ColourPop Sundays in Silverlake Collection

Hi Everyone!
TGIF! :) After seeing some of the gorgeous new summer releases from ColourPop, I had to place an order! One of the things that I didn't even have to think twice about getting was the Sundays in Silverlake Lippie Stix collection. After initially buying the In Bloom collection awhile back (see my haul for details), I got to try several Lippie Stix and was really pleased with the creamy formula, the pigmented colors, and also the slim design that makes precise application really easy. (FYI: I have no connection to ColourPop-- these products were purchased by me & I received no compensation. As usual!) Anyway- at a glance, I really liked the vast selection of colors and finishes in this kit, and the $30 price tag for six shades didn't hurt either! One more thing- I've never tried a frosty (a.k.a. shimmer loaded) Lippie Stix from ColourPop, and that makes me happy. None of these contain any shimmer either. 
This collection comes in a cute box that slides open...
To reveal the six full-size Lippie Stix, all snug in their bed.
Top to bottom: Ace, Parker, Chella, Thirsty, Pasties, Cougar
(FYI- since I needed to charge my digital camera battery, these are all iPhone pics.)
Ace (Cream)
I think the cream formula is my favorite from ColourPop. Super rich, and I love this fully opaque pinky nude. Also looks nice paired with a slightly deeper, neutral lip liner like MAC Whirl. 
Parker (Matte)
I LOVE this shade but I'm having trouble coming up with a good description... it's like a caramel color without too much tan & a bit of rose? That works. The matte shades aren't exactly difficult to apply, but they don't glide on with as much ease as the other formulas. Still, it's not drying on my lips once it's applied. This shade might be fun to blend with Ace. 
Chella (cream)
A full-colored creamy peach! I dig it, especially with this warm neutral eye look. Another tidbit on these... they smell good- especially the cream formula. Kinda like vanilla or cookies or something really tasty like that.  
Thirsty (satin)
A soft berry that has just the teeniest bit of shine on the lips- but not as much as the cream formula. Basically what you'd expect from a satin finish. I have a ton of lipsticks in this general tone, but there's always room for more & I love it!
Pasties (Hyper-glossy)
IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOR. So delightful and bright!! The first Lippie Stix in the Hyper Glossy formula I tried was a lighter color, and I wasn't all that thrilled with it. But I adore the way this fuchsia shade is coming off! So fun! The shiniest of the bunch.
Cougar (Matte)
I feel like I'm channeling some old school glamour in this pic! This is a super rich pinky-red... more red than pink though. And the slim design of the "stix" is MUCH appreciated with colors like this that are so bold! I didn't have to slave over the application and still got it pretty clean. Love!

To say I recommend this collection would be an understatement! If you're just starting with ColourPop, I think this is the perfect sampling of shades. You get nudes, coral, pink, berry, red-- it's perfect! Plus you can see which finishes you prefer and take that into consideration with any future purchases. This isn't the only thing I ordered recently from the site- I also got some bronzers, highlights and eyeshadows as well! Would you like to see a haul video? Let me know! 
 Other key products I'm wearing...
  • Cover Girl Stay Luminous Foundation #842 
  • ELF Studio HD Lifting Concealer in Brightening
  • Milani Bronzer XL in Dolci
  • ColourPop Blush in Birthday Suit
  • ColourPop Highlighter in Lunch Money
  • ELF Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palette in Naked
  • ELF Studio Lash Collection in Everyday (the half lash)

Daily Nuggets...
  • Cannot believe I just completed an entire blog post in one sitting! Thanks for the morning nap, Belle!
  • Just spilled coffee down the front of my white shirt. Fortunately it was a $5 Walmart white shirt. 
  • Life is messy these days- why spend a lot on shirts for bumming around the house?
  • I had a major iMovie fail last night!! For some reason I couldn't export the TydayFriday video. Could not find a solution! Ended up shooting a video of my completed video off of the computer and re-imported, then exported. Yes, I'm an importer-exporter. The quality is not perfect, but it's gonna have to do!
  • I feel like I'm slap happy & they day really isn't even in full swing yet.
  • Bub and I have this thing were we make a silly face at the other person and hold it until they look up. It's quite fun. 
  • I'll have a new beauty-related video coming tomorrow. Clue: ELF-related.
  • Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Can't wait to get out in the pool!


  1. I love the look of all of these. I have heard some really good things about this brand too x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. I have never tried anything from this brand. Actually, I just heard of it a week or so ago! I am in love with Pasties. That colour is GORGEOUS.

  3. Yes! Please do a haul video! That'll be fun. I love ColourPop! It's good to mention that they're giving away a special limited edition eyeshadow with every order till Monday. It's to celebrate their one year anniversary.

  4. The colours of these look amazing! I think I may need to place an order

    CharlotteSamantha //

  5. All of the shades look so pretty on you! Yes please please please film a haul :)

  6. Gorgeous colors, I like them all.

  7. Ahhh was thinking of getting this! I love their shadows too!

  8. Haha you're an importer-exporter :)

    This collection looks awesome!! I also appreciate how closely the color of the tube matches to the color of the lipstick - they did a great job with that. Hope you're well, and thanks so much for posting!

  9. Those colors are beautiful! Really want to try this set now!!

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  11. So sad looks like this collection is already sold out!! I blame you lol but look at all the pull you have!

  12. You should do more mom

  13. You should do more mom

  14. Have a blessed weekend Emily!

  15. Parker looks especially great! I definitely need to try some of these out!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  16. You look gorgeous in all of these lip shades! My favorite is in the color, "Pasties."
    Unique Geek

  17. I also placed an order on colourpop recently! I am so excited to get my new stuff because I have never tried anything from them!!

  18. I have been wanting to try ColourPop for the last year and still never have. Love the lippies! I am a HUGE eye shadow fanatic, but lately, lip products are running very close behind. Going now to watch a few of your videos. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews of products Emily!

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  20. We have basically the same coloring, skin and hair and eye, so I love reading your reviews! I have bought several products (mainly foundations!) based on how they work for you. (I do have to skip some things because I have super-duper dry skin though.) I think of these lipsticks, my favorite color is the Parker (matte). Looks great on you!

  21. Great price for 6 shades and all wearable.


  22. Thanks for the review :)

    you`re so beautiful.

  23. Love all of the colors they look great and they look even great on you! Thanks for the post!

  24. Really love those lipsticks! I never get tired of trying out my favorite color families - berries and pinks. We have the same taste in colors! thanks for the review!

  25. Great swatch I love their lipsticks but the matte's do give off a bit of sheen, I am wearing the matte color tootsi in this look below...

    I can't wait to get my hands on their new liquid ultra matte's!

  26. I still can't believe the quality of the ColourPop products for such an amazing price point. I'm completely impressed with what I've purchased so far. These swatches/live shots are perfect! We're of the same coloring so I can really tell what products will look like on me. Stacie xo

  27. These colors are so pretty! Really want to get my hands on these but can't find a retailer. *Sighs*

    1. Are they not on the site anymore? ColourPop is not in retail stores.

  28. OMG I love your blog
    i'd love it if you could check out my blog and follow if you like it

  29. The Cougar shade goes great with your skin, looking fab!

    ISA Professional

  30. I'm actually loving that Cougar one! I don't usually like red/pink toned lipsticks but that's such a stunning colour! X

    Palm prints and summer evenings over on-

  31. I miss your blog so much Emily! I still check back every week or so to see if there is a new post 😂 I know you're super busy though. Love you!!

  32. I bought a few colorpop lipstick, blush and highlighter a couple month ago. All their products are very pigmented. However I found the lipsticks (the three I have are all satin finish)are too dry than my liking. I have very moisturizing lip balm underneath but still find it too difficult to apply evenly. Left dry patches on my lips. Very disappointed. Glad they all look beautifully on you .What doesn't though. Lol.

  33. Filming a haul would be a very great idea. All these colours look amazing, especially on this pretty and beautiful face. I loved the Pasties and Chella the most, though for me Chella shade is all time favourite. For more visit @

  34. Wow these shades are looking damn perfect, i think any woman would want to have these.

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