Happy New Year! Nail Goals

Happy New Year everyone!
Have you made any resolutions? I love the idea of a "fresh start" to begin the new year, and I've outlined a number of goals for myself... things like getting more organized, carving out more "me" time, eating more vegetables, blah, blah, blah. But I suppose one of my more minor, but potentially more fun goals involves my nails. I want to stop ignoring them! I've found that when there's a toddler around, it's very easy to ignore a task that requires sitting still, being precise, and drying time. But I truly think that between naptimes and bedtimes, I can probably pull it off every week or two. And I'm not looking to to achieve a super trendy, complex manicure. Just neat & pretty nails and decent looking cuticles. 
What's funny is the fact that as soon as Belle enters the makeup room, she makes a beeline for my nail stuff. Recently it hit me... perhaps these things could be more than just baby entertainment and actually serve a purpose for my own nails again? Let's do it! 
Top to bottom: Estee Lauder Pure Color in Smashed, Revlon Parfumerie in Bordeaux, Essie in Lady Like, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Nude Shimmer, Sonia Kashuk in One Fine Day, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Grey Area. 

I figure the first step to pulling off my "Nail Goals" is to get excited about my nail products again. I literally have two shelves of various polishes and nail-related products, so I've pulled out some that I really want to use in the coming months. That's right, I'm shopping my stash! I have some fun deep colors, and also some easy to wear soft shades. They range from brand new polishes like Estee Lauder Smashed (a gift from my friend, David!) to an all-time favorite- Sally Hansen Nude Shimmer.   Just yesterday I got the ball rolling on my "Nail Goals" and pained my nails a festive, glittery gold for New Year's Eve! 
Another aspect of nails that I'm naturally pretty excited about is Jamberry. I've been ordering these nail wraps from my friend Monique, and have used several styles over the past few months. The busy nature of the holiday season and nonstop travel has prevented me from using my wraps as much as I'd like! But it's a pretty easy process, and I've found that they'll last on me for about 3 weeks! I also recently purchased the Jamberry nail dryer, so I don't have to use a blow dryer and I LOVE it. Monique actually sent me that cute "Birthday" style as a gift, and I also have Champagne Toast and Gold Leopard. These can also be fun just as an accent nail alongside a normal manicure. 

So does anyone else have any fun beauty-related goals for the new year? I'd love to hear about them! 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Currently watching football on the couch and munching on popcorn as I write this post. Please, don't be jealous of my mad multitasking abilities. HA! 
  • Recently shared my new planner on Snapchat. I think I'm going to LOVE it!
  • Uploading tomorrow's video - it's my annual "What I got for Christmas & Birthday" haul!
  • As usual, the Emily Awards will be coming later this month. This year they'll have a special twist!
  • I don't want to take down my Christmas decorations!! The interior stuff. The way I look at it, it's more like winter decor... not strictly Christmas. Right?? :) 


  1. OMJ (yes I said J .. As in Oh My Jams!) you're awesome.. I'm so looking forward to see you wear gold leopard!! Thank you for the feature !!!

  2. Great goal for the new year. I absolutely love doing my nails, while watching my favourite TV show. It's kinda therapeutic. If you want to have some fun with your Jamberry's, you can cut them with nail scissors, and put them on your toes - super cute!

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  4. I kept a spreadsheet of all the nail polishes I used in 2015. I did 31 manicures. Considering I own over 100 polishes, this was a good way to see that I own way more than I could ever use in a lifetime.

  5. Yay! I always get excited when I discover a new post on your blog. And thank you for inspiring me. I have been neglecting myself lately quite a bit, especially since things got pretty busy with my job, but you gave me a push to do something about it. Feeling stressed because of life/work/younameit is already tough as it is, feeling not 100% yourself because of long overdue haircut/unmaintained hands and nails/bad skin due to lack of sleep does not help it either. I will shop my stash first thing tomorrow morning and give myself a long pampering beauty day :)

  6. YES I seriously neglect my nails lol. I think I painted them once last year..Also which planner did you get? I don't use snapchat.

  7. We don't take our christmas decorations down until Martin Luther King Day... or Valentine's day. Lol. I love it too! I would recommend the Amope Nail Perfect. I got it for Christmas and it really does a good job of buffing the nails and it makes my polish apply easier and even stay on a little better cause I'm not getting the polish all over my cuticles anymore!

  8. So looking forward to the Emily Awards!

  9. The Emily Awards are my all time favorite videos!!!! Can't wait!!! I didn't even polish my nails for New Years and I bought polish especially for it!!! Oh well, I'll paint them for the weekend. Who cares as long as I'm happy, right? Happy New Year and happy birthday, Emily!

  10. Happy New Year! Can't wait to see your new videos.

    Resolutions? No, more like goals. (If I made resolutions, one would be to eat more vegetables. Man, I wish I liked vegetables.). Goals: Prioritize better. Look at challenges as opportunities to bring out my creative side. Find a new job (mine's okay, I'm glad to have it, but it's only for this school year). Take the kids on vacation. No. Matter. What.

    I'm ready to take down the decorations. Yet, I know when we do the house will seem...empty.

    Yes, you have mad multi-tasking skills! I just downloaded Snapchat. Maybe a resolution will be to learn this app!

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  13. Sorry, my comment wasn't showing up correctly. I want to love Jamberry so much and will order them from time to time but I can never, ever get them to last more than a few days. They start to pull up on the edges and then they are a goner. Do you have tips and tricks for them? I would love to see how they wear on you after a few days or weeks.

  14. I am with you on this one as well! My goal is to pay more attention to my nails...and be more creative!

  15. Great goal! Love those nail polish shades! My goal is use up a lot of my makeup. I've bought too much over the years, and need to use it up. Those nail wraps are cute!


  16. I was wondering the brand of planner. I saw it on Snapchat but forgot the name. Thanks!

  17. Last year I got into my nails in a big way. Sitting at my vanity with my nail products is very relaxing for me. I learned a few great tips that have improved the appearance of my nails and cuticles. Jojoba oil is wonderful for keeping my cuticles moisturizer. I got a bottle with a dropper from Sallys. (It is with hair care supplies.) I try to rub some into my fingers every morning and evening. Jojoba absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't make your fingers greasy. I also made my own mixture of jojoba with a little tea tree oil. When I first started using the oil, my cuticles had several splits due to dryness. Tea tree oil helps with healing with antiseptic qualities. I put the mixture in an old polish bottle and Brush it on. I also put some in an artist's water brush. Your sister is probably familiar with these. It's so handy because the oil is dispensed from the handle through the brush similar to some concealers. My brush is Pentel brand and I got it at Hobby Lobby.
    A fast dry top coat is your best friend. I like both Seche Vite and Out The Door. Seche Vite tends to get very thick by mid bottle, but get the Seche Vite thinner. I ordered it on Amazon and use it for both of my top coats.
    If you have a TJ Maxx near you, they often have great polish for great prices.

  18. Emily! Love the name (fellow Emily). Having two kids under the age of three I totally understand what you are talking about as in makjng time for your nails to dry and so on... May I suggest- THEE BEST fast drying top coat- Glisten and Glow. I learned about it on YouTube and it's amazing. Dries nails within minutes and super shiny! I used to be an avid Seche Vite user- then came across G&G and switched right over. Under $10 and you can use the entire bottle. Seche Vite dies out and gets super clumpy halfway through the bottle and costs more! Try it and good luck!

  19. Emily! Love the name (fellow Emily). Having two kids under the age of three I totally understand what you are talking about as in makjng time for your nails to dry and so on... May I suggest- THEE BEST fast drying top coat- Glisten and Glow. I learned about it on YouTube and it's amazing. Dries nails within minutes and super shiny! I used to be an avid Seche Vite user- then came across G&G and switched right over. Under $10 and you can use the entire bottle. Seche Vite dies out and gets super clumpy halfway through the bottle and costs more! Try it and good luck!

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