What's up, blog!?

Is it even TRUE that I didn't blog the entire year of 2018?! Yep, sure looks that way. So much of the time, simply executing my videos on YouTube, trying products, and brainstorming new ideas seems like such a full plate (let's not forget the mom life)... But then I'll have days like today where I just LONG to blog! Like it's just calling my name.

So here I am! And I want to share a real dose of gratitude with you for a moment. I've been on YouTube since the fall of 2007... that's a long time! I guess I just want to say, thank you for continuing to watch my videos and keep my channel alive. It matters so much that you enjoy the content, come back for more, offer great video ideas, share videos with friends... it's what keeps everything moving forward and I'd just like to say thanks for that! You keep me inspired and eager to create more.

If you are one who subscribed long ago but hasn't visited in awhile... what can I do to bring you back? I feel so blessed to have reached a huge milestone like 1 million subscribers! But I'd love to really dig into that subscriber base (which has been built over such a long span of time), and get more of you back! So please feel free to be open with me about any suggestions, ideas, or hopes that you have for Beauty Broadcast on YouTube! I know with things like algorithms and YouTube's certain way of doing things... my videos may not even show up in your subscription feed on a regular basis! So in a sense, it's kind of a difficult position for creators who are trying to grow. But algorithms and high tech details aside... I just want to be as useful and helpful as I can with my channel and deliver what I'm passionate about- but also what you want to see!

Thanks for reading this! I look forward to getting back to some occasional posts here. Maybe some mini reviews, photos, just randomness. Again- if you have ideas, I'm all ears. Have a great weekend!!




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  3. Yay! A blog post! I've been living the mom life for almost a year and sadly it keeps me from watching most of your videos. I still get notifications when you post anything, but I rarely get to watch. Thankfully I always have time to read! I've been a subscriber since 2012. I have always really enjoyed your drugstore product reviews. That's what hooked me. Well, that and the JOY and LIFE you send through the camera. You're amazing and I love you. 😘

  4. I nearly fell over in my chair to see a post from you. YAY! I absolutely love when you post here and I always always watch your YouTube videos. In fact, my husband knows you by name now because I just constantly watch your videos/talk about your makeup palettes/rave about how you are everything I hope to be as a content creator. Confession: whenever I film a YouTube video for my own channel, I write "What Would Emily Do?" on a piece of paper so I can stay focused and inspired. Thank you for everything you do!

  5. I'd love to see more blogs - even just a quick paragraph on thoughts or inspiration or a beauty tip! Also would love to see quick makeup tips similar to beauty broadcast express but on how to use makeup we already have better (brand agnostic)..also, if you're inspired by a particular technique or look, recreating that..work looks,party looks, summer natural looks etc..Thanks for asking Emily!

  6. Well, hello there!
    I would be interested in how your skincare regimen has changed over the years. And, how you knew or, what prompted you to change your skincare. Are there products that you use now that you didn't 12 years ago? Are there products that you don't use now that you know you will has you continue to get more mature skin? Do you have any tips on how to know when to 'up' the type of skincare as we mature?
    Thanks for all the awesome content you share with us. I enjoy it ALL!

  7. I love all your videos! Best in beauty/favorites videos are always my favorite to watch. But I would love to see what other things you are trying that don't always make the cut. Not necessarily duds but just anything that comes across your vanity. I know you try a lot of products so the video would probably be very product heavy but I'm cool with that! I guess it wouldn't be reviews but just, "this is what I'm trying out" or "products of the month". I also love getting to know you and your fam in your vlogs. Your girls are adorable and Tyler's PR unboxings always make me laugh!

  8. So excited to see a blog post! Yay! I've been watching since 2011 (or 12). I'm always excited when you post a video because it feels like I'm connecting with a friend. I love the vlogs and appreciate you sharing that part of your life with us. I know it's hard to do in this phase of life, but I always LOVED the BB Lives. Best and worst of brand videos, and how-to videos. The quick tips you posted on BB Express were always so helpful. Discovered Mally Beauty and The Balm from you, and would enjoy seeing more from those brands or other brands that don't seem to get as much attention on YouTube. Thank you for all you do and share with us! : )

  9. Glad to see a blog post! I think it would be great to see a video about making makeup mistakes, sort of a "What am I getting wrong?" type of video. I feel like there is a lot of "common makeup mistakes" but something more for people who aren't beginners but maybe just missing the mark on an eye look. Thanks for all you share!

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