It's 3 am & I Wanna Blog Again

Alright can I confess something up front? I'm not  up totally by choice. I didn't really bust out of my warm comfy bed with an intense urge to blog in the middle of the night. As you can see by the tiny arm in my creepy dimly lit picture, I'm up nursing my baby who just felt like it was the right time to get up. But while I was up, instead of being my normal drowsy self, my mind just starting going. 

I was thinking about video ideas. Thinking about what to cook tomorrow. Deciding what kind of workout I'm going to start doing. Wondering what that strange noise was outside. You get the picture. But something I really got stuck on... 
What the heck is happening with my blog? I miss it! 

Kinda like an old friend you haven't touched base with in way too long. Anyway, maybe these nursing sessions might be a good time to check in on here. Think of it as an extension of the "random thoughts" I leave at the bottom of my video description boxes. 

Current thought... what are my viewers really wanting to see? I've been trying extra hard in my video brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas that I haven't seen done a hundred times already. I'm extra pumped about the stuff I'm posting this week. Including something extra fun coming Saturday. But then there's the question of length. Shorter? Longer? I think I need to mix that up. I just feel like I have this huge subscriber base and I want to reach you ALL with things that you want to see... but also not do things just for the sake of views, but because the ideas actually MEAN something to me, you know? 

Well, I'm gonna end on this thought. When in doubt- stay true to yourself and what gives you life as a creator. The joy/passion/interest you exude will attract the people who need your videos. Now I think a certain someone is ready to be put back in the crib! Hope this rough, phone-typed blog isn't too backyard for you!! But if I'm gonna emerge into blog-land again, I'm going to have to keep it uncomplicated... and perhaps something I can pull off in the middle of the night on my phone while nursing 🙈

Love you all!! 


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  2. Hi Emily! I admire your determination to work even though you are so busy and (likely) exhausted. The reason I lover your channel is because it's relatable and not just shopping inducing of the latest and for me I would like to see videos that make me want to use my current makeup collection. All the best and can't wait until Saturday!!

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  3. I need a list or video on blue red lipsticks!!!!!

  4. Definitely more "use what you have" videos! I loved the idea behind "eye remember" (did I remember the spelling?) and would love more thorwback videos using permanent palettes or items a lot of people already have but aren't as talked up these days! And I will be up with you in solidarity, soon, baby number 6 expected to join us in just over a month!

    1. Lol! We posted almost at the same time and asking for the same!

  5. YAY!!! You're back on the blog!!! I missed it so much too!!
    I'd been really loving the series where you went back to old favorite palettes to do every day looks! Not all of us have the money to keep up with new releases, and I love to see influencers giving love to OG beauty items (specially palettes of course!). I wish you could do that like once a week! God knows there are enough palettes out there! ��
    It's so good to have you back on the blogging community!

  6. I was just thinking yesterday about how much I missed your blog, and was so excited to see a new post this morning! I am also liking the "eye remember" videos, and would love to see that expanded to other "old favorites" makeup items (foundation, blush, lip) and brands (MAC, Milani, Estee Lauder, etc). When it comes to video length, the longer the better :) I always loved the format and length of your Beauty Broadcast Live streams. Your videos are my absolute favorite and I could watch them all day!
    I'm beyond impressed that you were able to write a blog in the middle of the night while nursing. My brain was always mush during those times and I could barely stay awake.
    I hope you have terrific day!

  7. Hi Emily! I agree with the ladies above on the Oldie but Goodie kind of videos! Lord knows I don't need to spend anymore money on makeup, but that's easier said than done :) Hope you were able to get some sleep in after your mid night nursing session! Lots of love to ya!!

  8. If I'm being honest, you could read the phone book and I'd probably be interested. I've been watching you for years, and I can honestly say you haven't posted a video I haven't enjoyed. My favorites are your GRWM videos where you just sit and chat about life and makeup while you get ready. I also really enjoy tutorials and product reviews. I too, would really love to see some more 'Shop My Stash', the 'Eye Remember' throwback palette tutorials. Being that I'm a new YouTuber, I also enjoy learning about your process--from idea to video fruition, and the behind the scenes stuff would be very appealing to me. Thanks for all you do. You rawk out loud and you will remain my favorite YouTuber (and I watch a LOT) God bless you and yours!

    1. I agree that i would enjoy seeing eye remember , shop my stash, and whats old at the drugstore type videos

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I am super impressed that you typed all this on your phone. I would have given up after the first paragraph.

  10. Your videos are amazing!!!
    Can you please go back to the style with your "Emily awards" you had 2(?) years ago when you did best face products in high end and a drug store :primer, foundation, concealer, powder....etc So we can have choices for the "full face"/"primer to finishing spray" kit!?

  11. So glad you blogged about this! I too am a night time thinker while Im nursing. I do all kind of things on my phone in the middle of the night.
    I've been watching you for 6 years and started when I was looking for wedding make up looks to do for my self and apply lashes. I found YOU! Since then I have valued all your reviews and thoughts on different products from high end to drug store. I have missed some of you tutorials for different eye looks. Here are some of my thoughts on videos:
    Eye tutorials-day time, night time, really glammed up, natural, quick eye looks for mommys
    Tips and tricks for contouring and high light with bronzes and concealers, favorite products
    Touch base on how your skin has changed since having your gorgeous little girls; what things have you changed in your routine whether skin care or make up routine.
    This might be repetitive in the beauty blog world but I enjoy seeing morning and night time routines

    Thanks for all your fabulous videos and hard work! I have no idea how you manage while raising your little ladies.

  12. Hi Emily! I'd love too see tutorial for eye looks using one palette. I find it easier to just use one at a time but I'm often stumped on how to mix it up. I tend to use the same safe colors and don't always venture into all the colors in one palette.

    Love your YouTube channel the best!

  13. I like all of the ideas the ladies listed above. Also, you are wonderful. I love all the new types of videos that you have been putting out. Also, you are rocking this youtube and momming thing. Great job!

  14. I really enjoyed the "Makeup I've Changed My Mind About" video from 2 years ago, I'd love to see another if you've got items that fit in that category!

  15. I watch about 10 youtubers religiously and in my opinion you can tell about half just arent passionate about what their doing anymore! Your passion and excitement are what bring me back to your channel over and over again!!! People love reviews there really are so many new products and everytime i watch a review on essence or catrice or bh cosmetics or makeup revolution.... No one tests the products i would actually buy and its so aggravating!!!!!!!!

  16. Emily, I am a 23 year old makeup enthusiast who works in a professional setting in the skincare industy. I connect with you so deeply when you talk about makeup playtime. We both find joy in applying make up , appreciate thoughtfulness and details (like a Besseme lipstick or a magnetic closure!) And truly enjoy the the entire makeup experience.

    I also watch about 35 other beauty channels, each for different reasons. The reasons I continue to be a loyal viewer of yours are
    1. Thoroughness when reviewing products. I trust you to test foundations with various moisturizers, primers, and powders. I trust you not to give me a useless first impressions or a verdict after one day.
    2. Professionalism in video content and quality. You balance personalism with professionalism exceptionally well. I enjoy seeing short clips of your daughters, coffee sipping, or if you are under the weather. However, I have never had to sit through a 4 minute intro filled with excuses and nonsense.
    3. Application to real life. Your style and priorities match my style and priorities. Our ideas of dramatic looks, natural , easy, and affordable mirror each other. I can recreate your looks for work, date night, and other events in between.

    With this being said, I would love to see these types of videos in the future.
    1.Beauty chats while you're getting ready. We love getting ready with you. Focus the conversation on beauty news observations and thoughts rather than your personal life.
    2. Very specific colored looks, possibly at different price points ex. Lilac eyes, mauve eyes, steely taupey purpley shimmer eye look. This could be very similar to your winter pink video.
    3. Product comparisons. I adore your holiday palette reviews especially when you compare them because it determines my purchases. I can never get enough of these type videos.

    I hope my thoughts are helpful. Emily, you have been such an influence on my makeup journey and I can never thank you enough for your work. I send you and your beautiful family love and positive energy!

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  19. Hi Emily! All of your videos are great-- glad to see you back to the blog. A few ideas that I would love to see are:
    *Makeup Geek makeup (not sure if you've done one, but it's a great brand and I'd love to see your take on it)
    *more natural makeup/skincare lines
    Thanks for all that you do!

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  23. Hi Emily! I love reading your random middle-of-the-night thoughts, thanks for sharing! I had never watched your vlog channel, and I've been going back and watching an embarrassing number of those videos...I'd love to see you delve back into that channel with mommy/everyday life stuff! But of course I understand that the vlog channel requires going into your personal life more, and maybe that's just not your focus at this time. A couple of series I've loved on your main channel were Easy Eye Week, Beauty Chat, and Makeup Playtime. I love chatty videos!

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  27. I've really missed your blog posts! Could you maybe do them on a weekly basis?


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