Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of camera do you use for videos?
My camera is HD- it's a Canon Vixia HF S200. For more information on my whole set-up, check out my video- "How I Make Videos!"

What kind of camera do you use for still photos?
I use either my Kodak EasyShare digital camera or my iPhone camera.

What editing software do you use?
I edit on iMovie, a program for mac computers.

Why is your YouTube name emilynoel83?
It was just the name I chose when I first opened an account... Emily is my first name, Noel is my middle name, and 83 was the year I was born :)

Why won't you add me as a friend on Facebook?
Nothing personal at all! Facebook has a limit on "friend" accounts, so I started a page that's open to all!

How tall are you? How tall is Tyler?
I am 5'0", and Tyler is 6'6". He's very tall, and I'm pretty short... but at this point it would seem weird to us if it was any other way!

What does Tyler do?
He's an attorney.

How does Tyler feel about all the beauty stuff you do?
He is super supportive of it. He's watched it evolve for years and has seen it become something that I can make a living doing... he's got a lot of respect for that and he knows I'm "in my element" when I'm working on things related to Beauty Broadcast. He's always been someone I can bounce ideas off of, include in a video... you name it- he's been there for me and I'm so appreciative of that.

When/where did you get Cupcake?
We adopted her from a local shelter in October of 2010. She was born in June of 2010. Fun Fact: her name at the shelter was Robin. Now she's Cupcake, the Cake, Caker Baker, Baker, Baker Bean, and more. We're big into nicknames :)

Did you stop doing the news?
Yes, I stepped away from morning news at WSIL-TV in December of 2012 to focus on all things Beauty Broadcast full-time. I did a video explaining my decision here... that's the best way to really understand why I did what I did!

Do you miss the news?
While I don't miss hearing my alarm clock go off at 1:00 am and the sleep deprivation, I do miss my co-workers and our crazy moments together! We definitely became a tight-knit, family-type unit, so I miss interacting with the morning crew on a daily basis. In terms of the tasks I do on a day-to-day basis, I'm definitely happier getting to focus on my passion full-time... in the past I really had too much on my plate trying to do two full-time duties in one day's time.

What is your hair color?
For much of 2013 it's just been my natural color, but in October I decided to deepen it up using Clairol Natural Instincts in Ebony Mocha (a very dark brown), and this is a semi-permanent color- meaning it will fade after 28 shampoos (although I usually notice the color lasts longer on me). I've used this shade on and off in the past as well.

Where do you find limited edition Wet n Wild products?
I'm most likely to find them at Walgreens, and occasionally CVS. This might be different for you, depending on where you live.

Do you wear false eyelashes everyday?
No, but on average I'd say I wear them several times a week. I love playing with different styles and I think it's a very glamorous finishing touch on a makeup look. I have a tutorial here if you're interested!

How do you decide what makeup you're going to wear on a particular day?
I try to constantly use different products. In order to get use out of a large collection, you need to know what you have by keeping it well-organized, and then try not to fall in a rut of using the same thing over and over. Sometimes I "shop my stash" and keep a basket of things on my desk that I want to make sure to use... either they haven't gotten used much or I want to use them and review them soon. At the start of a week I get a rough idea of what kinds of videos I plan to post, so that also dictates what kind of makeup I'm wearing on a certain day. If I'm shooting a review, I like to demonstrate, or at least be wearing the product I'm talking about.

What do you do with products that don't work for you?
Even if a product doesn't really work for me or isn't in my daily rotation, I usually still keep it on hand to be able to compare it to other products for reviews. Sometimes if I'm looking for a dupe, or to compare the color or texture, it's nice to have the product for reference... and even if I don't use it up, I still feel like I'm getting good out of it as far as doing reviews goes. Plus, people seem to enjoy "fails" videos, so I'll have the product for that as well. If I have something that's just the wrong color for me, multiples, or certain things that are limited edition- I'll often share those items with friends and family (and I usually request their feedback on whatever the product was! :) If a product has been used, it's against the health code to give that to a shelter (at least that's what I've been told by women's and homeless shelters in my area), but I do set aside certain unopened makeup and toiletry products to donate to disaster victims or shelters.


  1. Yikes! What an early start you have to your day. I love the new layout to your blog, much more sophisticated, just like your videos!

    I always enjoy your insight into the makeup world, take care!


  2. SO funny to see someone else with a short-tall relationship! I'm 5'1 and my lovely boyfriend is 6'9!

  3. I would have thought you were much taller than 5'0! I pegged you for 5'8. I'm a newer subscriber to your channel. I admire your dedication to job and the great videos you publish!


    1. Lol yea i pegged her for about 5'5" or so... 5ft is.....pretty short lol...

    2. Lol yea i pegged her for about 5'5" or so... 5ft is.....pretty short lol...

  4. And here I thought you'd chosen your YT alias because you were born around Christmas 1983! (Noël=Christmas in French) ^^
    Is that why you have the green Care Bear we sometimes see behind you in your videos? I remember getting one of these for Christmas 1983 when I was 5. Mine wasn't Good Luck Bear but Bedtime Bear :D

  5. Im taller than you and I am 11...

  6. Emily! I just be a fan of your youtube channel! :) i watched those videos during my saturday night last week ;) and i am now promoting it to all of my friends to check your videos and subscribe. Because imo, your make up tutorials are useful in daily basis. Good job Em!

  7. Emily, I love all the information!
    When will Mom be back?

  8. Whoops! Posted my question for you in community ...sorry

    Here's my dilemma. Missmaven.com does two looks on her Chanel. A bridal look and a smoky bronze look. Both stunning. All high end products :(. Anyway you could recommend how I get same look with drug store products?!?!? TIA

    1. Bridal look

    2. Smokey bronze


  9. I noticed just how many brushes you have...may I ask you how you clean them and how many times you do clean them. I know that I personally dread cleaning my brushes b/c I have so many....But not as many as YOU!!!!! LoL Anyways it would be great if you could answer, just curious:) Love You Emily XOXO

  10. Hi.. i can't find anymore, but could you tell please - what was the brend of that clear powder?

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  13. Just a heads up, ladies, that I've had the best luck finding limited edition Wet N Wild products from KMart. Don't forget to check there if you are having trouble finding any! :)

  14. Gracias por todo Emily, eres una gran inspiración!! Thank you so much, we love you!!

  15. i am a new blogger.. what site did you make your banner(i hope for free) and how do you make sections for like hair, contact.etc and what template did you use? since i am new i know nothing of course if any of you can tell me or give me some tips or tricks contact me at miszbeautifullblogger2.blogspot.com or miszbeautifull@gmail.com

  16. Could you do a dupes video for eye shadows that are not MAC! Thanks again