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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Give a "HOOT" About This Scarf Organizer!

Hey everyone!
Sometimes when I go into Bed Bath & Beyond... I don't realize I need something until I see it! That was the case with this little guy. I went into the store for Keurig coffee and I came out with coffee, a makeup organizer (that's a story for another blog post), and an Owl Scarf Organizer! LOL! Seriously though, when I saw this organizer I was reminded of the back corner of my closet that I haven't visited for months. It holds scarves, belts, and sweater dresses, and (sorry Mom!) it's not exactly organized! 
Here's the sad state of affairs... you can see a bunch of scarves draped over a jewelry organizer, belts draped over other hangers (while the actual belt organizer isn't even being used), and it's just kind of chaotic! In my defense, once I open the closet door, this mess is kind of hidden so it's not really "in my face" all the time (excuses, excuses...) But scarf season is right around the corner, so this needs to get fixed!
This organizer was $9.99, and there was also one shaped like a purse that was quite cute as well. This one has a dark bronze finish and as you can see, you can just poke your scarves through the holes and then you've got a nice slim way to keep them in your closet. 
Here it is all filled up! I used this for my thinner scarves that I might style with an outfit, not my bulky snow-storm type scarves that I use strictly for warmth purposes!  
I have 12 scarves in here, though you could probably squeeze a few more in if you needed to. The ends of the scarves just hang down the back of the organizer and when you need one, you can just pull it out from the front. Also- I got totally excited filling this up. Is anyone else like that? Whenever I get some new organizational tool/container I want to fill it up ASAP!! :) 
 Now things are much more streamlined in that corner of my closet! I also got my belts hung up & organized (you could use this owl thing for belts, too!), and found a few surprises on the floor! Dangling scarves and belts are a cat's playground.  Glad this is all straightened up! :)
What are some nifty organizational tools that you use to make life easier? I'm all ears! Thanks for checking out my post! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • That Trashy Taco Soup that I mentioned to in yesterday's blog post? AMAZING. I did make just a few adjustments to it... I didn't add the pinto beans, I used frozen corn, I added a bit of sugar, a bit of cayenne pepper for more heat, and around 1/3 cup of water (it's still a pretty thick stew). Oh and I used ground turkey. I totally recommend serving it with Fritos! They soak up some of the soup without turning to mush. A little light sour cream & cheese is good too. Tyler and I love, love, loved it!
  • Got very frustrated at iMovie earlier today (technical difficulties!!), but fortunately got tomorrow's video finished!  
  • Also tomorrow-- Beauty Broadcast Live at the normal time! 9am CST. 
  • Oh and here's the coffee I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond! I had my first cup of Pumpkin Spice this morning and it was heaven. This box also comes with Golden French Toast (one of Tyler's favorites) and Gingerbread! 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Cute Accessories from Forever 21

Hello out there! :) 
I've gotten some great stuff from Forever 21 recently. I have a couple of high-low dresses that I love (I think I'll show those in a video), as well as some super cute accessories! I really can't get over their prices on jewelry. I realize it's probably not the highest quality stuff around... but I love just having a wide variety in my collection and I really love a bargain. Especially cute bargains! 

Love these dangly turquoise earrings! They're really lightweight (I hate heavy earrings), and I like how the greenish-turquoise has gold-tone hardware, and the blue-turquoise has silver. These were each $1.50! 

Love me some studs!! Ok now let's talk about earrings. Hehe ;) I saw these little gold wishbones and thought they were adorable!! They make me think of my childhood. When mom was cooking she'd always save the wishbones and we'd snap them- whoever got the bigger part won :) And these silvery studs are so basic. They kind of look like dark pearls, yet they also give off a steel vibe as well. The wishbones were $1.80 and the silver ones were $1.50. 

How cute are these?!? Love the rosy & lilac colors in these earrings. I think they'll look great with pastel shirts/dresses I have. These were a little more pricey than the others at $3.80, but still a great deal,  in my opinion! 

You'll probably be seeing me accessorize my hair with these! Love the clip in flowers. So feminine and fun! You could also easily make something like this yourself as a DIY project. But these were only $2.80 for the set of three. 

Just wanted to share that little haul with you! Where do you like to shop for accessories? I have a lot of jewelry from Claire's and Kohl's... but I really haven't found deals as good as Forever 21's! 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I've had kind of a busy day (shooting, editing, Ladies' Home Journal writing, grocery shopping), but all activity came to a stand-still for an hour when the cast of Mad Men was on Katie this afternoon! Wish there would've been more time to hear more from each of the cast members... but it was still great! 
  • I also bopped into Dollar Tree since I've gotten some reports of good makeup items there. Mine had some Milani lip liners, ELF brushes, and some random palettes from Profusion and L.A. Colors, but beyond that- not too much. I did get some seeds & pots for flowers I'm going to plant... and some random stuff like paper plates, Kleenex, and Rubbermaid containers.
  • Tyler's mom made a brief visit over the weekend. I made a no-bake Jello Strawberry Cheesecake (that stuff is seriously good), but the highlight of cheesecake for me is always the graham cracker crust. Pup- if you're reading this, do you remember when we made a graham cracker crust just for the heck of it when I was a kid? 
  • Time to make dinner! It's a tilapia and salad night. And I am very hungry. I leave you with this cute pic of Cupcake- moments before she completely stretched out in the sunbeams this morning!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guest Blog! When Your Jewelry Can Outshine You

Hi everyone!! What a whirlwind week it's been! Just one week ago I was packing for New York City! Now I've been there & back and I'm getting ready to start another work week! I'd like to thank Ashley Spade for this quest blog... with some do's & don'ts for accessorizing! Remember- there are always exceptions to a lot of common beauty and style rules- so most importantly, trust your gut and do what YOU love! Thanks Ashley! :)

When Your Jewelry Can Outshine You

A guest blog post by Ashley Spade

Every girl knows that accessories can make an outfit. We are taught this from birth, and most of us can accessorize in our sleep. However, what many don’t realize is that the opposite can be true as well. The perfect pair of earrings can be eclipsed by the wrong hairstyle, or your makeup can draw attention away from your jewelry (think Mimi from The Drew Carey Show). Read on for tips on how to avoid common mistakes and make the most of your accessories.

Classy Is as Classy Does

When selecting your jewelry, be sure that your makeup, hairstyle and manicure matches the style of your jewelry. For example, engagement rings look best with a French manicure and classy makeup, whereas simple jewelry calls for simple manicures and minimal makeup. When considering your makeup, muted colors come across as classy, bold colors are more fun and flirtatious (and better suited for costume jewelry), and bare lips are perfectly acceptable for the “girl next door” look.

Matchy-Matchy = No-No

If you are wearing gemstones or colored jewelry, please refrain from wearing matching eyeshadow and fingernail polish. This does not give you a put-together look, but makes you look garish, or like a five-year-old who snuck into her mother’s makeup collection. Instead, allow your jewelry to speak for itself, and pair vibrant colors with subdued shades. In this instance, eyeshadow should be minimal if it is worn at all, and lipstick should be replaced with a shimmery lipgloss.

Less Is More

If you are wearing a distinctive piece of jewelry, such as a chunky bracelet or an antique ring, refrain from wearing any other items and avoid distracting makeup and hairstyles. One exception to this rule is if you use your makeup to draw attention to your unique item, such as getting a manicure to draw attention to a ring, or choosing a hairstyle that will draw attention to a pair of earrings. However, this is an exception that should be used sparingly.

Opposites Attract

A big ring should not be paired with long fingernails, as this runs the risk of looking gaudy. Similarly, dangle earrings are at their best advantage when combined with an updo, and longer hairstyles are best for stud earrings. If you always try to create contrasts with your jewelry and makeup/hairstyles, you will create an effective, striking look that will make people take notice of your favorite jewelry items.

The main thing to remember when accessorizing is to create a balanced look. Unless you are a southern belle or beauty queen, bigger is not better, and you will only look like you’re playing dress-up, which is likely not the desired effect. So take the time to carefully consider your makeup and hairstyle when choosing your jewelry for the day, and knock ‘em dead!

Ashley Spade, when not on the quest for the perfect accessory or shoes to complete an outfit, is a law student in Chicago. She spends most of her time at the library, but she also enjoys exploring the various boutiques in the city and serving as a personal stylist to her friends and family. When possible, her furry sidekick Sir Winston Pugsalot the First accompanies her on outings. Follow their adventures on twitter: @ashspade or read up on her fashion tips and opinions at

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

QOTW: Favorite Fall Footwear

It's question of the week time once again! Here's what you said to this question: What's your favorite fall footwear?
  • Tall boots (upper calf): 87 (31%)
  • Short/Medium boots: 82 (29%)
  • Sneakers: 40 (14%)
  • Flats: 39 (14%)
  • Heels: 15 (5%)
  • Clogs/Loafers: 14 (5%)

Tall boots win! It's my fall favorite too! I'm a fan of classic black boots that zip up the side, and I have a brown pair I love as well. If you're curious about the boots shown above, I got the brown pair last year at this time from Wet Seal... they have a soft suede-like feel and come about 3/4 of the way up my calf. They were around $20, and I believe they have similar boots in stock this season. I got the black boots at a store called "The Shoe Department" at my local mall. The brand is Torta Caliente, and they cost between $30 and $40.

I like most of my boots to have heel, just because I feel like it gives my legs a sort of elongated look. I'm a fan of tucking skinny jeans in the boots, and leggings look cute like that too. How do you like to wear your tall boots? What are some great brands or styles? Feel free to share in the comments section! :D

Have a great day!