Thursday, September 4, 2014

Whose Nursery Is It Anyway?

Hi everyone!
I just finished up the day's editing tasks and thought I'd write up a quick blog post. I meant for it to be makeup-related, but when I was walking down the hall and spotted a certain someone hanging out in the nursery, I snapped yet another picture and thought this would be a good time to share Cupcake's nursery obsession. In case you're not familiar with Cupcake a.k.a. "the cake" a.k.a. Baker a.k.a. Bean a.k.a... you get the idea-- she has lots of nicknames... she's our first baby. We adopted her from a shelter back in 2010, not long after we moved into our first house. She was only a few months old at the time. She is such a sweet girl and has been so good with all the adjustments of moving to a new home. But it seems that the place she feels the most "at home" in this house is the nursery. 
From the very beginning (back in June) when the room was just a lavender-colored landing spot for bags and boxes, she became infatuated with a new phenomenon... skylights. Large, uninterrupted rectangles of sunbeams to lay in?! She was in love.
Once we actually started assembling baby stuff in "her" room... she was there to let us know where furniture was NOT allowed. 
Oh, you've added a Pack-n-Play? Thanks for the additional spot to enjoy the sunbeams. 
I suppose I can hang out in my tunnel... until the sunbeams come out again.
A new glider?! Don't mind if I do!
 Now there are blinds... I believe these are meant for creeping on the neighbors.
The window seat is so much better now that you've added a comfy blanket! Thanks mom!
My sweet Cupcake loves the nursery! Most afternoons when I'm working on videos, she's in there lounging the day away. I wonder what she'll do when she realizes she has to share? 
For now, we're all getting plenty of rest until Belle makes her arrival! Well, some of us more than others ;) I'm now 38 weeks along, and continue to see the doctor on a weekly basis. I know anything can happen at this point, but I think he figures I'll be back in for another appointment this coming Tuesday. I'm such a mix of emotions as the days tick closer to my due date - September 17th! I'm a little nervous, scared, excited... but most of all, so grateful. I'm about to embark one of the most exciting phases of life... isn't it strange how I won't know exactly what day everything will change? One thing is for sure... Tyler and I already have so much love in our hearts for this little person who we've yet to meet. And I think there's a four-legged big sister who knows something big is about to happen, too. =^..^=

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