoa Puff was, too? 
Left: Cocoa Puff (original palette), Chocolate Martini (new palette)
Those shades look exactly alike to me. Too Faced actually highlights Chocolate Martini as a new shade on their website, which kind of annoys me. It's just been re-named, but it looks and feels the same. Why not just say there were two new shades when that's really all that changed? 

While I think Too Faced did make some good changes to the Natural Eye with the addition of two new matte shades, overall I don't love the concept of just slightly re-making a palette. So many of us love to collect palettes... wouldn't it have been cool to have a Natural Eye volume 2 with totally new colors? That's my vote. Personally, I don't think it's worth it to pick up the new version of this palette if you already have the old one... you're only getting two different colors, and they're pretty basic-- you could probably hunt down dupes for Nudie or Cashmere Bunny in your collection! If you DON'T already own the Natural Eye and are contemplating this new version, I think you're getting a stepped up product, overall. Matte basics, fun metallic pops, and shadows that are deep and dark enough for a smokey eye. I hope that analysis makes sense! :) I also wanted to show a couple of looks that I've done with the new Natural Eyes palette...
Lid: Silk Teddy & Push-Up
Crease: Cashmere Bunny
Outer Corner: A hint of Sexpresso
Highlight: Heaven
Lower Lashline: Push-Up
Lid: Honey Pot
Crease: Sexpresso
Just Above Crease: Nudie
Highlight: Heaven
Lower Lashline: Sexpresso

Daily Nuggets...
  • We had some heavy rain roll through today! You may have heard some rumbles this morning during Beauty Broadcast Live! (there was also a part 2 today due to a glitch!) More severe weather is expected in my area tonight :(
  • I also mentioned this during the live show, but I finally got a PO Box! Feel free to drop me a note and we can be pen pals! :) The address is Emily Eddington PO Box 460 Carterville, IL 62918.
  • Having one of those afternoons where I'm "pregnancy picky". I just don't know what I want to eat, but I know I'm hungry. And a lot of things don't sound good.
  • Who saw Idol last night? I thought all of the contestants had a really strong night!! I especially loved Sam & Dexter's performances. We'll see who goes home tonight!