Friday, December 23, 2016

Last Minute Gift Recommendations from Ulta!

So am I getting back into this blogging thing again, or what? My Emily Awards posts are making me want to get back into the swing of things, I guess! Little Miss B is napping right now, and as I was looking over the Ulta website I noticed how many good deals there are! While I've already done a lot of holiday review videos (see my playlist here), I thought it might be helpful to share some of the majorly discounted stuff that I'd recommend if you're a last-minute shopper! FYI - this is not a sponsored post! I am using affiliate links for the products, as I pretty much always do on my videos as well. 

$24.50 (regularly $35)  
Love this set and reviewed it in this video! Very comfortable, balm-like lip colors that range from the lightest nudes to darker neutrals. Super wearable, approachable shades and the mini size is great for pockets & purses. 
$25 (regularly $35)
I had mentioned briefly in a video how Urban Decay totally thought of everything with their new lip palettes. I've used the Junkie one quite a bit (available at Sephora), but this Blackmail palette from Ulta is equally great (I own it as well), and I think it has more colors that are slightly less "out there" compared to the other palette, including reds, pinks, and quite a range of neutrals. LOVE the retractable lip brush, protective shield over the lip colors, and just the quality and color payoff of these shades in general. GREAT buy at 25 bucks. 

$19 (regularly $39)
The price just keeps dropping on this one! At the time I did a review video on it, it was $29 and now it's gone down another $10. As you can see in the video, the products are great quality and it's really a lot of bang for your buck in one palette. Every product is something that's actually available in the regular line, so the fact that they're charging $19 for all of this is really kinda crazy, but awesome. You get four shadows, a bronzer/contour, two highlights, and two blushes. 

$7.19 (regularly $11.99)
Awesome stocking stuffer alert! I love the classic matte lipsticks from NYX (if my Emily Awards were a top 20 instead of a top 10, you probably would've seen them featured!), and I love the rich tones that are included in this trio. You're getting Dark Era, Perfect Red and Alabama (one of my long-time favorites from this line... the perfect deep red). This matte formula wears a VERY long time without being as drying as most liquid lipsticks. 

So are we learning that it might pay to put off shopping til the last minute? I mean, really... there are some great deals right now! Thanks for checking out my post- hopefully it gets someone out of a last-minute shopping jam! :) 


  1. If by last-minute shopping jam you mean gift(s) for myself, then yes, your post was very helpful. 😀

  2. I was just looking for something last-minute right now! Thanks a lot!

  3. The light it up mini palette set is really marked down low but....I think I'm still gonna pass on it. I love the gen nudes alot! I've never tried Fiona Stiles before....

  4. Emily, I read that NYX Alabama is a color dupe for Besame Red Velvet. What do you think?

  5. I got the last Fiona palette at my Ulta.and with my 20% off it was less than $17! Thanks for the tip Emily, can't wait to play with it.

  6. There are SO MANY interesting new drugstore products out on Ulta's website. I hope we get to see what you think of them.

  7. So many great deals that I can't help buying T.T
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