Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Colorful Eyes of the Week! (Mostly)

Hello everyone! :) So the blog has been hurting for posts lately... and for that, I apologize! I miss this! Anyway, something I've been trying to do recently on Snapchat is document my daily makeup looks... usually focusing on something specific like lips, or in this case, eyes. These were all of my makeup looks from last week, and I thought the blog might be a good spot to occasionally share these compilations. Sometimes it's just fun to set a little makeup goal and use social media to hold yourself accountable, right? :) 

So I tried to do colorful eyes each day. And then by Thursday, I forgot my goal and went with a very neutral palette. Oops! I think my two favorite looks were Monday and Wednesday... I just really like the lower lashline pops. Here's a quick rundown of what I used on the eyes each day...
  • Monday: Urban Decay Shadow Box
  • Tuesday: Anastasia Self Made Palette
  • Wednesday: Beauty Treats 24 Matte Palette
  • Thursday: City Color Harvest Moon Palette
  • Friday: Shea Moisture Lavender Fields Palette
If you're not following me on snapchat... please do! I'm emilynoel83 :) This week is lip/cheek week...  I'm using multitasking stain type products on both lips and cheeks. Plus I have a video coming tomorrow that pertains to this topic! Thanks for reading!