Friday, November 6, 2015

Another Look: Maybelline Lip Gloss Palette

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Second blog of the week, yay! Actually, what prompted this blog were all the comments and questions about a palette that I featured in an "Under $25" palette/gift set video a couple of weeks ago. More recently, fellow YouTuber Tati a.k.a. GlamLifeGuru did a video on this palette. She's an awesome reviewer, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! While she enjoyed this palette, I did not, and I noticed many of you asking me for clarification, new swatches, a second try, etc. So I thought I'd do that for you in this blog post... as I merely swatched this palette in my video and didn't show each color on my lips. Please keep in mind- different people are going to have different opinions on products. I've been on YouTube for 8 years and there have been many occasions (and probably even more than I'm aware of) where my opinions were different from people who I admire and respect! No big earth-shattering revelation there. We are going to talk about products based on the way we're going to use them! The key is really staying consistent with your criteria as you review products of a similar type. That being said, here's another look at the palette. 
This lip gloss palette sells for $11.99 at Ulta. In my video I was talking about the fact that many of these colors came off similar to one another, and with the way I'm willing to apply them... they do. I didn't really scoop the product out for my swatches or application, and I never do that with lip palettes. I'm generally not a fan of building up a gloss-type product on my lips to achieve more color. The thick feel isn't something I enjoy... and frankly, with so many products in my collection that apply with ease and look great with a swipe or two- I don't have a ton of patience for something that is going to take added work in application. Just my personal take. 
In these swatches, I layered two swipes per color... basically the equivalent of doing two layers over my lips. Could you go much thicker and achieve more color? Absolutely. However for my preferences in texture, I do not like to wear these thick on my lips. As I've stated often in my reviews, a thick amount of a shiny finish product- paired with a bright color- can be a bit more high maintenance to keep track of... for example, I'm more likely to wear a matte red out and about as opposed to a shiny red gloss. It's less upkeep & less worry about something drifting outside the lips, onto teeth, etc. This is purely personal preference. And I appreciate many of you suggesting that I wear these thick to achieve more color- because, naturally, that would be the thing to do if you want more color! However if I don't like the feel of the product piled on my lips, I'm not going to wear it that way. 
The top row is the first four shades in the palette, and the bottom row is the last four shades. I built up two layers of the product on my lips- again, that's the way I'm willing to wear it. As you can see, the deeper shades have more intensity, and overall, the top row (and the first on the bottom row) look like rather similar shades of pink, and the final three are similar reds. I don't think these products look bad on my lips! But as I mentioned in my video, these colors don't come off drastically different one to the next, and for around $11 I'd like to see more variation in shades and more pigmentation. Maybe some deeper neutrals? Plums? Also, there is no mirror in this palette and I think that's pretty important for touch-ups. Bottom line: I adore lip products and I have loads that I love. Just keeping it real with you though-- I'm probably not going to reach for this palette very often. But as always, I'm just here to share my 2 cents and everyone is entitled to make their own decisions! Everyone doesn't have to think the same, and I think we should ENCOURAGE unique perspectives :) 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Buxom Leave Your Mark Collection

Hi everyone!
The blog is back! This time, with a review on a huge holiday lip collection. There are so many products to show... I thought it'd be easiest to compare all the shades in a blog post as opposed to a video. The Leave Your Mark Collection from Buxom is $59 at Sephora. Getting a set of Buxom glosses has practically become a holiday tradition for me. It's kind of like when you find a shirt that fits great... so you want to get it in every color. I absolutely love this lip gloss formula, so I'm always open to trying new shades! 
(The 15 glosses are packaged in a plastic tray)

This kit particularly interested me because it's a set of both the Buxom Full-On Lip Polishes and Full-On Lip Cremes... 15 products total (in mini .07 oz sizes). Also, the set is made up of best-selling shades- which I prefer over limited edition colors. That way if you happen to fall in love with one particular shade, you can purchase the full-size. And in case you're not familiar, these glosses are basically like tingly lip plumpers. They don't sting... but they do have a cooling tingle on the lips, which I really like. They are thick glosses with a lot of shine, so the texture alone makes lips appear fuller and smoother. They are slightly sticky, but I don't find them at all annoying or uncomfortable... and I've always thought that a gloss needs at least a little tackiness to help it adhere to the lips and last for a prolonged period of time. Even with periodic eating and drinking- I can get several hours of wear out of these glosses! Another aspect that I majorly love about these is that even though some shades are more sheer than others, they are NEVER streaky in their application. They always hang together and give an even look across the lips. 
The Cremes
Left to right: White Russian, Hot Toddy, Dolly, Pink Lady, Berry Blast, Cherry Flip, Purple Haze.
While the standard Lip Polish formula has more of a gel-type consistency, these are- as you would expect- more creamy. They don't contain any shimmer, and some shades are more opaque than others.  They have the same overall feel on the lips as the Lip Polishes and just as much shine. I had only tried a couple of shades from this line in the past (White Russian & Berry Blast), and I loved them- so I am so excited to have more! 

White Russian 
This is a super popular nude gloss and while it's not fully opaque, it still has quite a bit of coverage on the lips for a gloss. I tend to like my nude lip colors to have some shine- as I think it brings a bit more life to the face and makes them more wearable. 

Hot Toddy
This sheer beige is much more see-through than I was expecting. I feel like I'm seeing my natural lip color with a clear gloss on top in this picture. Not terrible, but I was hoping for a bit more color payoff. 

This one reminds me of a slightly deeper, more pink take on Hot Toddy. Where Hot Toddy was "my lips" - this is more like "my lips but better" :) Loads of shine, but still very natural-looking. 

Pink Lady
I was so surprised with how much this soft pink showed up on my lips! Judging by the other colors, I was expecting this to be even more faint- but I love the amount of pink it gives off. There aren't a lot of baby pink shades that I find to be really wearable for everyday, but this is one of them! :) 

Berry Blast
Isn't this color absolutely juicy? I've had this one before and I love it. One of the most opaque, full-color glosses of the entire set. It really brings life to the face!

Cherry Flip
This is Berry Blast's red partner in crime and a perfect holiday lip color! I don't often feel comfortable wearing super shiny reds because I fear that they'll become sloppy and run outside the lips. That's not a concern with the Buxom formula, though, because they have enough tackiness to stay in place. 

Purple Haze
Fully prepared to turn my lips straight up purple (as this gloss appears in the tube), I was slightly disappointed. This definitely sheers out to a sheer berry on the lips. It still isn't streaky and I love the color... I was just expecting more purple. 

The Polishes
Left to right: Sandy, Bunny, Sophia, Olivia, Taylor, Jennifer, Zoe, Starr.
As I mentioned earlier, if you were to get an up-close look at the Full-On Lip Polish formula, you'd notice that it appears to have a gel-like consistency. These colors have varying amounts of shimmer in them, ranging from barely detectable to very sparkly. But even the most sparkly shades don't have any rough texture on the lips whatsoever, which is great. The sparkle is so fine that in some cases you can't see it on my lips unless you get up really close- but it still has an effect... these glosses catch the light even more, making them slightly more shiny than the Lip Cremes. 

I actually LOVE this shade. It might even edge out White Russian for my favorite nude of the bunch. I love how just enough of my natural lip color shows through... but the gloss still has some soft beige color of its own. Not everyone's perfect nude is actually an erase-your-lips nude color. I love the way this one looks! 

This looks VERY similar to Sandy on the lips... but very different in the tube. I was expecting a light peach, but couldn't pick up on much of that coming through on my lips. Like I said, I like Sandy- but I'd love each shade to be it's own special color, you know? 

This shade seems a lot like Dolly, shown above, but with a bit more pinky-mauve. An incredibly natural pink for those who rarely wear color on the lips but just want a little something. 

This is a deeper, slightly brighter pink with a LOT of sparkle (though you can't feel it at all on the lips). It's beautiful! But a very similar overall look to many of the berry glosses I already own.

This orangey-red was a refreshing twist in a very pinky-berry lip collection! I love it! It's a little less intense than Cherry Flip, and I think it's nice to have that option. Gorgeous color!

This is a pretty pink with a hint of purple tone. The sparkle in this is extra fine, and maybe I'm crazy, but I think it seems extra shiny on my lips. I was hoping it would be a bit more opaque and come off a little closer to the color in the tube.

This shade makes for a rather unique addition to my lip gloss stash. I'd describe it as a sheer brick red with a very multi-dimensional shimmer. It's just a fun gloss to look at in the tube, and fun to wear as well. 

This is a sheer plum with gold sparkle. It wasn't as dark as I hoped it would be. A pretty color nonetheless, and it will probably look awesome paired with some of my deeper lip liners or lipsticks. 

My Favorites: Pink Lady, Berry Blast, Cherry Flip, Sandy, Taylor & Zoe

Bottom Line: 
The Leave Your Mark collection is a really fun set for lip gloss lovers, particularly fans of the Buxom Lip Cremes and Lip Polishes. Small sizes are great for those of us lip product addicts who rarely burn through a full-size anyway. For me, every single shade in here is wearable and every shade is pretty. There are just some that I like more than others. If you're not a fan of lip glosses in general or dislike any sort of tingle or cooling sensation on your lips- you might want to side-step this kit altogether. I could see this being a fun set to split up several ways with friends or family... everyone could get a few to try! I think fans of sheer pink and berry tones have the most to enjoy in this set... as there's not much to speak of in terms of dark neutrals, corals, or super rich & vampy tones. I hope this post was helpful to those of you considering this kit! If you've tried it yourself, let me know you thoughts in the comments section! 

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