Saturday, December 17, 2016

Emily Awards 2016! BEST FACE PRODUCTS

Hi everyone!!
Can't believe we're already in Emily Awards season again! I'm actually posting these awards videos earlier than ever because of baby number two's due date on January 12th. So it's forced me to get my butt in gear a little sooner than usual! Hopefully this turns out to be extra useful for those of you who still need some Christmas gift ideas :) I'm sticking with my Top 10 theme once again, as I think that's the most simplified way of highlighting products that I feel are the best of the best. As you can see in the video, I like the process of leading up to the ultimate BEST product in the number one spot! 

Below I'll provide links to places where these products can be purchased (in many cases I'm using affiliate links), and I'll also link to any related videos I've done that will provide more in-depth details on the different products. In addition, I'm making note of whether products are newcomers to the Emily Awards (marked "N"), or whether they moved up or down the list from last year (that's what the + or - indicates)

(as featured in my Emily Awards video!)

1. (TIE) Benefit Erase Paste (+3) Buy - More Info and Anastasia Concealer (N) Buy - More Info
2. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (N) Buy - More Info
3. It Cosmetics CC Cream (+5) Buy - More Info
4. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (N) Buy - More Info
5. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (+1) Buy - More Info
6. It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Palette (N) Buy - More Info
7. ELF Contour Palette (-5) Buy - More Info
8. Cover FX Custom Cover Drops (-7) Buy - More Info
9. Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palettes (N) Buy - More Info
10. Essence Pure Nude Highlighter (N) Buy - More Info

So what were your favorite face products for 2016? Let me know in the comments section! And stay tuned for part 2 of the Emily Awards, which will focus on the best eye products :) Thanks so much for watching and checking out my blog!

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  1. Love the awards, but miss your breaking down each category on your blog giving a drugstore and high end for everything. Thank you for doing this because I know it's a lot of work.

  2. So glad a new edition of these awards are back but I really miss the category wise high-end/drugstore listing. Thank you for all the effort you put in, especially with a new baby on the way and a toddler there already.

  3. Emily last year at the end of Jan. I went on a drumline-percussion trip to Columbus Ohio with our H.S. We stopped to eat at a big outdoor shopping area I b-lined it to Sephora it was my 1st time in one. I had a $100 and minutes to shop. I immediately thought of the emily awards and to get some things I wouldn't normally have money to purchase. I got the Laura M. Setting powder, fig bite lipstick,and a buxom gloss. Thanks so much for doing these again it really does go in my mind for things to purchase through out my year. And this year I can spend my xmas money on some of this years winners. 50 Year mom of three teenage boys thanks for helping me stay feminine! Merry, Merry to your family and God bless your new baby.

  4. Hi Emily, Thank you for the time and hard work you put into creating these videos. As many, I use your recommendations as a guide to purchase makeup. I was looking forward to the high-end/drug store list. Is there any way to still incorporate this? Your opinion is so highly valued that I feel assured knowing I have a list of Emily approved products!! :) Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

  5. Thank you for the feedback, everyone! I had considered quite a few options for the Emily Awards this year given the fact that I was really trying to lessen the stress on myself during the end of this pregnancy. I thought about skipping them this year, or even condensing them to one favorites video (like most YouTubers do). In the end, I couldn't help but continue to do multiple videos... and rest assured, this was EVERYTHING I could do. I really tried my best and didn't feel I could do more than this at this time. I'm glad you enjoyed the product-by-product breakdown that I did in the past, but again, I was trying to give these awards my best with the time and energy that I have right now. It's really hard to make someone realize how much work that was to work on so many categories and come up with a well-researched "award winner" for every category. My hope is that people will follow my channel all year and I will continue to cover things that may not have been covered in my Emily Awards videos or posts. I have also considered fitting in some live events on Facebook where I can field any questions people may still have on specific products. Thank you so much for the support!

    1. I am new to your channel so I did not see the last year's awards but I think that video was great. I have been watching your videos for few weeks now and did purchase few items based on your reviews and love them! Thank you and good luck with the new baby!

    2. I've been watching your Emily Awards for years and take your recommendations to serious consideration. I usally glance down at my phone while at Ulta or Sephora to see what product you recommend. Definitely going to try out the CC cream and Je ne sais quoi palette. While I do enjoy the previous format better, I understand it involves a lot of hard work and research that is not quite feasible at the moment. I'm glad you did as much as you could and thank you for continuing to provide the most helpful and thorough content you can :)

  6. While I enjoy High end/Drugstore breakdown, I think the top ten was a good mix of both. Look forward to more content in 2017. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season, especially with the new member of your family in January.

  7. Thank you SOOO much Emily!! I really enjoy this format better as it is not so overwhelming! Merry Christmas & bless u and ur family!!

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  9. Love your awards every year, I always reference them when I'm shopping! I completely understand the lack of energy, my son is almost a year old (I was due 1/12/16!) and I remember being completely zapped this time last year, especially with the holidays. So thank you for taking the time to do these awards!

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